How do I use Afterpay in a store?

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a payment service that allows you to split purchases into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. When checking out with Afterpay, you pay 25% of the total upfront and the remaining balance in 3 equal installments every 2 weeks. Afterpay is accepted at many major retailers online and in-store. It’s a convenient way to buy now and pay later without taking on long-term debt.

How does Afterpay work in stores?

Using Afterpay in stores is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout

Shop as usual and add the items you want to purchase to your cart. When you’re ready to check out, head to the cash register or checkout counter.

2. Provide your mobile number at checkout

When prompted for payment, let the cashier know you’ll be using Afterpay. Provide them with your mobile number. This links your Afterpay account to the transaction.

3. Review and complete the payment

You’ll receive a text message with a link to review your Afterpay payment details on your phone. Review the payment schedule and complete the checkout process.

4. Pay the first 25% as a deposit

To complete the purchase with Afterpay, you’ll need to pay 25% of the total as a deposit immediately. This can be paid with a linked debit or credit card, gift card, or other payment method the store accepts.

5. Pay the remaining balance in 3 installments

The remaining balance will be split into 3 equal installments that are automatically charged to your Afterpay account every 2 weeks. You’ll receive reminders and notifications when payments are processed.

How do I manage my Afterpay payments in stores?

Managing and tracking your Afterpay payments for in-store purchases is easy through the mobile app or website:

View payment history

Your account dashboard shows your upcoming payments and payment history, so you can see balances owed and when payments will be processed.

Update payment method

If your card on file expires or you want to change payment method, you can easily do so through your Afterpay account. Just make sure new payment details are saved before the next installment.

Contact support

If there are ever any issues with payments or transactions, you can contact Afterpay’s customer support for help. They can look up transactions and provide assistance.

Pay early

You always have the option to pay your remaining balance early. This is useful if you want to pay off a purchase faster.

Can I use Afterpay on any in-store purchase?

Afterpay can be used to pay at participating retailers. Here are some key things to note about in-store Afterpay transactions:

Minimum and maximum order values apply

Afterpay has minimum order values, usually around $20-$40. Maximum order values are usually $500-$1000. These thresholds vary by retailer. Your total purchase amount must fall within these parameters.

Only available at approved merchants

Afterpay is not universally accepted. It must be offered as a payment option specifically by the retailer for in-store purchases. Look for the Afterpay logo at checkout.

Can’t use for gift cards or other prepaid cards

Afterpay cannot be used to purchase gift cards, prepaid cards, or similar cash-equivalent cards in stores. This is restricted by their policies.

ID or other information may be required

For fraud prevention, some retailers may require you to show ID or provide other identifying information if using Afterpay for the first time. Policies vary by store.

What do I need to sign up for Afterpay in stores?

Signing up for Afterpay only takes a few minutes. Here’s what’s required:

Mobile phone number

You’ll need to provide your mobile number to create an account and manage payments. Afterpay will send text notifications when payments are due.

Email address

An email address is also required during signup. Afterpay will email you confirmation of payments and other account notices.

Debit or credit card

To complete purchases, Afterpay needs a valid debit or credit card on file to process the 25% upfront deposits as well as upcoming installment payments.

ID verification

For identification and fraud prevention purposes, Afterpay may require you to upload a photo ID. This verifies your identity.

Once these steps are complete, your Afterpay account will be activated and ready for purchases!

What happens if I miss an Afterpay payment in stores?

If you miss a payment for an in-store Afterpay purchase, here’s what to expect:

Late fee applies

A late fee will be charged to your account, usually around $10. This avoids impacting your credit score.

Account suspended after 1 missed payment

Afterpay will suspend your account after just 1 missed or late installment payment. You won’t be able to use Afterpay again until past due amounts are paid.

Store payment remains pending

The retailer will not receive their payment for the purchase until your past due Afterpay installments are resolved.

Could be sent to debt collection

If the amount remains unpaid after multiple attempts to collect from you, Afterpay may send the debt to collections. This can severely hurt your credit.

To avoid fees and issues, be sure to closely monitor due dates and make your Afterpay payments on time. Communicate with Afterpay immediately if you anticipate any problems.

Pros and cons of using Afterpay in stores

Using Afterpay at brick-and-mortar stores has some advantages as well as a few potential downsides:


  • Split payments help budget for larger purchases
  • Avoid paying credit card interest
  • Build credit history by making on-time payments
  • Final sale price remains the same, unlike layaway
  • Quick and easy to use at checkout


  • Possible late fees if you miss payments
  • Account suspension after just 1 missed payment
  • Requirements like minimum purchase amounts
  • Not available at all retailers yet
  • Providing personal information for verification

Overall, Afterpay can be a useful payment method for budgeting larger store purchases if you make sure to avoid missed payments. Read all policies carefully and manage the installments responsibly.

