What’s the difference in a McDouble and a double cheeseburger?

At first glance, the McDouble and double cheeseburger from McDonald’s may seem very similar. They are both cheap hamburgers with two beef patties and cheese. However, there are some key differences between these two popular menu items that set them apart.

Main Differences

The main differences between the McDouble and double cheeseburger are:

  • Bun: The McDouble uses a regular hamburger bun while the double cheeseburger uses a sesame seed bun.
  • Cheese: The McDouble has one slice of cheese while the double cheeseburger has two slices.
  • Sauce: The McDouble only has ketchup and mustard while the double cheeseburger also has McDonald’s special burger sauce.
  • Onions: The double cheeseburger has diced onions while the McDouble does not.
  • Price: The McDouble is cheaper than the double cheeseburger.


Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in each sandwich:

McDouble Ingredients Double Cheeseburger Ingredients
2 beef patties 2 beef patties
1 slice American cheese 2 slices American cheese
Regular hamburger bun Sesame seed bun
Ketchup Ketchup
Mustard Mustard
Onions (upon request) Diced onions
McDonald’s burger sauce

As you can see, while both burgers contain two all-beef patties and cheese, the double cheeseburger differentiates itself with extra cheese, onions, a sesame seed bun, and special sauce.

Nutrition Information

In terms of nutrition, the McDouble and double cheeseburger are fairly similar since they have comparable ingredients. However, the extra slice of cheese and special sauce does give the double cheeseburger slightly higher fat and calorie content.

Nutrition Facts McDouble Double Cheeseburger
Calories 390 440
Total Fat 19g 23g
Saturated Fat 8g 10g
Trans Fat 1.5g 1.5g
Cholesterol 75mg 90mg
Sodium 970mg 1020mg
Total Carbohydrates 33g 34g
Dietary Fiber 1g 1g
Sugars 6g 7g
Protein 25g 28g

The McDouble contains 390 calories while the double cheeseburger contains 440 calories. The double cheeseburger also has slightly more fat, sodium, cholesterol, and protein. However, the differences are relatively small.


One of the main reasons the McDouble is so popular is its low price point. Here is a comparison of prices for the McDouble vs. double cheeseburger:

Sandwich Price
McDouble $1.39
Double Cheeseburger $2.19

As you can see, the McDouble is significantly cheaper at only $1.39 while the double cheeseburger costs $2.19. This 80 cent difference can really add up over time, especially for those looking for a quick cheap burger.


In terms of size, the McDouble and double cheeseburger are almost identical:

Sandwich Weight Diameter
McDouble 5.7 ounces 4.7 inches
Double Cheeseburger 5.8 ounces 4.8 inches

The McDouble weighs 5.7 ounces and is 4.7 inches in diameter. The double cheeseburger is almost the exact same at 5.8 ounces and 4.8 inches in diameter. So in terms of sheer physical size, the two burgers are practically interchangeable.


The McDouble and double cheeseburger do differ slightly when it comes to packaging:

  • The McDouble comes wrapped in paper.
  • The double cheeseburger comes in a small cardboard box.

This difference in packaging reinforces the idea that the double cheeseburger is slightly more of a premium offering. The box helps contain any messiness from the burger sauce and gives the double cheeseburger a more substantial feel.

Preparation Method

Both the McDouble and double cheeseburger are prepared using the same quick methods behind the McDonald’s counter:

  1. The burger patties are pre-made and kept frozen until cooking.
  2. The patties are grilled for a precise amount of time according to McDonald’s specifications.
  3. The bottom bun is lightly toasted before build.
  4. Cheese and any toppings are added.
  5. The top bun is placed and the burger is wrapped.

So in terms of actual preparation method, there is no difference between the McDouble and double cheeseburger.


The origins of the McDouble and double cheeseburger shed some light on their differences:

  • The McDouble was introduced nationally by McDonald’s in 2008 as a more affordable version of the double cheeseburger. It was created to appeal to thrifty customers during the recession.
  • The double cheeseburger has been around on McDonald’s menus for decades, first appearing in the 1960s. It was billed as an upgrade over a regular cheeseburger with extra cheese and toppings.

The double cheeseburger has history on its side as an original premium McDonald’s offering. The more bare-bones McDouble was a later addition aimed at value-conscious diners who still wanted two patties.

Taste Comparison

When it comes to taste, the extra slice of cheese and sauce definitely gives the double cheeseburger an edge over the McDouble:

  • The extra cheese provides more of that gooey, melted flavor.
  • The special sauce adds a tangy, sweet and sour element the McDouble lacks.
  • The sesame bun has a more substantial feel and taste.

