How do I make 2 oz of Enfamil?

Quick Answer

To make 2 oz of Enfamil formula, you will need:

  • 2 oz of water
  • 1 level scoop of Enfamil powder
  • A clean bottle

Simply add the water and powder to the bottle, attach the nipple, shake well until dissolved, and it’s ready to feed to baby! Be sure to follow the instructions on the formula container for exact water and powder measurements.

Measuring the Water

The first step in making a 2 oz bottle of Enfamil is to measure out the water. Here are some tips for getting an accurate 2 oz measurement:

  • Use a clear measuring cup or bottle marked with fluid ounce measurements
  • Add water up to the 2 oz line – be precise, don’t estimate
  • Use room temperature, filtered water if possible
  • Always start with the water before adding the powder

Getting the right water volume is important so you add the correct amount of powder. Too much or too little water can make the formula too concentrated or dilute for your baby.

Water Source Recommendations

The source of water you use for mixing infant formula also matters:

  • Tap water – Let tap water run for 2 minutes before using to flush out impurities from pipes. Avoid using hot tap water.
  • Filtered water – Use water that has been filtered by a commercial or home filter system.
  • Bottled water – Choose a bottled water labeled as nursery, infant, or baby water. Check that it has a low mineral content.
  • Well water – Have well water tested regularly to ensure it is safe for infants.

Using clean, safe water will help ensure your baby’s formula meets nutritional needs and reduces risk of illness. Room temperature water is ideal as very hot or cold water can cause discomfort when feeding.

Measuring the Powder

Once you have 2 oz of water measured out, the next step is adding the Enfamil powder. Here’s how:

  • Use the scoop provided in the formula container
  • Level off the scoop without packing down the powder
  • Add powder to the water and stir until fully dissolved
  • If foam develops, let sit for a few minutes before feeding to baby

For a 2 oz bottle, you will typically need 1 level scoop of Enfamil powder. However, be sure to follow instructions on the formula label as scoop sizes can vary between products. Tips for measuring powder accurately:

  • Use only the enclosed scoop to measure
  • Level off scoop without shaking or tapping
  • Use rounded scoop sizes – don’t try to add heaping or partial scoops

Getting the powder-to-water ratio right is key for giving your baby the right nutrition profile and consistency of formula.

Types of Enfamil Powder

Enfamil makes several infant formula powders, including:

  • Enfamil Infant – Standard newborn and infant formula
  • Enfamil NeuroPro – Formula with MFGM for brain and eye development
  • Enfamil AR – Spit-up formula with added rice starch
  • Enfamil Gentlease – Partially broken down proteins for sensitive tummies
  • Enfamil Reguline – Probiotic formula to help regulate digestive system

Be sure to use the correct Enfamil powder for your baby’s needs and follow label directions for water and scoop measurements. The number of scoops per 2 oz may vary between products.

Mixing the Formula

Once you have measured and added the water and Enfamil powder, the next step is mixing to dissolve the powder fully. Here’s how:

  • Cap the bottle and shake vigorously up and down for at least 30 seconds
  • Inspect formula for any clumps – continue shaking if needed
  • Let sit for a few minutes to allow foam and bubbles to settle
  • Swirl bottle gently before feeding to re-mix settled formula

Properly mixing the formula ensures your baby gets a smooth, consistent feeding every time. Do not microwave formula to heat it up as this can create hot spots that burn baby’s mouth.

Tips for Mixing

Follow these tips for hassle-free formula mixing:

  • Always mix formula in a clean, sanitized bottle
  • Shake for the time recommended on the label, usually 30 seconds
  • Mix just before feeding or store refrigerated for up to 24 hours
  • If refrigerating mixed formula, warm bottle under warm running water or by placing in container of warm water
  • Never use a microwave to heat formula due to burn risks

Taking these steps when mixing your Enfamil powder will help ensure safe, properly prepared formula every time.

