How do I know how much V bucks I have?

V bucks are the virtual currency used in Fortnite to purchase cosmetic items like character skins, pickaxes, gliders, emotes and more from the in-game Item Shop. Knowing how many V bucks you currently have is important to figure out what new cosmetics you can afford or how much more you need to save up. There are a few easy ways to check your V bucks balance in Fortnite.

Check in the Item Shop

The quickest way to see your V bucks balance is by opening up the Item Shop in Fortnite. The Item Shop can be accessed from the main lobby by selecting the “Item Shop” box. Your current V bucks balance will be displayed at the top right corner of the Item Shop screen, shown as a number with the V bucks icon next to it.

This allows you to instantly see how many V bucks are available to spend before you start browsing potential purchases in the Item Shop. It’s a fast and convenient way to check your balance if you just want a quick update.

Check on the Battle Pass tab

Another easy way to find your V bucks total is by going to the Battle Pass tab in Fortnite. From the main lobby, click on the “Battle Pass” box to open up the Battle Pass menu. Your current V bucks will be shown in the upper left corner of the screen next to your Battle Stars amount.

Checking your balance here allows you to see how many V bucks you have while also viewing your progression through the current season’s Battle Pass at the same time. It can be useful for gauging if you have enough currency to purchase the next Battle Pass tier.

Check in the Store section

You can also find your total V bucks in the Store section of Fortnite. From the main lobby, click on the “Store” option along the top menu bar. In the Store, your V bucks amount will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Viewing your V bucks here allows you to see your balance while browsing the various purchase options available in the Store, like V bucks top-ups, starter packs, and gifting options. This can help when deciding if you want to purchase additional V bucks.

Check on Mobile Devices

If you play Fortnite on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, you can check your V bucks balance directly from the app. On iOS devices, your V bucks total will be shown at the top of the screen in the main lobby. On Android, it’s displayed at the top left corner of the lobby screen.

Having your balance visible in the app makes it easy to keep tabs on your V bucks while playing on mobile. You don’t have to navigate through menus to find the information. It’s always displayed for a quick look whenever you need it.

Check on Gaming Consoles

For console players, you can find your current V bucks displayed in the top right corner of the screen in Fortnite’s main lobby. This holds true whether you play on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.

Having your V bucks visible in the lobby on console makes it convenient to check quickly without having to go elsewhere in the game’s menus. And you can easily see your balance before making any purchases in the Item Shop.

Check Account Transactions

For a detailed look at your V bucks transactions and balance over time, you can check your full account history on the Account page. To access this, open the Main Menu from the lobby by pressing the menu button. Then select “Account” and choose “Transactions”.

This will display a list of your V bucks transactions including purchases, refunds, gifts received, and any free V bucks earned. You can see when each transaction occurred and how many V bucks were credited or debited from your account at the time.

Adding up the amounts from all transactions provides you with a comprehensive picture of your total accumulated V bucks over time. This can help track your spending habits and purchasing history if you like to analyze your account activity closely.

Check on the Epic Games Website

If you have an Epic Games account, you can view your up-to-date V bucks balance by logging into your account on the Epic Games website. Under your account settings, you’ll find a “Transactions” page that lists your full history of V bucks transactions and current balance.

This provides detailed information similar to the in-game Account transactions page. It can be useful if you prefer to manage and check your Fortnite purchases and currency through a web browser rather than in the game itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do V bucks carry over across platforms?

Yes, any V bucks you purchase will be available across all platforms tied to your Epic Games account. So V bucks bought on PS4 for example will show up on PC and mobile if you play using the same account. Your currency is synced across platforms.

Do my V bucks expire?

No, V bucks do not expire once purchased. They will remain in your account indefinitely unless used. There is no time limit to use them before they disappear.

Can I gift V bucks to other players?

Yes, you can use V bucks to purchase gifts for your Fortnite friends. To send someone V bucks, head to the Item Shop and select the gifting box to choose a gift card amount to send.

Where can I buy more V bucks?

You can purchase additional V bucks through Fortnite directly by going to the Store section and selecting a V bucks pack. They can also be purchased from other retailers online or in stores that sell gift cards and in-game currency.

How much do V bucks cost?

V bucks can be purchased in various bundles. Some common amounts are:
– 500 V bucks for $4.99
– 1,000 V bucks for $9.99
– 2,800 V bucks for $24.99
– 5,000 V bucks for $39.99
– 13,500 V bucks for $99.99

Larger packs typically offer more bonus V bucks at discounted rates.

Tips for Managing V bucks

Track purchases and gifts sent

Use the Transactions page to monitor items you’ve bought with V bucks. This can help identify spending habits over time. Also track any gifts sent to friends.

Watch for free V bucks rewards

Earn free V bucks from the Battle Pass, daily logins, and other promotions. These can add up over time to help pay for new items.

Take advantage of bundle discounts

Buying V bucks in bulk bundles can give you more bonus currency compared to smaller packs. This maximizes savings long-term.

Wait for Item Shop discounts

Daily and featured items go on sale frequently. Patience can pay off by getting desired items at lower prices.

Prioritize purchases

Have a wishlist of your most wanted items and save up for those first. Don’t impulse buy just because you have spare V bucks.


Keeping track of your V bucks balance is important for both monitoring spending as well as saving up for new cosmetics. Fortnite offers plenty of easy ways to check your currency total from within the app, on gaming platforms, and through account history. Have a strategy for collecting free V bucks and making the most of bundle deals. With a little management, you can unlock awesome new looks for your character while keeping tabs on your virtual wallet.

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