Afterpay store availability

Afterpay is accepted at thousands of retailers globally. Here are some of the major stores offering Afterpay in the United States:

Store Categories
Anthropologie Clothing, accessories, home
Forever 21 Clothing, accessories
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Urban Outfitters Clothing, accessories, home
reviews Outlets
DSW Shoes
American Eagle Clothing, accessories
Pacsun Clothing, accessories
Sunglass Hut Sunglasses

This table shows just a sampling of the major national retailers that accept Afterpay in stores. Chains like Forever21, DSW, and American Eagle are included across categories like apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Afterpay is also frequently offered by individual beauty stores, sporting goods stores, specialty retailers, and other local businesses. Check for the Afterpay logo when shopping in-person to see if it’s accepted. The company is rapidly expanding to more in-store partners over time.

Tips for using Afterpay in stores

Follow these tips to ensure you have the best experience using Afterpay at brick-and-mortar stores:

  • Check if the retailer accepts Afterpay before shopping. Look for the logo on their website or call and ask.
  • Know the order minimums and maximums. Purchases must fall within Afterpay’s allowed amounts.
  • Save your Afterpay account details in your phone. This makes in-store checkout faster.
  • Have a backup payment method available. Some stores may not be able to process Afterpay.
  • Pay close attention to upcoming installment due dates. Set reminders if needed.
  • Contact support immediately if you think you’ll miss a payment. They can advise on options.
  • Read all policies thoroughly so you understand fees, suspensions, eligibility, etc.
  • Make sure your payment details stay current in your Afterpay account profile.

Following these tips will help you avoid issues and have a smooth experience using Afterpay at retail stores. It’s a convenient way to spread out payments on bigger purchases.

Afterpay requirements

Here is a summary of the key requirements and qualifications to use Afterpay at stores:

Minimum age

You must be at least 18 years old to create an Afterpay account and make purchases.

Credit check

Afterpay will perform a soft credit inquiry when you apply. This won’t impact your credit score.

Sufficient income

You’ll need steady income to qualify. Afterpay requires buyers to reasonably demonstrate they can manage installment payments.

No missed Afterpay payments

If you have missed past payments with Afterpay, your account will be suspended until resolved.

No outstanding Afterpay debt

You cannot have any overdue unpaid Afterpay debt sent to collections agencies. This must be resolved first.

Valid debit/credit card

Afterpay will need current details for a valid payment card on file to process the 25% deposits and installments.

Regular app use

You must regularly access the Afterpay app and account. This is how they provide notices and payment reminders.

Meeting these requirements indicates you’re likely able to manage in-store Afterpay transactions responsibly. Ensure you continue making on-time payments once approved.

Afterpay store policies

When using Afterpay in retail stores, be aware of the policies around payments, fees, account use, and more:

Late fees

Expect a late fee around $10 if you miss an installment payment, to encourage on-time payments.

1 late payment allowed

Afterpay will suspend your account after just 1 missed payment. It will remain suspended until resolved.

No refunds

Afterpay does not process or handle returns/refunds. You must handle those directly with the store.

Repayment required

If you return items, you must still pay the remaining Afterpay installments unless the store provides a refund.

ID may be required

Some stores may ask to verify ID or other personal information when using Afterpay for fraud prevention.

No gift cards allowed

Afterpay cannot be used for any gift cards, prepaid cards, or similar cash equivalents.

Order value limits

Minimum and maximum purchase amounts apply, usually around $20-$1000. The order total must be within these thresholds.

Closely reviewing these policies will ensure you properly understand how Afterpay functions in stores. This allows you to manage payments and use the service successfully.

Afterpay availability by store

Afterpay availability, purchase limits, and policies can vary between different stores. Here are some retailer specifics:

Retailer Afterpay Availability
Anthropologie Available in stores & online
DSW Available online only currently
Forever 21 Available online & in most U.S. locations
H&M Available online only currently
Ray-Ban Available online & some U.S. stores
Sephora Available online only currently
Urban Outfitters Available online & in most U.S. locations

As you can see, major chains like Anthropologie and Forever 21 offer Afterpay both online and in most brick-and-mortar stores. Others like DSW and Sephora are still online only for now. Check individual retailer websites for the latest on Afterpay acceptance. Policies and order limits can also vary between stores.

Afterpay alternatives

In addition to Afterpay, there are some other “buy now, pay later” services to consider using at stores:


Affirm offers fixed installment plans from 3-12 months. No late fees apply. Plans are interest-free for orders over $50 if paid on time.


Quadpay splits orders into 4 interest-free installments every 2 weeks. They allow up to $1500 per transaction with no late fees.


Klarna offers installment plans, a pay later in 30 days option, and flexible financing. You can spread store purchases over 6-36 months.


With Splitit, you can use your existing credit to split store purchases into monthly installment plans over time. No applications or approvals needed.


Sezzle is another service with 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks. They have no impact on your credit score.

These alternatives function similarly to Afterpay. Compare features like installment schedules, order limits, fees, credit checks, and store availability before choosing a service.


Afterpay offers a simple way to spread out payments for larger in-store purchases without incurring interest. Just remember to carefully manage payment due dates to avoid account suspension or late fees. Review all policies thoroughly and check for store availability in advance. When used responsibly, Afterpay can be a budget-friendly payment method for shopping at your favorite retailers.

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