How long do twin flames stay apart?

Twin flames are thought to be two souls that were split from a single soul before incarnating on Earth. These two souls are meant to reunite on Earth and restore that soul back to its original state. However, the reunion is often not easy and twin flames may go through periods of separation before permanently reuniting.

What are twin flames?

Twin flames are two people who share the same soul but live in two separate bodies. The concept comes from the idea that one soul split into two before incarnating on Earth. This leads to two people with identical soul frequencies who are meant to reunite and merge back into one soul again. Twin flames have a very strong and deep connection that is felt from the moment they first meet.

Some of the signs of meeting a twin flame include:

  • An intense feeling of recognition and familiarity upon first meeting.
  • The two feel instantly drawn to each other.
  • They can finish each other’s sentences and feel like they’ve known one another forever.
  • There is an extremely powerful bond between them that transcends physical attraction.
  • The two feel like mirrors of each other and can sense what the other is feeling.
  • Twin flames have an unconditional love and acceptance for each other.

While the connection between twin flames is very intense and real, it is still possible to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with your twin flame. It involves a lot of self-work, acceptance, trust, and communication. There will still be challenges and triggers like any relationship, but twin flames are meant to help each other grow spiritually and evolve together.

Why do twin flames separate?

It is very common for twin flames to go through periods of separation on their journey toward union. There are several reasons twin flames may separate:

  • To work through individual growth and healing – Both twins need time apart to deal with their own emotional baggage, shadow self, and insecurities that may sabotage the relationship.
  • Differences in growth levels – One twin may be more advanced on the spiritual path while the other still has lessons to learn before coming into union.
  • The energy is too intense too soon – The connection is so powerful it can be overwhelming, causing one twin to run away out of fear.
  • Karmic attachments – One or both twins may still have karma to clear out with a karmic partner before reuniting.
  • Wrong timing – The twins may have met at the wrong time before both were ready. One twin may be married or in a karmic relationship they need to exit first.
  • Geographical distance – Practical issues like living far away from each other can cause separation.
  • Running from the connection – The emotions can trigger fear causing one twin to deny the connection and run away.

While separation can be extremely painful, it ultimately serves a purpose in the twin flame relationship. The time apart helps both twins continue on their spiritual path and get to a place where reunion is possible. Many times the chaser twin is chasing the runner to force union, which just pushes them farther away. Instead, separation is about focusing on inner work and raising your vibration to draw your twin back in.

How long do twin flame separations last?

There is no set time limit for how long twin flame separation lasts. It really depends on the unique situation of each pair and how much growth they need to do before reunion. Some of the main factors that influence the length of separation include:

  • Level of spiritual maturity and inner work necessary
  • Whether one twin is more ready for union than the other
  • The intensity of emotions that need to be cleared
  • Karmic ties to clear and resolve
  • Fears and resistance towards the connection

For some pairs, the separation may only last days, weeks or a few months if they are mature souls ready for union. Other pairs may endure years or even decades of separation before coming into union. It really comes down to divine timing and thepurpose of the separation. The average seems to be anywhere from 1-3 years but can vary greatly.

Here are some examples of common twin flame separation timelines:

Short-term separation:

  • A few days to 2 weeks – Usually when emotions are running high and one twin panics and runs. Once they process the fears they return.
  • 2 to 6 months – Gives time to think through the relationship and clear short-term karma. Allows wounds and egos to calm.

Mid-term separation:

  • 6 months to 2 years – Time is needed for each twin to develop more spiritual maturity. There may be karmic partners to exit.
  • 2 to 4 years – Serious inner work and healing needs to be done. Major behaviour changes are required.

Long-term separation:

  • 4+ years – The twins are not very spiritually developed yet. There may be addictions and traumas to overcome.
  • 10+ years – Usually when twins meet at a young age before both are ready. More life experience needed.
  • 20+ years – Past life karma and deep wounds keep the twins apart until later in life.

While it can be discouraging to face long periods of separation, it is important to view the time positively. Focus on your own growth and see it as a time to become your best self so you are fully prepared for your twin when the time is right. Have faith that they will return to you once each of you have sufficiently healed and elevated your vibrations.

How to get through twin flame separation

The pain of separation from your twin flame can be excruciating. Here are some tips on how to get through this challenging time:

  • Focus on your own growth – Use the time to work on yourself spiritually. Identify and heal your core wounds, do shadow work, release toxic energy, and raise your vibration through meditation, yoga etc.
  • Avoid obsessing over your twin – Constantly thinking about them and pining for their return will lower your vibration and slow down your progress.
  • Send them love and forgiveness – Holding resentment or anger towards your twin will only create negative energy between you. Send them love and work on forgiving them.
  • Trust in divine timing – Have faith that no matter how long it takes, your twin will return to you when the time is right. Surrender to the universe’s plan.
  • Connect spiritually – You can still connect to your twin through meditation and in the astral realms, sending them signs and messages telepathically.
  • Immerse yourself in hobbies and passions – Stay active and distracted by things you enjoy instead of wallowing in sadness over the separation.

Separation is a time to become whole within yourself again. Seek inner union first rather than obsessing over outward union with your twin. The stronger you become, the faster you will draw your twin flame back to you again.

