How do I know if this girl is worth it?

Is she interested in me?

The first question to ask is if she’s actually interested in you or not. Here are some quick ways to know if a girl likes you:

– She makes eye contact and smiles at you often
– She initiates conversations with you
– She finds excuses to be close to you or touch you
– She asks you personal questions to get to know you better
– She texts you first and responds quickly to your messages
– She laughs at your jokes and engages with your sense of humor
– She compliments your appearance, personality, talents, etc.
– She gets nervous or giddy around you

If you notice several of these signs, it’s a good indication she feels some attraction toward you. If she’s not displaying interest, she may just see you as a friend or acquaintance. Gauge her behavior around you compared to other guys. If she treats you the same as everyone else, she may not be crushing on you specifically.

Is she a positive person?

When evaluating a potential partner, it’s important to consider her overall attitude and personality. Some key things to look for:

– Is she kind? How does she treat strangers, customer service workers, children, and animals? Kindness is an important quality.

– Is she respectful and polite? Does she say please and thank you and avoid making insensitive comments? Good manners reveal good character.

– Is she optimistic and positive overall? Does she see the glass as half full? An upbeat attitude can be contagious.

– Does she complain or gossip excessively? Negativity like this can be exhausting.

– Is she empathetic? Does she ask about others and seem to care? Empathy is a crucial component of emotional intelligence.

– Is she humble and down-to-earth? Arrogance and entitlement are red flags to avoid.

Pay attention to how she interacts with people besides yourself as well. This will reveal a lot about her true personality. A woman who is mean or condescending to others will eventually treat you the same way. Look for a girl who is positive and uplifting.

Is she trustworthy and honest?

The foundation of any healthy relationship is trust. When evaluating a potential girlfriend, look for the following signs that she’s a trustworthy person:

– She’s consistent – her words and actions align. If she says she’ll do something, she follows through.

– She admits mistakes and takes accountability. She doesn’t blame others when she’s in the wrong.

– She keeps promises and commitments. She doesn’t break plans or flake out on you.

– She’s transparent about her life. She doesn’t have shady behavior like hiding her phone, sneaking around, or keeping secrets.

– She’s okay with you spending time with your own friends and family. She won’t isolate you or demand all your time.

– She stands up for you when someone talks negatively behind your back. She defends the relationship.

– She doesn’t gossip about personal details of other people’s lives. If she betrays others’ privacy, she’ll likely do the same to you.

– She’s direct. She doesn’t drop hints or expect you to read her mind. She communicates clearly.

The more consistently her words match her actions, the more you can rest assured she’s genuine and honest. Trust is the cornerstone of a lasting partnership.

Do we have shared values?

Compatibility depends a lot on having common values. Here are some key things to consider:

### Religion

If religion is important to you, does she share the same faith? Are your beliefs on God and spirituality aligned? Differences here can cause conflict.

### Politics

Are you both liberal or conservative? Democrat or Republican? Does she vote and think about political issues like you do? Opposing views can strain a relationship over time.

### Finances

Do you have similar spending habits and financial priorities? Is one of you a spender and the other a saver? Money disagreements are a common reason couples split, so compatibility here helps.

### Education values

Do you both see eye-to-eye on the importance of college and continuing education? This can impact future decisions about your kids’ schooling.

### Health and fitness

If you take care of your health, does she share the same commitment to diet and exercise? Mismatched lifestyles can make it hard to get on the same page.

### Family goals

Do you agree on whether you want marriage and kids someday? Differing timelines or family goals can lead to tension down the road.

### Work ethic

Do you share the same work ethic and professional ambitions? One lazy partner can breed resentment in a relationship.

You don’t have to match perfectly on all these fronts. But the more shared values you have, the smoother the relationship will be.

Do we have chemistry?

An intellectual connection and shared values are important, but so is physical chemistry. Here are signs you and her have natural chemistry:

– You feel instantly comfortable together, even during silences. Conversation flows easily.

– You make each other laugh and can be yourselves around each other. Your senses of humor click.

– You have fun together even doing boring, mundane tasks like grocery shopping.

– You thoroughly enjoy physical affection with each other like hugging, hand-holding, and cuddling.

– You feel energized when you’re together, not drained. She charges your batteries.

– You delight in exploring each other’s minds and bodies. You can’t keep your hands off each other.

– You miss each other’s presence when apart. You look forward to the next time you’ll see her.

– You get lost in conversation for hours without realizing how much time has passed.

