Do Stop and Shop gas points expire?

As a frequent Stop & Shop shopper, you may be wondering if those gas points you earn from shopping eventually expire. Understanding the expiration rules for Stop & Shop gas rewards can help you maximize the value of the program.

The Short Answer

Yes, Stop & Shop gas points do expire. Unredeemed fuel points expire at the end of each month. However, active Stop & Shop members can rollover up to 250,000 unused gas points each month to keep accumulating fuel savings.

How Stop & Shop Gas Rewards Work

The Stop & Shop Gas Rewards program allows you to earn points for purchases made at Stop & Shop stores that can be redeemed for fuel savings at participating Shell gas stations. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Earn 1 fuel point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases at Stop & Shop
  • 100 fuel points = 10 cents off per gallon at Shell
  • Fuel points are loaded on your Stop & Shop card
  • Swipe your Stop & Shop card when filling up at Shell to redeem fuel points for savings

Some key things to know about earning gas points:

  • You earn points on most items except alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, money orders, gift cards, and other select items
  • Points are calculated after coupons and other discounts are applied
  • You can earn points with qualifying online orders for in-store pickup or delivery

Gas Points Expiration Policy

While you can accumulate a large balance of Stop & Shop gas points over time, they don’t last forever. Here are the expiration rules to be aware of:

  • Gas points expire at the end of each month
  • Only customers registered for the Stop & Shop Card loyalty program can rollover unused points
  • Loyalty members can rollover up to 250,000 unused fuel points each month
  • Any points over the 250,000 rollover limit will expire at the end of the month

This means you need to either redeem your accumulated fuel points or make qualifying purchases to keep rolling over 250,000 unused points month to month. Otherwise, any unused gas points over 250,000 will disappear at the end of the month.

Strategies to Avoid Losing Gas Points

Since unused Stop & Shop gas rewards do expire each month, here are some tips to avoid losing accumulated fuel points:

Register your Stop & Shop Card

Make sure to sign up for a Stop & Shop Card loyalty account. This allows you to take advantage of the monthly 250,000 point rollover. Without registration, your gas points will expire completely each month.

Track your point balance

Check your current gas points balance regularly either on your Stop & Shop receipts, online account, or mobile app. This way you’ll know when you’re getting close to the 250,000 rollover limit and need to use up some points.

Redeem points before the month ends

Aim to redeem some gas points for fuel savings in the final week of each month before your balance resets. You might miss out on some potential savings if you wait until the new month starts.

Make qualifying purchases to rollover

If you have over 200,000 unused gas points as the month nears an end, make some additional Stop & Shop purchases to earn points and rollover the maximum 250,000. Even small grocery trips can help prevent points from expiring.

Combine points across cards

Households with multiple Stop & Shop loyalty cards can combine gas points onto one card for easier tracking and redemption. Points from all cards get consolidated into the primary account.

Don’t let points sit too long

Try to redeem your Stop & Shop gas points every few months at least. Letting them accumulate for long periods increases the risk of expiration, especially if you earn points faster than you use them up.

Special Cases: Point Expiration Exceptions

While the standard gas points expiration policy applies in most cases, there are some special exceptions to be aware of:

Points gifted to charity

If you donate your gas points to a designated charity through the Stop & Shop Gives program, these donated points will not expire at the end of the month.

Expired points reinstated

Stop & Shop may sometimes reinstate a portion of unused gas points that have expired, for example after major weather events that disrupt shopping. But there is no guarantee of reinstatement.

New loyalty members

For customers who newly register for a Stop & Shop Card, the first set of expiring gas points may get rolled over beyond the 250,000 point limit. This allows new members time to learn the program.

Tracking Gas Points Balance and Expiration Dates

To monitor your Stop & Shop gas points balance and upcoming expiration dates, you have a few options:


Check the bottom of your Stop & Shop receipts to see gas points earned for that transaction, along with current total balance and expiration date.

Online account

Log into your Stop & Shop online account at to view your full gas rewards earnings history, point balance, and monthly expiration date.

Mobile app

Use the Stop & Shop mobile app to check your gas points status. You can also load digital coupons and scan your app at checkout to earn fuel points.

In-store kiosk

Visit the Stop & Shop Card kiosk located near the front of most stores to print out your current gas points balance and redemption details.

Customer service

You can call Stop & Shop Customer Service at 1-877-366-2668 for help accessing your latest gas points balance, expiration status, and redemption options.

FAQs About Stop & Shop Gas Points Expiration

How long until my Stop & Shop gas points expire?

Stop & Shop fuel points expire on the last day of each month. Any unused points above the 250,000 point rollover limit will disappear at the end of the month.

Do my gas points expire if I don’t use my Stop & Shop card?

Yes, any unused gas points will expire at the end of each month if you are not registered for the Stop & Shop loyalty program. You need an active Stop & Shop Card account to take advantage of the monthly 250,000 point rollover.

Can I use Stop & Shop gas points at any Shell station?

No, Stop & Shop fuel points can only be redeemed at participating Shell stations located in Connecticut, Massachusetts,
New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

Do my unused gas points disappear all at once?

No, only the portion of your gas points balance that exceeds 250,000 will expire each month. Any unused points up to 250,000 automatically roll over to the next month.

Can I redeem expiring gas points after the month ends?

Unfortunately, Stop & Shop gas points cannot be redeemed after they expire. Make sure to redeem your rewards at Shell before the expiration date each month.


Stop & Shop gas points rewards provide great fuel savings for loyal shoppers. Just be mindful that unused gas points do expire each month and follow some key tips to avoid losing your hard-earned rewards:

  • Register your Stop & Shop Card
  • Monitor your point balance regularly
  • Make qualifying purchases to rollover points
  • Redeem points monthly before they expire

With a little planning and strategic shopping before expiration dates, you can maximize the gas savings you earn from the Stop & Shop fuel rewards program.

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