Are there still endless apps at Fridays?

Fridays established itself in the casual dining scene by offering an extensive selection of shareable appetizers known as “Endless Apps.” For a fixed price, customers could order unlimited quantities of Fridays fan favorites like potato skins, mozzarella sticks, and loaded nachos. This innovative appetizer promotion was a key part of the Fridays brand and dining experience for decades.

However, in recent years, some Fridays locations have moved away from the traditional Endless Apps model. So are unlimited appetizers still available at Fridays today? Let’s take a closer look at whether you can still enjoy endless apps when you dine at this classic American franchise.

The History of Endless Apps at Fridays

Fridays first introduced the Endless Apps promotion in 1982. The idea was revolutionary for a chain restaurant at the time. While other casual dining spots focused on main courses, Fridays made appetizers the star of the show. Endless Apps allowed customers to sample and share a variety of starters, from loaded potato skins to cheesy nachos.

The offer was an immediate success. Endless Apps drew in customers and helped Fridays stand out from the competition. It quickly became a signature part of the Fridays experience. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Endless Apps was advertised prominently on the chain’s menus and television commercials.

At the height of its popularity, over 50 different appetizers were included in the Endless Apps promotion. Fridays was synonymous with kicking off a night out with friends by sharing a table filled with bottomless plates of apps. Even as late as 2008, one industry survey found that Endless Apps remained the top reason customers chose to dine at Fridays.

The Decline of Traditional Endless Apps

In the early 2000s, however, Fridays began moving away from traditional, unlimited Endless Apps:

  • The number of appetizers included was reduced from 50+ options to under 15.
  • Stores were allowed to remove Endless Apps or tweak the promotion.
  • New taglines downplayed unlimited refills in favor of customization.

Several factors contributed to this shift:

  • Profit struggles. While popular with customers, Endless Apps could hurt profit margins.
  • Changing tastes. Increasingly health-conscious diners became wary of overindulging.
  • More competition. Rival chains mimicked endless offers, removing Fridays’ distinction.

Most importantly, Fridays wanted to cultivate a more upscale brand image. Unlimited appetizers didn’t fit that polished atmosphere. While Endless Apps remained on Fridays menus, the promotion’s heyday had passed by 2010.

The Fridays Endless App Experience Today

With traditional Endless Apps phased out at most locations, what can customers expect today? Here are some key facts about the current Fridays endless appetizer situation:

  • No standard offering. There is no single, brand-wide Endless Apps promotion.
  • Individual store discretion. Locations can choose to offer – or not offer – endless appetizers.
  • Limited menus. Stores typically cherry-pick less than 10 qualifying appetizers.
  • Restrictions apply. Many require app “refills” ordered in rounds or limit sharing.
  • Higher prices. Prices hover around $12, more expensive than the original deals.
  • Emphasis on customization. Marketing promotes mixing and matching apps rather than unlimited refills.

While no longer a chain-wide staple, endless appetizers haven’t disappeared completely from Fridays. Some locations still offer their own versions. However, the days of enjoying 50+ unlimited appetizers for one bargain price are mostly in the past.

Why Fridays Moved Away from Traditional Endless Apps

The decline of endless appetizers at Fridays reflects larger shifts in the restaurant industry. Here are some of the key factors behind the change:

1. Increasing Food Costs

As wholesale food prices rose, unlimited refills became less profitable. Every plate of endless apps cut into margins. Apps like loaded potato skins and hand-breaded mozzarella sticks require fresh ingredients. Offering unlimited free refills made managing food costs difficult.

2. More Health-Conscious Diners

With rising rates of obesity and food allergies, customers became warier of overindulging. Food sharing also raised concerns over germs and foodborne illness. Health-conscious diners favored fresher, lighter, and more customized options.

3. Shifting Brand Image

As Fridays aimed to update its image, endless appetizers seemed unsophisticated. The new vision showcased modern decor, creative cocktails, and diverse menus. Bottomless, shared apps didn’t fit the more polished atmosphere Fridays wanted to cultivate.

4. Growing Competition

When first introduced, endless apps were a novel promotion. But other casual chains soon copied the idea. With Applebee’s, Chili’s, and TGI Fridays all offering bottomless appetizers, it was no longer a differentiator for Fridays.

Combined with other factors, this growing competition encouraged Fridays to innovate beyond basic endless refills. The chain wanted to provide a unique, customized Fridays experience.

The Future of Endless Apps at Fridays

While traditional endless appetizers are mostly phased out, it’s unlikely Fridays will remove ongoing appetizer deals completely. Apps remain a big draw, especially for a bar crowd. Lower-cost endless promotions also drive customer traffic during slower periods.

Updated endless app promotions remain on some Fridays menus today. In the future, we may see:

  • Greater individual location flexibility on endless app offerings and restrictions
  • Smaller app menus personalized to local tastes
  • Tiered endless app options at different price points
  • Fresh spins that allow choosing among app samplers or flights

The days of enjoying unlimited mozzarella sticks for $5.99 are gone. But Fridays will likely continue experimenting with inventive and restricted endless appetizer deals. The key is finding a balance between affordability and profit margins. Customization and flexibility will be critical to make both customers and shareholders happy.