Strong physical attraction and emotional chemistry make for passionate relationships. You should feel excited to be with her, not indifferent. Pay attention to how you interact one-on-one.

Do we communicate well?

Even when two people tick all the right boxes, a relationship can fail due to poor communication. Notice if you and her:

– Have engaging two-way dialogue. You both ask questions and share.

– Listen attentively to each other’s perspectives without interrupting. You don’t just wait to talk.

– Are comfortable speaking honestly and openly with each other. You can be vulnerable.

– Can have difficult conversations without defensiveness. You respond thoughtfully.

– Compromise when you have disagreements. Neither of you needs to “win.”

– Give each other feedback politely. You avoid blaming or shaming.

– Have healthy conflict resolution. You argue respectfully and take space when needed.

– Express affection regularly through words and actions. You vocalize feelings.

– Can talk about the future without anxiety or avoidance. You’re open to planning.

With mutual understanding and emotional safety, you can weather any challenges. Pay attention to the quality of your interactions.

Do we balance each other out?

While similarities are important for compatibility, you shouldn’t be carbon copies of each other. Look for balance:

– She gives you energy, motivation, or spontaneity you lack. You ground her and provide stability she needs.

– She’s outgoing and encouragest you out of your social comfort zone. You show her the value of quieter moments.

– She’s detail-oriented and organized where you’re more big picture and messy. Your strengths balance.

– She’s emotionally expressive and nurturing which helps open you up. You give logical perspective she lacks.

– She indulges your spontaneity and sense of adventure. You provide practicality to her free spirit.

– She has strengths that compensate for your weaknesses, and vice versa. You complement each other.

Too much sameness can get boring fast. The healthiest couples are balanced, letting their differences strengthen the whole. She should challenge you and help you grow.

Do I respect her?

For a relationship to stand the test of time, you must genuinely respect your partner’s qualities and character. Ask yourself:

– Do you admire her intelligence, talents, and abilities? Does she impress you?

– Do you respect her judgment and trust her point of view, even when it differs from yours?

– Do you respect her career ambitions and support her professional goals?

– Does she have inner strength during challenging times? Does she handle stress with grace?

– Do you respect her as an equal? Do you value her opinions and perspective?

– Does she have strong principles and values she sticks to even when it’s difficult?

– When she makes mistakes, does she earn back your respect by apologizing and growing?

– Does she respect and treat others well? Do you respect how she interacts with people?

– Do you feel proud to call her your partner? Are you honored to be associated with her?

Mutual admiration, celebrating accomplishments, and supporting growth makes couples go the distance. Make sure esteem is present.

Am I motivated to be my best self with her?

The right partner lifts you up and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Here are signs she motivates excellence in you:

– You feel support from her that gives you confidence to achieve your goals. She believes in you.

– You want to become more educated, cultured, and informed to impress her. She stimulates you mentally.

– She inspires you to take better care of your health and fitness to keep up with her good habits.

– You watch your language and behavior around her. You want to be on your best behavior.

– She motivates you to be more social and outgoing. You make an extra effort.

– Being with her makes you want to improve your manners, presentation, and punctuality. You strive to be a gentleman.

– You feel driven to build a financially stable future and home to share with her. She gives you purpose.

– She makes you feel appreciated and acknowledged which motivates you to exceed expectations.

When someone sees the best in you and brings it out, you’ve found a gem. A fulfilling relationship makes both partners better.

Do I know her real self?

It’s easy to be charmed by someone’s representative best self during the honeymoon period. To know if she’s a match, observe:

– How does she act around you when she’s stressed, grieving, or otherwise struggling? Can she be real?

– Have you seen her truly angry or upset? How did she handle it?

– How does she behave around her family and oldest friends? Does she drop the facade?

– Have you seen her first thing in the morning before she puts herself together? Is she comfortable exposing realness like bedhead?

– How does she act completely alone with you? Are either of you trying to impress the other?

– What are her flaws that she lets you see? Does she admit where she struggles?

– Do you know her fears and deepest insecurities? Can she be vulnerable with you?

– Have you seen her cry? How nurturing and supportive can you be?

– Does she laugh loudly and snort when she finds something hilarious? Can she be unfiltered?

Knowing someone’s raw, unfiltered sides and loving them anyway is true intimacy. Make sure she’s unapologetically herself with you.

Do I miss her when we’re apart?

Couples can’t be joined at the hip all the time. But when you meet someone special, you should feel her absence when she’s gone. Notice:

– Do you count down the minutes until you see her again? Does time drag painfully slow?

– Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next time you’ll be together?

– Do you feel a pang in your chest when you part ways after an evening together?

– Does her perfume linger on your clothes, reminding you of her?

– Do songs on the radio make you think of her? Do love songs suddenly resonate?

– Do you smile remembering little moments and jokes you’ve shared?

– Can you still vividly imagine her smile, smell, voice, and taste when you’re apart? Your memory preserves details.

– Do you reread your text conversations and reminisce when you miss her?

– Are you tempted to reach out to her constantly? Do you fight urges to call or text?

Your heart should ache for her – but not in a codependent way. Healthy longing is a sign you’re falling for someone. Enjoy it!

Can I be myself with her?

Never suppress parts of yourself or pretend to be someone else. The right partner will love you for who you truly are. Notice if:

– You comfortably make dumb jokes and laugh at yourself without feeling embarrassed around her.

– You don’t feel pressure to wear trendy clothes or appear “cool.” You can dress comfortably and let your nerdy sides show.

– You can comfortably share guilty pleasures and hobbies you’re passionate about without judgment – video games, comic books, etc.

– You can admit your vulnerabilities, insecurities, emotions, and sensitivities without shame. She creates a safe space.

– You can voice opinions that differ from hers without worrying about offending her. There’s freedom of expression.

– You can talk freely about awkward health issues, bodily functions, and other TMI without feeling weird.

– She knows your quirks and closest friends – the real you – and loves them too.

– You can geek out and infodump about niche interests without glazing her eyes over. She’s interested.

– She doesn’t compare you to other people or criticize you for being yourself. She celebrates your uniqueness.

The right partner nurtures the real you rather than expecting you to conform. Never lose yourself in a relationship.

Do we make a great team?

The most enduring relationships aren’t marriages between individuals, but partnerships between great teams. Observe if you and her:

– Play off each other’s strengths. You accomplish more together than either could alone.

– Balance each other’s weaknesses. Where she struggles, you pick up the slack.

– Have shared goals you’re working towards rather than separate agendas. You’re unified.

– Compromise and meet in the middle rather than compete. You find win-win resolutions.

– Divide relationship responsibilities fairly without keeping score. Both partners pull equal weight.

– Parent effectively as a team if kids are involved. You present a united front.

– Handle financial decisions together. You budget and save as a couple.

– Make important choices through thoughtful discussion, not one person ruling. You value each other’s input.

– Always have each other’s backs. You don’t undermine your partner to outsiders.

– Feel like victors together and losers together. You celebrate each other’s successes.

A great team is mutually supportive, cohesive, and working interdependently towards shared objectives. Make sure you complement each other.

Do I feel excited about our future together?

New relationships are often centered in the present, but eventually your mind will turn to the future. Positive signs include:

– You can picture her in your life years down the road without panic or reservations. The vision feels right.

– You brainstorm things you want to experience together – vacations, milestones, holidays, adventures.

– When you imagine big accomplishments like career success, you picture celebrating together. You see her by your side.

– Thinking about the future doesn’t provoke anxiety. You’re hopeful when you imagine tomorrow with her.

– You can openly discuss future dreams and goals without fear of judgment. You’re on the same page.

– You’re both willing to compromise to make the relationship work long-term. You know real love takes work.

– You trust one another enough to build a life together. You want to share finances, home, and maybe children.

– She motivates you to pursue education or career development to better provide for a family someday.

– You don’t hesitate to introduce her to family. You’re proud to bring her into your circle. It feels natural.

When you find who you’re meant to be with, the future looks bright. Fears and anxieties fade away.


Evaluating a potential girlfriend isn’t just about attraction and chemistry. To know if she’s truly worth it, look at the big picture:

– Do you connect mentally, emotionally, and physically? Is she your best friend as well as lover?

– Do you share compatible values, priorities, and life goals? Will you struggle over differences or tackle obstacles together?

– Does she bring out your best self? Are you motivated to grow and improve thanks to her inspiration?

– Can you be vulnerably yourselves with each other – flaws and all? Have you seen each other’s real, unfiltered sides?

– Are you teammates who complement each other’s strengths and compensate for weaknesses?

– Do you feel excited imagining a future together? Does “forever” seem like a joyous adventure, not a scary burden?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you’ve likely found a gem. Not every “perfect on paper” partner is right for you. Focus on the emotional and spiritual connection you share. That can’t be quantified on a checklist. When you find someone you admire deeply yet feel wholly yourself with, don’t let go.

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