Is anything gluten free at Chipotle?

For those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, dining out can be a real challenge. With so many items containing gluten or being cross-contaminated during prep, it’s tough to find truly gluten-free menu options. At Chipotle, a popular fast-casual Mexican grill, gluten is definitely an ingredient in many menu items. However, with the right knowledge, you can enjoy safe, gluten-free meals there.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. For most people, it’s perfectly safe to eat. However, for those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, consuming gluten triggers an autoimmune reaction that damages the small intestine. Even small amounts of cross-contamination can cause issues.

Some common symptoms of gluten ingestion include:

  • Bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rashes
  • Joint pain

Over time, the chronic inflammation caused by gluten can lead to damage in the small intestine, preventing proper nutrient absorption. Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disorder that should be diagnosed by a doctor. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity causes similar symptoms, but without the autoimmune response. The only treatment for both is strictly following a 100% gluten-free diet.

Why Chipotle is Tricky for Gluten-Free Diners

While many restaurants offer gluten-free menu options now, Chipotle can be especially tricky for gluten-free diners. Here’s why it requires some extra care:

  • Flour tortillas contain wheat flour, which has gluten.
  • Most sauce options contain some gluten.
  • Shared prep areas and utensils increase cross-contact risks.
  • Many ingredients like rice, beans, salsas are gluten-free but high-risk for cross-contamination.

Essentially, the chances of cross-contamination with gluten are very high at Chipotle. Their kitchen is not set up to offer fully gluten-free meals. However, with the right substitutions and precautions, you can enjoy delicious burrito bowls, salads, tacos, and more. It just takes extra care and communication with the staff.

Gluten-Free Menu Items at Chipotle

Here are the menu items at Chipotle that can be made gluten-free if ordered carefully:

Burrito Bowl

A burrito bowl without the tortilla is a go-to gluten-free order. Be sure to specify:

  • Brown rice
  • Fajita vegetables
  • Beans
  • Your choice of meat (chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoa, sofritas)
  • Salsa
  • Cheese or sour cream (optional)
  • Lettuce (optional)

The rice, beans, salsas, lettuce, and cheese do not contain gluten ingredients. However, cross-contamination is still a risk.


A salad with no tortilla chips or crispy corn shells can also be gluten-free. Ask for:

  • Romaine lettuce base
  • Meat
  • Fajita veggies
  • Salsa
  • Cheese or sour cream (optional)

Again, cross-contamination is the main concern. Make sure to avoid any crispy toppings.

Soft Tacos

Corn tortillas are naturally gluten-free. Order soft corn tacos with:

  • Meat
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese (optional)
  • Salsa

Ensure the restaurant uses a clean cutting surface and gloves to prepare your tacos separately.

Kids Meals

The cheese quesadilla kid’s meal can be modified to be gluten-free. Ask for:

  • Corn tortillas
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Salsa on the side

Again, proper precautions must be taken by the staff to avoid cross-contamination.

Salsa and Sauce Options

Chipotle has many flavorful salsas and sauces. However, many of them contain gluten or wheat. Here are some gluten-free choices:

  • Tomato salsa
  • Green tomatillo salsa
  • Roasted chili-corn salsa
  • Fresh tomato salsa (in-season)
  • Guacamole

Avoid flour-containing salsas like:

  • Roasted chili-corn salsa
  • Tomatillo red chili salsa
  • Tomatillo green chili salsa

Also steer clear of Chipotle’s vinaigrettes, which have gluten-containing ingredients. Stick to salsas for gluten-free flavor.

Cross-Contamination Risks

While some Chipotle menu items don’t contain gluten in their core ingredients, cross-contamination is a major factor. Wheat flour is used liberally in the kitchen, increasing chances of gluten transferring to gluten-free foods through:

  • Shared prep surfaces
  • Reused cooking tools and utensils
  • Shared sinks and water
  • Employee hands
  • Splashing between foods

Workers change gloves frequently. However, a tiny bit of flour on gloves or hands can contaminate your order. Even small gluten exposure causes issues for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Using separate, clean tools and prep areas reduces risks.

How to Order Gluten-Free at Chipotle

Here are some tips for safely ordering gluten-free meals at Chipotle:

  1. Specify that you need a gluten-free meal due to an allergy or celiac disease. Don’t be shy! This alerts staff to take extra precautions.
  2. Ask employees to change gloves, wash hands, and use clean tools to prepare your order.
  3. Choose naturally gluten-free ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, corn tortillas, rice, beans, meat, cheese, and eligible salsas.
  4. Avoid flour tortillas, tortilla chips, crispy corn tacos, and flour-based salsas.
  5. Request foods be prepared separately from wheat-based items, if possible.
  6. Ask for new, unused ingredient bins to avoid cross-contact from food scoops.
  7. Carefully inspect your meal before eating. Look for stray flour tortilla bits or other signs of contamination.
  8. Consider allergy-friendly off-peak hours if the kitchen seems too messy.

Following these guidelines reduces your chances of gluten exposure. But because of shared equipment, there’s always some risk of cross-contact at Chipotle.

What About Chipotle’s Gluten-Free Menu?

