Does Torani make sugar free sauce?

Torani is a popular brand of flavored syrups and sauces used to flavor coffee drinks, Italian sodas, and other beverages. With many consumers looking to reduce their sugar intake, a common question is whether Torani offers any sugar-free syrup options.

The Short Answer

Yes, Torani does make sugar-free syrups and sauces. The company has an entire line of sugar-free products, called Torani Sugar Free, that use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

Overview of Torani

Torani is an American company that was founded in 1925 in San Francisco. Originally called Giusti Brothers, the company changed its name to Torani in the 1960s. Torani’s syrups and sauces are made from natural flavors and essential oils. They come in a wide variety of flavors from classic vanilla to more unique options like apple pie and marshmallow.

In addition to syrups, Torani makes purees, frozen beverage bases, coffee concentrates, and other products like caramel sauces and cocktail mixes. Their syrups and sauces are popular for flavoring coffees, Italian sodas, frozen blended drinks, cocktails, and more. You’ll find Torani products at many coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty food stores.

Torani’s Sugar-Free Line

Torani has an entire line of sugar-free products called Torani Sugar Free. This line is sweetened with Splenda instead of sugar. Splenda is the brand name for the artificial sweetener sucralose.

Torani Sugar Free uses Splenda to provide the sweetness without any sugar. This allows people who are limiting sugar for health, dietary, or diabetic reasons to still enjoy flavorful beverages and foods using Torani syrups and sauces.

The Torani Sugar Free line includes many popular syrup flavors like:

  • Sugar Free Vanilla
  • Sugar Free Caramel
  • Sugar Free Hazelnut
  • Sugar Free Cinnamon
  • Sugar Free Raspberry
  • Sugar Free English Toffee
  • Sugar Free French Vanilla
  • Sugar Free Peach
  • And many more…

The sugar-free varieties taste very similar to the regular syrups. They provide the same delicious flavoring without all the sugar. Torani Sugar Free can be used in any beverage or food application just like the regular Torani syrups.

Nutrition Info for Torani Sugar Free Products

Since the Torani Sugar Free syrups are artificially sweetened with sucralose instead of sugar, they are much lower in calories and carbs. For example:

Syrup Serving Size Calories Total Carbs
Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup 1 tbsp (15ml) 0 0g
Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup 1 tbsp (15ml) 0 0g
Torani Sugar Free Caramel Sauce 2 tbsp (30ml) 0 0g

As you can see, Torani’s sugar free products contain 0 calories and 0g net carbs per serving. This makes them ideal for low carb and ketogenic diets.

Using Torani Sugar Free Syrups

Torani Sugar Free syrups can be used in any way you would use the regular, sugar-sweetened versions. Add them to coffees, teas, fountain beverages, smoothies, Italian sodas, desserts, and more. The only difference is you’ll be skipping the extra calories and carbs from sugar.

Some popular ways to use Torani Sugar Free syrups include:

  • Flavored coffee drinks – Add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar free syrup to coffee along with milk/cream
  • Iced teas or lemonades – Sweeten with sugar free syrup instead of simple syrup
  • Italian sodas – Mix soda water with sugar free syrup over ice
  • Sugar free mochas – Add sugar free chocolate and coffee syrup to milk
  • Frostings and dessert toppings – For example, sugar free caramel sauce on cake
  • Parfaits – Layer sugar free syrup flavored yogurt or pudding
  • Smoothies – Blend sugar free syrup with fruit, yogurt, milk
  • Cocktails – Sweeten cocktails with sugar free instead of simple syrup

Torani’s sugar free caramel sauce is particularly popular. It can be used to make lower carb caramel macchiatos, caramel lattes, salted caramel mochas, and more. Drizzle it over ice cream for a sugar free dessert too.

Where to Buy Torani Sugar Free

You can find Torani Sugar Free products at many grocery stores, coffee shops, and food retailers. Some places where you may find Torani Sugar Free include:

  • Grocery stores – Syrups are often sold in the coffee aisle or with other flavored beverage mixes
  • – Large selection of Torani Sugar Free syrups and sauces
  • Walmart – Carries many popular Torani Sugar Free flavors
  • Target – Stocks various Torani Sugar Free varieties
  • Specialty coffee shops – Use Torani Sugar Free syrups on their drink menus
  • Restaurant supply stores – Sell larger bottles of Torani syrups for food service businesses

You can also purchase Torani Sugar Free products directly online through the Torani website. This is a good option if you want to browse their full selection of sugar free flavors.

No matter where you buy it, be sure to look for the Torani Sugar Free name to ensure you are getting the no sugar added versions. The nutrition facts label will also clearly state “0g sugar” per serving.

Popular Torani Sugar Free Syrup Flavors

Torani makes sugar free versions of many of their most popular syrup flavors. Here are some of the top Torani Sugar Free syrups that consumers love:

Flavor Notes
Sugar Free Vanilla The classic flavor, great for coffee, oatmeal, desserts
Sugar Free Hazelnut Delicious nutty flavor for lattes, cappuccinos, coffee
Sugar Free Caramel Sweet caramel taste for sauces, drinks, baked goods
Sugar Free Cinnamon Warm cinnamon spice flavor, nice in coffee
Sugar Free Raspberry Sweet, tart berry flavor, great for lemonades, teas, Italian sodas
Sugar Free French Vanilla Richer, more robust vanilla flavor

These are just a few of the many sugar free varieties Torani offers. They provide the delicious flavors people know and love from Torani but without the sugar.

Tips for Using Torani Sugar Free Syrups

To get the best results when using Torani Sugar Free syrups, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with small amounts – It’s easier to add more syrup to taste than to dilute an overly sweet drink
  • Shake before use – This helps distribute the sucralose sweetener evenly throughout the syrup
  • Measure accurately – Using measuring spoons or a small syrup pump will give you consistent results
  • Adjust other ingredients – You may need to tweak other flavors like coffee or milk to achieve the right balance
  • Store in the refrigerator – For maximum shelf life, keep sugar free syrups chilled after opening
  • Re-cap tightly – Syrups can absorb other flavors if not sealed properly, so get a tight lid seal

With these tips, you’ll be sweetening up all kinds of low sugar foods and beverages with Torani Sugar Free in no time!


Torani offers a full line of sugar free syrups and sauces that provide the same great flavors as their regular products without all the sugar. Made with the artificial sweetener Splenda, Torani Sugar Free contains 0 calories and 0g net carbs per serving.

The sugar free versions can be used to flavor coffees, teas, Italian sodas, desserts, and more without worrying about a sugar spike. They are great for people monitoring their sugar and carb intake due to dietary needs or health conditions like diabetes.

With its wide range of flavors from vanilla to hazelnut to caramel and beyond, Torani Sugar Free gives you limitless options for low sugar drinks and dishes. Look for the distinctive Torani Sugar Free label at grocery and specialty stores or online.

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