Signs your twin flame reunion is approaching

If you’ve been separated from your twin flame for some time, how can you tell your reunion is finally getting close? Here are some of the signs:

  • Having vivid dreams or visions of your twin
  • Seeing angel numbers like 1111, 2222 etc. that signify union
  • Feeling huge surges of joy and love for no reason as you connect in the 5D
  • Accelerating spiritual development and discovery of your soul mission
  • Your twin flame begins mirroring your interests, hobbies, goals
  • Powerful feelings of their presence nearby or telepathic communications
  • They may try to connect with you in the 3D through text, email, social media
  • You cross paths in unexpected ways or have close calls of running into each other
  • You are guided to go to certain places or events where you end up seeing them
  • You experience major synchronicities related to your twin flame.

The most important sign is an inner knowing that your time of separation is coming to an end. You feel certainty in your heart that you are close to reunion even if the outer circumstances seem unlikely. Trust your intuition when these signs appear!

How to reconnect with your twin flame after separation

When you feel that your twin flame reunion is getting close, what steps can you take to help make it happen smoothly? Here are some tips:

  • Avoid placing expectations – Don’t have a fixed agenda for how, where or when you’ll reunite. Let things unfold naturally.
  • Send them love telepathically – Use meditation to telepathically send them love, healing and forgiveness to open their heart.
  • Make space in your life – Remove anything that would block your twin flame from entering your life again.
  • Raise your energetic frequency – Do things that keep your vibration high like yoga, healthy eating, etc. to magnetize your twin.
  • Work through lingering fears – Identify any remaining fears or resistance you have towards the connection and heal them.
  • Set clear intentions – State your intention to the universe that you’re ready to reunite when the timing is right.
  • Let them come to you – Don’t chase after your twin or force communication. Allow your twin to reach out when guided.
  • Trust divine intervention – Have faith that your reunion is divinely orchestrated. All you need to do is prepare yourself energetically.
  • Forgive yourself and your twin – Do inner work to forgive both yourself and your twin for any past hurts to clear the energy between you.
  • Get centered and grounded – Stay balanced, present and tuned into signs from the universe.

By doing your inner work and energetically preparing yourself, you will draw your twin flame back into your life at exactly the right time. Have patience and faith throughout the process.

What happens when twin flames reunite?

The reunion stage is one of the most satisfying points on the twin flame journey. What can you expect when you finally come back together with your twin flame? Here are some of the things that happen:

  • Overwhelming feelings of love, joy and completion.
  • An intense heart activation and awakening.
  • A sense of coming home and feeling whole again.
  • Knowing you’ve met “the one” – your true soulmate.
  • All the obstacles between you melt away.
  • You’re able to communicate deeply and openly.
  • Any lingering fears or resistance fade.
  • You’re mirrored perfectly and see your own flaws healed.
  • You’re able to be vulnerable, raw and intimate with each other.
  • You feel inspired, blissful, and more alive than ever.
  • You’re highly sexual soulmates as well as best friends.
  • You want to spend every moment together.
  • Life flows synchronistically when you’re a team again.

Reunion can still have its challenges as well, especially if either twin has more inner work to do. But overall, it is a blissful time of feeling whole and completely loved.

Table: Phases of the Twin Flame Reunion Process

Phase What Happens
1. Initial Reconnection After a period of separation, one or both twins initiate contact, often just lightly at first. They will test the waters to see if both are ready.
2. Testing the Waters The twins communicate lightly and cautiously at first. They rebuild trust and assess if they’re both ready for deeper connection.
3. Relationship Progress Communication goes deeper. The twins hang out platonically, express their feelings, and continue reestablishing trust and understanding.
4. Romantic Phase With foundations rebuilt, the twins finally take the leap into an official romantic relationship and experience intense physical and emotional intimacy.
5. Co-creation The twins are fully in union and collaborate on merging their lives purposefully. They manifest great things and feel aligned in all areas.

The reunion phases aren’t always linear and may overlap based on each twins readiness and divine timing. But progressively deeper union is experienced as they work through the stages together.

How to make a twin flame relationship work

Once you and your twin flame reunite, it takes effort from both partners to maintain a healthy, thriving relationship long-term. Here are the keys:

  • Commit fully – Both twins must be all in and committed to not running from challenges.
  • Healthy communication – Be open, vulnerable and express your feelings without blame.
  • Compromise – You won’t always see eye to eye. Be willing to meet in the middle.
  • Respect differences – Don’t try to change them. Honor their individuality.
  • Take space when needed – Time apart is healthy as long as you come back together.
  • Don’t be codependent – Have your own interests and supportive community.
  • Share spiritual practices – Meditate, pray or do yoga together regularly.
  • Allow each other to grow – Support each other through ongoing life lessons and evolution.
  • Forgive generously – Let go of grudges or resentment when disagreements inevitably arise.
  • Never give up – During hard times remember why you came together and see it through.

It will take dedication, bravery and spiritual devotion from both, but your love is strong enough to weather all storms.


Twin flame relationships go through intense periods of coming together and separation on the path to spiritual union. While it can be excruciatingly painful, separation serves an important purpose – to allow each soul time to heal wounds, clear karma, and evolve into the best version of themselves.

The duration of separation differs for every pair depending on their levels of inner work and what they need to learn in order to come into harmonious union that uplifts them both. However, through unconditional love, forgiveness and an unshakable inner knowing, twin flames inevitably magnetize back together when the timing is divinely right.

Rather than resisting it, embrace the gift of the separation by going inward to do your work. Grow your faith and surrender to the journey, knowing your twin will re-emerge in your life at the perfect moment. The blissful reunion and ecstatic spiritual partnership that follows makes all the previous trials worthwhile.

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