How do you store hair ties and scrunchies?

Hair ties and scrunchies can easily become a jumbled mess if not stored properly. Like socks disappearing in the dryer, hair ties always seem to get lost in the black hole of your purse or end up strewn across your bedroom floor. Keeping them organized not only looks nicer but also helps you find exactly what you need when you need it, whether that’s a basic black hair tie for the gym or a fun, colorful scrunchie for a night out.

Should you store hair ties on your wrist?

Some people like to keep a hair tie wrapped around their wrist for easy access. While this works in a pinch, it stretches out the elastic over time, causing it to lose its grip. It’s better to avoid storing hair ties this way if possible.

What about hanging them on your doorknob?

Hanging hair ties and scrunchies on your doorknob or a hook works fairly well. It keeps them in one general place so you know where to look. However, they often slide together into a big knotted clump. If you want to hang hair ties, use several individual hooks or rods spaced apart to keep them from tangling up.

Storing hair ties in a closet or drawer

Many people toss hair ties and scrunchies in a junk drawer or closet. This helps keep them contained in one area, but it’s not the best for organization. They can easily get tossed around and mixed up with other items.

Use a small bin or box

Place hair ties in a small bin or box in your closet or drawer to corral them. An old mint tin, small makeup bag, orsockname organizers work well. Just be sure it’s big enough to fit all your hair accessories while still being small enough to avoid getting cluttered with other items.

Divide into small bags or pouches

To take organization a step further, you can divide hair ties into separate small bags or pouches inside the main storage container. Use one pouch for black hair ties, another for colorful scrunchies, another for elastic headbands, etc. This keeps like items together for easy access.

Store hair ties in the bathroom

Since you often need access to hair ties in the bathroom when styling your hair, it makes sense to store them there. The most convenient spot is near your mirror on a drawer, shelf, or wall hook.

Use a plastic shower caddy

Plastic shower caddies or hanging bathroom organizers work great. Attach them to the wall or place them on a shelf. Use separate compartments to divide hair ties by color or type.

Repurpose a cup or canister

For a cute and budget-friendly option, repurpose a cup, jar, or other small container. Attach it near your mirror to neatly corral hair ties, scrunchies, and hair clips.

Hang an organizer bag

Hang a small makeup bag, sock/stocking organizer, or mesh pouches on a hook or towel bar near your mirror. Use one pouch for each hair accessory category to keep them neatly separated.

Store loose hair ties in an egg carton

Loose elastics and ouchless hair ties are tricky to contain since they don’t have a fixed shape. An egg carton is perfect for corralling these small items. Simply cut the top off a clean carton and place one elastic in each egg cup.

Label each cup

For even better organization, number or label each egg cup to designate elastics for specific purposes. For example, label cup #1 as “ponytails,” cup #2 as “braids,” etc.

Make it decorative

Paint or decorate the egg carton to make this storage method also cute. Place it on your bathroom counter or vanity near your other hair accessories.

Store hair ties and scrunchies in cute dispensers

For super cute and functional storage, use a specialty hair tie dispenser. You can find dispensers made specifically for hair elastics in fun designs like cats, dogs, mermaids, and more. These gadgets keep hair ties neatly stored while also displaying them cutely.

Wall-mounted dispensers

Wall-mounted dispensers attach right to your mirror or bathroom wall to place hair ties right where you need them. Stylish metal or acrylic dispensers add a decorative accent.

Countertop dispensers

Freestanding hair tie dispensers in ceramic, acrylic, or wire mesh sit nicely on your bathroom counter. Their compact size takes up little space while neatly organizing hair accessories.

Drawer dispensers

Small hair tie dispensers also work great inside drawers. Mount them to the inside of a drawer near the front for easy access to hair ties when styling.

Store hair accessories in an acrylic organizer box

Acrylic organizer boxes provide a streamlined look for storing all your hair accessories. Available in stacking or single units, they contain compartments and dividers to neatly separate hair ties, headbands, clips, bobby pins, and more.

Use on shelves or desktops

Acrylic organizers look modern and stylish on a bathroom shelf, bedroom desktop, or vanity. Choose a size that fits the space and holds all your hair accessories.

Organize drawers

Small acrylic organizers are perfect inside drawers. Mount them to the inside of the drawer or place them in the bottom to neatly divide hair accessories for easy viewing.

Mount on the wall

Larger acrylic organizers can mount to walls. Install them in your bathroom, bedroom, or closet to gain practical storage and style your space.

Store hair ties in an old spice rack

Repurpose an old spice rack or wall-mounted organizer to neatly arrange hair ties. The divided racks keep hair ties separated to prevent tangling while displaying them attractively.

Arrange by color

Arrange hair elastics by color in each section of the rack. Place neutral hair ties like black and brown on one side and bright colors on the other for easy matching when styling.

Divide by shape

Or, arrange elastics by shape—one section for round elastics, another for long, flat ties, another for textured scrunchies, etc. Group similar types together for easy grabbing.

Add other accessories

A spice rack has room for all your hair accessories. Use some sections for hair ties, others for headbands, barrettes, ribbons, etc. Everything has its own designated spot.

