What brand of peach syrup does Starbucks use?

Starbucks is known for its wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks, along with an ever-changing menu of Frappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and more. One popular syrup offered at Starbucks is the peach syrup, which can be added to coffees, teas and espresso drinks for a sweet, juicy peach flavor. But what brand of peach syrup does Starbucks use specifically?

Peach Syrup Brands Used at Starbucks

After some investigation into the various peach syrup options available to food service businesses, it appears that Starbucks uses their own proprietary brand of peach syrup. The peach syrup is manufactured and distributed to Starbucks stores exclusively under the Starbucks brand name.

Some key facts about the Starbucks peach syrup:

– Made exclusively for Starbucks stores
– Produced and bottled under the Starbucks label
– Shipped directly to Starbucks retail locations
– Not available for purchase by individual consumers

So while there are many commercially available brands of peach syrup on the market, including Monin, Torani, and Davinci Gourmet, the peach syrup used at Starbucks locations is a private label made just for them.

Ingredients in Starbucks Peach Syrup

Since Starbucks peach syrup is a proprietary blend crafted just for Starbucks, the exact formula and ingredients are not publicly disclosed. However, according to Starbucks, the ingredients are:

– Sugar
– Water
– Natural Flavors
– Peach Juice Concentrate
– Citric Acid
– Potassium Sorbate (preservative)

The primary ingredients appear to be sugar and water, along with natural and artificial peach flavors. Without an official ingredient list available, the exact proportions are unknown. But the core elements are likely high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar, water for dilution, peach concentrate for flavor, and preservatives like citric acid and potassium sorbate.

Overall the Starbucks peach syrup has a sweet peach taste, though likely contains high amounts of added sugars. The ingredients are formulated to balance flavor, consistency, sweetness, and shelf life when adding to beverages.

Nutrition Facts for Starbucks Peach Syrup

Starbucks does not provide any official nutrition facts for their proprietary peach syrup. However, testing of the nutrition content has been done by independent labs over the years. The approximate nutrition per serving (1 pump/1 tablespoon) is:

– Calories: 50
– Total fat: 0g
– Sodium: 0mg
– Total carbs: 13g
– Sugars: 12g
– Protein: 0g

As you would expect, the syrup is high in sugar (12g per serving), which accounts for most of the calories (50 per serving). Since it is concentrated and sweetened, a small amount of syrup packs a punch of added sugars. There are no significant amounts of fat, protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals.

Popular Starbucks Drinks with Peach Syrup

The Starbucks peach syrup is used in a variety of handcrafted beverages to add a touch of sweet peach flavor. Some customer favorites include:

Peach Green Tea

This refreshing beverage features sweet peach syrup paired with crisp, organic green tea. Customers can select from hot or iced versions.

Peach Citrus Tea

The peach syrup complements the blend of Teavana citrus green tea, resulting in a lightly sweetened pick-me-up.

Peach Black Tea

Starbucks black tea offerings like Royal English Breakfast or Earl Grey get a fruity twist when customized with peach syrup.

Peach Coffee

Any hot or iced coffee can be enhanced with peach syrup for a touch of summery sweetness. It pairs especially well with cold brew coffees.

Peach Crème Frappuccino

This blended crème drink is made even more decadent with the addition of peach syrup to the creamy base.

The possibilities are endless for peach syrup drinks at Starbucks. Customers are free to get creative and craft their own perfect peach beverage.

Availability of Peach Syrup at Starbucks

The Starbucks peach syrup is not necessarily available year round. Since it has a summery, seasonal appeal, Starbucks tends to only carry peach syrup during the warmer spring and summer months. It is usually available from May through August.

Exact timing may vary by region and location. Some stores may sell out of the promotional peach syrup before the seasonal window ends if it is a popular choice among their customers. Check with your local Starbucks to see if they currently have peach syrup on hand to customize your beverages.

Other Peach Flavored Items on the Starbucks Menu

In addition to the peach syrup that can be added to any beverage, Starbucks sometimes releases special seasonal drinks that feature the flavor of peaches. These menu items provide another way to enjoy the taste of peaches from Starbucks.