In 2012, Chipotle introduced a gluten-free menu with gluten-free corn tortillas and flour-free salsas. However, their kitchen setup and cross-contamination risks remained the same. Most gluten-free diners found the menu inadequate for safely avoiding gluten. Problems included:

  • Tortilla cross-contact during heating
  • Shared lines and utensils
  • Lack of employee allergy training
  • Miscommunication between customers and staff

While a nice idea in theory, Chipotle’s gluten-free menu failed to provide the necessary precautions for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Diners with gluten issues still have to customize orders carefully. The gluten-free menu was discontinued in 2014.

chips and ingredients Concerns

In addition to the flour tortillas and wheat-based salsas, a few other Chipotle ingredients raise gluten concerns:


The corn chips served with salsa orders are fried in the same oil as flour tortilla chips. This essentially rules them out for celiacs due to the high cross-contact risk. Opt for corn tortilla tacos instead.


While the barbacoa meat is gluten-free, the marinade contains soy sauce, which has gluten. Those highly sensitive should avoid barbacoa.


The adobo spice mix contains wheat flour as well. Skip adobo-marinated meats or sofritas to be extra safe.


Some report reactions to the rice. While rice is naturally gluten-free, cross-contact during cooking is possible. Try a lettuce bowl instead of rice if you react.

What About Drinks and Sides?

Drinks are another area of concern due to shared blenders and equipment. Here are some gluten-free drink options:

  • Water
  • Sparkling water or soda
  • Bottled iced tea (unopened)
  • Juice (in a sealed container)

Avoid the fountain sodas, agua fresca drinks, and blended/mixed beverages since gluten-containing ingredients and cross-contact are likely risks.

The vinaigrette salad dressings also contain gluten. Opt for salsa on your salad or bowl instead of dressing for a gluten-free meal.

Unfortunately, none of the sides at Chipotle are safe gluten-free options. The chips, churros, and tortilla side all contain wheat flour. Your best bet is enjoying meat, veggies, rice, beans, and salsa in a bowl, salad, or corn tortilla tacos.

Is Chipotle Gluten-Free? The Verdict

While Chipotle serves some naturally gluten-free ingredients, the chances of cross-contamination make it impossible for the restaurant to guarantee gluten-free meals. Their flour-heavy kitchen, shared equipment, ingredients with gluten-based marinades, and lack of special allergy protocols all make gluten exposure likely. Some celiacs report getting sick from food labelled “gluten-free” at Chipotle.

With the right precautions, knowledge, and customizations, you may be able to eat there without reaction. Those with celiac disease or high gluten sensitivity still may want to avoid Chipotle altogether though, or only eat there in case of emergency. There are less risky choices for dining out gluten-free. But with care, Chipotle can work in a pinch when gluten-free options are few.

Tips for Eating Gluten-Free at Chipotle

If you decide to eat at Chipotle with gluten issues, keep these tips in mind:

  • Study the menu carefully for gluten-free choices. Avoid flour tortillas, crispy shells, chips, dressings.
  • Tell staff about your gluten allergy so they take precautions.
  • Request fresh gloves, utensils, bins of ingredients to reduce cross-contact.
  • Stick to basic fresh ingredients like rice, beans, meat, veggies, cheese, and gluten-free salsas.
  • A salad, burrito bowl, or soft corn tacos are your best gluten-free bets.
  • Check your order thoroughly before eating anything.
  • Wash your hands before and after eating to prevent accidental contact.
  • Consider off-peak hours if the kitchen looks messy or supplies are low.
  • Have an emergency gluten-free snack on hand in case of contamination.

With vigilance and smart ordering, you may be able to eat gluten-free at Chipotle successfully. But there’s always some degree of risk due to cross-contamination. Proceed with caution!

Other Gluten-Free Fast Food Options

If the idea of navigating Chipotle with gluten issues seems too risky, know you have other gluten-free fast food choices! Here are some better options for dining out gluten-free:

In-N-Out Burger

Protein-style burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves are a popular gluten-free choice here. Burgers and fries are fried in separate oils. Ask for new gloves and tools.

Sonic Drive-In

Gluten-free buns are available upon request. Grilled chicken, hot dogs, and burgers can all be customized. Avoid breaded items.

Panda Express

Enjoy chow mein, steamed mixed veggies, or bowl entrees over rice here. Bring your own gluten-free soy sauce. Avoid fried items.


This health-focused chain has clearly marked gluten-free ingredients and meals. Food is also cooked to order in separate areas.

Check out [url][/url] for more dining out tips and gluten-free restaurant finder apps. With the right research and questions, you can safely eat gluten-free at many fast food chains.

Being Gluten-Free at Chipotle: The Bottom Line

Chipotle makes enjoying gluten-free Mexican food tempting. But at the end of the day, the risks of cross-contamination make this fast-casual spot unreliable for gluten-free diners. With hyper-vigilance, strict precautions, and knowledge of the menu, you may be able to eat there without getting sick. Those with celiac disease or high sensitivity are still better off choosing a restaurant with dedicated gluten-free prep areas though. While possible to eat gluten-free at Chipotle, it will always require an abundance of caution. Choose Chipotle for gluten-free only when there are no safer options available. With care, you can make it work in a pinch!

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