Finding Endless App Deals Today

Based on all of the changes, how can customers find Fridays locations still offering endless appetizers today? Here are some tips:

  • Check individual restaurant menus – online, over the phone, or in person. Promotions vary.
  • Ask your server if endless appetizers are offered. They’ll know the latest policies.
  • Look for in-store signage or table tents advertising deals.
  • Search for your location + “endless apps” online to uncover any current offers.
  • Sign up for Fridays email or rewards programs to receive personalized promotions.
  • Visit during happy hour when specials like endless apps may be available.

While traditional endless appetizers may be gone, some Fridays still provide ways to enjoy unlimited refills or sampler platters. It just takes a bit more sleuthing to uncover the best deals.

Other Fridays App Deals to Consider

If endless options aren’t offered, Fridays still provides plenty of ways to enjoy discounted apps:

  • Halfsies. Order two different apps, get half off the lower priced one.
  • Three for $13. Pick three full-size apps for a fixed price.
  • Add-on specials. Order entrees and get reduced-priced apps.
  • Happy hour. Late night discounts on select appetizers.
  • Coupons and rewards. Offers for free or discounted apps.

While not all-you-can-eat, these deals allow you to sample and mix-and-match Fridays classic appetizers at a more affordable price point.

Are Endless Apps Still Worth It for Fridays?

For customers, endless apps may be a tasty deal. But are unlimited refill promotions still a smart strategy for Fridays itself? There are pros and cons to consider from a business perspective:

Pros of Endless Apps for Fridays

  • Increases customer traffic and food volume ordered
  • Encourages larger parties to dine in
  • Drives purchases of drinks, entrees, and desserts
  • Provides value association to build brand loyalty

Cons of Endless Apps for Fridays

  • Can reduce profits due to increased food costs
  • Requires tighter inventory controls
  • May detract from more profitable menu items
  • Undermines efforts to be seen as upscale

Fridays must weigh if endless apps still make sense given their current brand strategy and business priorities. The verdict seems to be selective, limited offers rather than a blanket promotion.

The Verdict: Are Endless Apps Still Available at Fridays?

After looking at the history, analyzing the present state, and considering future possibilities, what’s the final answer? Are endless appetizers still an option for diners at Fridays?

The verdict is: sometimes, but not universally. While once a iconic part of the Fridays model, unlimited refills are no longer a chain-wide staple. However, some locations do still offer their own versions of endless appetizer specials. Deals may require ordering in rounds, restrict sharing, or have other limits.

Endless apps live on as an occasional Fridays promotion, but not as the sweeping phenomenon they once were. Nostalgia aside, the change allows Fridays to respond to a more health-conscious, competitive, and cost-focused era. At the same time, keeping some endless app deals brings in budget-minded customers amid rising prices.

Are unlimited Fridays appetizers gone forever? Likely not. But savvy diners must look for specials restricted to certain locations and timeframes. With flexibility on both sides, endless appetizers remain an occasional win-win for Fridays and appetizer-loving customers.

Year Major Development
1982 Fridays launches the first Endless Apps promotion
1980s-1990s Endless Apps become core of Fridays brand identity
Early 2000s Fridays begins phasing out traditional Endless Apps
2008 Endless Apps still top reason customers choose Fridays
2010 Traditional endless format dropped from most locations
Today Only selective, limited endless app deals remain

The Evolution of Endless Apps at Fridays (Summary Timeline)

This visual timeline summarizes the rise and fall of traditional all-you-can-eat Endless Apps at Fridays over the past few decades:

  • 1982 – Revolutionary endless apps promotion first launched
  • 1980s-1990s – Promotion peaks; core part of Fridays’ identity
  • Early 2000s – Fridays begins phasing out traditional endless format
  • 2008 – Endless apps still cited as top reason to visit Fridays
  • 2010 – Traditional endless apps removed from most restaurants
  • Today – Only limited, customized endless app deals remain

While no longer universally offered, special endless app promotions continue at select Fridays nationwide.


Endless apps defined Fridays for decades and became synonymous with the brand’s fun, casual image. However, rising costs, changing tastes, and shifting priorities led the chain to downplay unlimited refills. Most Fridays no longer offer a standard endless appetizer promotion.

Yet some locations still provide customized endless app specials. Nostalgic customers can sometimes find specials reminiscent of the original deal. In moderation, endless apps live on as an occasional Fridays treat.

The core appeal remains – starting a night out sharing plates of wings, skins, and more with friends. With flexibility on both sides, Fridays and its fans continue to find ways to meet in the middle. That means deals providing endless apps or appetizer samplers, even if traditional unlimited offers are mostly gone.

Are endless appetizers still available at Fridays today? Sometimes, but you may have to search a bit harder and not go in expecting 1980s-style excess. However, with creative promotions catering to loyal customers, the Fridays endless app tradition isn’t disappearing completely anytime soon.

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