Store hair ties in labeled mason jars

For rustic-chic storage, use labeled mason jars. Clear glass jars allow you to see contents easily. Grouping hair ties in separate jars helps keep them from tangling and stretching out.

Arrange by color

Place same-color hair elastics in mason jars labeled with the color. For instance, yellow hair ties go in the “Yellow” jar, purple ones in the “Purple” jar, etc.

Divide by purpose

Alternatively, label mason jars by purpose. For example, make a “Braids” jar, “Ponytails” jar, “Workouts” jar, etc. Store elastic ties for each specific hair style or use together.

Add chalkboard labels

Use cute chalkboard labels on the jars identifying the contents. This way you can wipe and re-label as needed when swapping out elastic ties.

How should you store scrunchies?

Scrunchies require a bit different storage from standard hair elastics. Their large, bulky shape takes up more space. Keep these tips in mind for storing scrunchies:

Use bins or cups

Store scrunchies in their own bin, cup, or jar separate from slim hair elastics. Look for a container wide enough to accommodate their big, poufy shape without squeezing or deforming them.

Hang or display

Scrunchies look cute displayed in wall racks, hanging from rods or dividers. This shows off their colors and patterns while keeping them untangled.

Don’t wrap too tight

Avoid twisting scrunchies too tightly around your wrist or hand. This can warp their shape over time. Store them with light, loose wrapping or hanging vertically instead.

Keep fabrics loose

For scrunchies made of delicate fabrics like silk or satin, store them shape-side out instead of wrapped into a tight bundle. This prevents creases from developing in the fabric.

How do you store hair ties while traveling?

Traveling with hair elastics often results in a knotted, messy bag. Here are handy methods for organizing hair ties for vacations and trips:

Plastic organizing cases

Small plastic jewelry cases or travel organizers have built-in compartments perfect for storing hair ties. They protect elastics from getting stretched out or tangled up.

Pill organizers

Use a small pill container to organize hair accessories. Place just a few in each segmented compartment to keep them separate and contained.

Straw or cup

Place hair ties inside a paper cup or plastic drinking straw. The rigid walls prevent tangling, and the containers are small enough for travel bags.

Carabiner clips

Clip hair elastics onto carabiner clips on your bag’s zipper or keyring. The metal clips keep ties separated and makes them easy to unclip and use when needed.

How do salons store hair ties?

At hair salons, stylists need to keep tons of hair ties and accessories on hand. Salon storage solutions keep these items neatly organized and easily accessible. Some common methods include:

Wall racks

Mounted metal racks provide centralized storage for hair elastics, headbands, and other accessories. Stylists can quickly grab what they need.

Clear acrylic boxes

Stackable clear acrylic organizers neatly compartmentalize all types of hair accessories in drawers or on shelves.

Magnetic strips

Barber shops often use magnetic strips to hold bobby pins, elastics, and clips neatly in place ready for use.


Bulk bags of hair ties can dispense out individually through countertop dispensers for easy handoffs to clients.

Apothecary jars

Large glass jars store masses of hair ties sorted by color or style. They maintain inventory in a tidy, decorative way.

Creative ways to store hair ties and accessories

With a little creativity, you can come up with all kinds of fun DIY ways to organize your hair accessories. Here are some innovative storage solutions you can make yourself:

Magnetic board

Glue magnets onto the back of hair clips and pins, then hang them on a magnetic dry erase board or strip.

Reuse tea bags

Place hair elastics inside empty tea bags, then hang them on hooks or a rod.

Wall display

Use plates, cups, or shadowboxes framed on the wall to neatly display scrunchies, headbands, and barrettes.

Paint swatches

Cover paint swatches in fabric, then glue hair accessories onto each swatch board.

Hang on pants hangers

DIY hanger boards using peg pants hangers. Loop hair ties over the bottom pegs.

How to prevent hair ties from breaking

To extend the life of your hair elastics, store them properly between uses. Here are some tips:

Avoid direct sunlight

Don’t store hair ties in direct sun, which can dry them out and make them brittle.

Store loosely

Don’t wrap hair elastics too tightly around objects or they’ll wear out faster.

Avoid extreme heat

Keep hair ties away from hot areas like near ovens, stoves, or heat vents.

Watch friction

Reduce friction by storing hair ties smoothly without sharp creases or folds.

Detangle regularly

Gently detangle knotted elastics after each use to prevent stretching and damage.

Don’t overfill containers

If storing in a box or bin, don’t cram in too many ties which can cause tangling and breakage.


Hair ties are one of those small everyday items that can easily get tossed around and become a disorganized mess. Taking the time to find a dedicated storage system for your hair accessories will help keep them neatly contained, protected, easy to find, and ready to use whenever you need them. With so many great options like boxes, racks, jars, dispensers, and wall organizers, you can store hair elastics just about anywhere—from your bedroom closet to bathroom drawers. Get creative, use what you have, and choose whichever solution works best in your space to say goodbye to the endless hunt for missing hair ties!

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