However, the McDouble is no slouch in terms of taste. The two patties and cheese still provide plenty of meaty, cheesy goodness. But side-by-side most customers would likely prefer the more complex flavors of the double cheeseburger.

Customer Demographics

When it comes to customer demographics, some clear patterns emerge:

  • The McDouble skews towards younger males, teens, college students, and lower-income households.
  • The double cheeseburger has more broad appeal across age groups and socioeconomic status.

The McDouble is firmly positioned as the discounted offering. Its low price point appeals to demographics with less disposable income. By contrast, the versatility and more premium appeal of the double cheeseburger makes it a popular choice across the board.


In terms of overall popularity:

  • The McDouble is believed to be McDonald’s most frequently ordered item.
  • The double cheeseburger comes in second in terms of customer orders.

The McDouble likely takes the top spot because of its ultra-low price making it an easy choice. Even though the double cheeseburger has wider demographic appeal, dollar-conscious diners opting for quantity push McDouble numbers over the top.

Regional Variations

The McDouble and double cheeseburger see some slight regional variations in different McDonald’s markets:

  • In Canada the McDouble is called the “McDeux” and the double cheeseburger is called the “McDouble.”
  • In France the McDouble is called the “Double Cheese” and the double cheeseburger is the “Double Cheese Bacon.”
  • In Germany the McDouble is the “McDouble Cheese Classic.”
  • In Australia the McDouble is known as the “McFeast Deluxe” while the double cheeseburger is still named the same.

But while names may vary, the same essential product difference holds true worldwide. The McDouble aims for value while the double cheeseburger is positioned as the premium choice.

Sandwich Varieties

Both the McDouble and double cheeseburger come in a few variety formats:

  • McDouble BLT – Adds bacon and mayo.
  • Bacon McDouble – Same as McDouble BLT.
  • Double Cheeseburger with Bacon – Self-explanatory.
  • McChicken and McDouble – Replaces one beef patty with a fried chicken patty.

However, the original recipes remain the most popular. Customers aiming for value tend to stick with the classic McDouble. And those wanting a more premium cheeseburger opt for the original double cheeseburger.

Slogans Used in Advertising

The slogans McDonald’s has used to promote these two burgers also highlight their differences:

  • McDouble – “What’s better than a cheeseburger? A cheeseburger with two patties.”
  • Double Cheeseburger – “Double the cheese, double the beef, double the pleasure.”

The McDouble slogan focuses on getting twice the burger for not much more money. The double cheeseburger slogan emphasizes the indulgence of more cheese and premium toppings.

Sandwich Construction

Putting the sandwiches together layer-by-layer also shows how they compare:


  1. Bottom bun
  2. Ketchup and mustard
  3. Beef patty
  4. Cheese slice
  5. Beef patty
  6. Top bun

Double Cheeseburger

  1. Sesame seed bun
  2. Burger sauce
  3. Beef patty
  4. Cheese slice
  5. Pickle slices
  6. Onions
  7. Beef patty
  8. Cheese slice
  9. Top bun

Visually stacking each sandwich shows how the double cheeseburger includes extra toppings for a more substantial build.

Which Offers More Value?

Given its lower price point, the McDouble likely offers more value in terms of amount of food per dollar spent. Let’s break it down:

McDouble Double Cheeseburger
Price $1.39 $2.19
Calories 390 440

For 80 cents less, the McDouble still provides nearly as many calories as the double cheeseburger. You get almost as much burger for a lot smaller price with the McDouble. However, the double cheeseburger provides more taste and satisfaction for those willing to pay a little extra.

Which Sandwich Reigns Supreme?

So in the battle of McDouble versus double cheeseburger, which sandwich emerges as the ultimate winner?

Well, it really comes down to personal preference and your dining priorities.

If you want the most burger for the least amount of money, the McDouble is hard to beat.

But if you are willing to pay a little extra for more cheesy, meaty flavor topped with that tangy special sauce, the double cheeseburger is the way to go.

Most customers agree you can’t go wrong with either as a quick, convenient meal option. Both sandwiches have staked out solid positions in the McDonald’s pantheon of affordable classics.

The double cheeseburger has the legacy, but the McDouble has the value. It’s about what you prioritize as a customer. Do you want an original premium cheeseburger or do you want to maximize calories per dollar? There’s no right or wrong answer.

The Verdict

In the court of fast food public opinion, the McDouble and double cheeseburger both come out winners. The double cheeseburger wins on sheer tastiness while the McDouble takes the crown for budget-friendly affordability. They each have their strong suits that appeal to different customer cravings and budgets.

So why not get the best of both worlds and order a meal with the McDouble and the double cheeseburger. You can taste test the original premium against its cheaper doppelganger and decide which one satisfies your cheeseburger cravings. Pick your favorite or better yet, enjoy both!

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