Feeding Baby the Formula

Once mixed, here are some tips for safely feeding your 2 oz bottle of Enfamil formula:

  • Test temperature by shaking a few drops on your wrist – should feel lukewarm, not hot
  • Gently swirl bottle again before feeding to redistribute settled formula
  • Always hold baby semi-upright while feeding, about 45 degree angle
  • Tip bottle to keep nipple full with formula as baby drinks
  • Burp baby halfway through and at end of feeding

Feeding baby slowly and properly will help reduce gas, spit-up, and colic symptoms. Never prop the bottle and leave baby unattended as formula can quickly overfill mouth and pose a choking risk.

Discard any formula left in bottle after feeding as bacteria can develop quickly in used formula. Rinse bottle thoroughly in hot soapy water before sanitizing and reuse.

Signs Baby is Still Hungry

If your baby seems fussy or unsatisfied after finishing the 2 oz bottle, they may need more. Signs of hunger include:

  • Continued sucking motions with lips
  • Hands to mouth gestures
  • Rooting reflex (head turning towards bottle)
  • Increased alertness or activity

Offer another 1-2 oz and continue feeding until baby seems content and full. Don’t force a baby to finish a bottle if they seem to lose interest or fall asleep.

Storing Prepared Formula

You can prepare a larger batch of formula in advance and store for later feedings. Here are some guidelines:

  • Store prepared formula immediately in refrigerator
  • Use within 24 hours for refrigerated formula
  • Discard any unused formula after 24 hours
  • Cover container and label with date mixed
  • Warm refrigerated formula under warm running water or container of warm water

Prepared formula can grow bacteria quickly if left unrefrigerated. Take precautions when storing mixed formula to ensure safety.

Traveling with Formula

When on-the-go, here are some tips for transporting prepared formula:

  • Carry prepared bottles in an insulated cooler bag
  • Use small insulated bottles to keep formula cold for several hours
  • Bring bottled water and powder in separate containers for longer trips
  • Pack extra formula, water, and supplies in case of delays

Having what you need to mix and serve bottles while traveling reduces stress and ensures your baby doesn’t go hungry.

Common FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about making a 2 oz bottle of Enfamil:

Why does my formula look clumpy after mixing?

Small clumps in freshly mixed formula are typically just bubbles or foam that will dissipate after sitting for a few minutes. Shake the bottle again before feeding. Persistent large clumps could mean not enough water or inadequate mixing.

What temperature should the water be for mixing?

Room temperature water between 68-85°F is ideal. Very hot or cold water is uncomfortable for babies to drink and may alter the formula powder’s nutritional properties.

Can I use boiling water to sanitize my bottle and nipples?

Yes, boiling water is an effective way to sanitize infant feeding equipment between uses. Just be sure equipment is thoroughly air dried before mixing any formula.

How long can I store an opened can of Enfamil powder?

Unopened cans last 12-18 months. Once opened, Enfamil powder typically lasts 1 month before expiration. Always follow storage guidelines on label. Powder can absorb odors and humidity over time.

Is it safe to add cereal or other ingredients to my baby’s formula?

Never add anything extra to formula without your pediatrician’s approval. Added ingredients can upset baby’s stomach and unbalance the formula’s nutritional ratio. Most babies don’t need any additions.

Key Takeaways

Here are some important points for successfully preparing a 2 oz bottle of Enfamil formula:

  • Always start with clean, sanitized equipment
  • Measure water and powder precisely per label instructions
  • Mix thoroughly until powder fully dissolves
  • Refrigerate and discard unused mixed formula within 24 hours
  • Never use a microwave to heat formula
  • Feed baby slowly in upright position
  • Rinse bottle after use and sanitize between feedings

Following proper techniques for preparing, storing, and feeding Enfamil formula will help ensure your baby receives the nutrition they need in a safe manner at every feeding. With some practice, mixing a perfect 2 oz bottle will become second nature!

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