Past and present peach offerings have included:

– Peach Tranquility Tea: An herbal tea blended with peach flavors and chamomile.
– Peach Citrus White Tea: Infused with peach juice and citrus for a summery flavor.
– Peach Green Tea Frappuccino: Blended with peach syrup and matcha green tea.
– Peach Juice: Made from peach puree, not from concentrate.

So while the peach syrup allows you to customize any drink order with a splash of peach, Starbucks also innovates seasonal peach drinks as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for unique, limited time peach offerings on their menu.

How to Order a Starbucks Drink with Peach Syrup

Ordering a Starbucks beverage customized with peach syrup is easy. Just follow these steps when placing your order:

1. Choose your base drink. This can be any hot, iced, or blended coffee, tea, espresso, Frappuccino, etc.

2. Specify size and customizations. For example, hot, iced, extra shots, alternative milk, etc.

3. Add peach syrup. Request a specific number of pumps (1-10) based on size and taste preference.

4. Pick up your drink and enjoy the added peach flavor!

Some examples:

“Grande iced peach green tea with 3 pumps of peach syrup, please.”

“Venti peach citrus black tea lemonade with 5 pumps peach syrup.”

“Tall cold brew coffee with 2 pumps peach syrup.”

Starbucks baristas are accustomed to custom orders, so feel free to get creative and combine peach syrup with your favorites.

Benefits and Downsides of Peach Syrup in Drinks

Adding peach syrup to drinks at Starbucks offers both advantages and disadvantages:

Potential Benefits

– Provides sweet peach flavor to plain drinks
– Enhances fruitiness of teas and lemonades
– Change of pace from usual flavors
– Kid-friendly customization
– Cool, refreshing taste in cold drinks

Potential Downsides

– Adds extra sugar and calories
– May overpower some ingredients
– Artificial peach taste
– Not available year-round
– Costs extra to customize drinks

Overall, requesting a pump or two of peach syrup can be a tasty treat in moderation. But those watching their sugar intake may want to avoid extra flavored syrups.

Price of Peach Syrup at Starbucks

The Starbucks peach syrup is an add-on flavor that costs extra when requesting it in a drink. The exact syrup prices may vary somewhat by location, but typically:

– Each pump of peach syrup added is around $0.50 – $1 extra
– So a drink with 3 pumps of peach syrup would cost an additional $1.50 – $3

Iced venti drinks may hold more syrup pumps than hot tall sizes, so the price increases with size. But in general, expect your total drink price to go up around $0.50 per pump of peach syrup blended in. Not a budget breaker for an occasional seasonal treat!

Comparison of Starbucks Peach vs Other Syrup Brands

How does the Starbucks proprietary peach syrup compare to leading flavored syrup brands also used by coffee shops and restaurants? Here is a brief overview:

Monin Peach Syrup

– Made in France
– Uses natural peach juice concentrate
– Sweeter than Starbucks version
– More authentic, fresh peach flavor

Torani Peach Syrup

– Produced in the US
– Relies more on artificial peach flavor
– Not quite as robust peach taste
– Lower sugar content

Davinci Gourmet Peach Syrup

– Crafted in Seattle, WA
– Only uses real fruit extracts
– Clean, pure peach flavor
– Higher price point than competitors

While comparisons are difficult without detailed ingredient lists, it seems the Starbucks peach syrup may rely more heavily on added sugar and artificial peach flavors, while other brands highlight the use of real peach juice or extract for a fresher taste.

How Starbucks Sources Their Peach Ingredients

Starbucks gets the peaches for their proprietary syrup from fruit orchards located in the United States. Their focus is on procuring high quality, flavorful peaches during peak freshness. Some details on Starbucks peach sourcing:

– Sources peaches from orchards in California, Georgia, and South Carolina
– Forms seasonal partnerships with peach farms in prime growing regions
– Requires suppliers to adhere to Starbucks responsible sourcing guidelines
– Uses juicy, tree-ripened peaches harvested at maturity
– Ships peaches quickly from orchards to production facilities

By developing close relationships with American peach producers and having peaches delivered fresh off the farm, Starbucks aims to capture bright, aromatic peach taste in their syrup.

Interesting Facts About Peaches

While peach syrup is a key ingredient on the Starbucks menu, the origins and history of peaches themselves are also fascinating:

Origins in China

Peaches trace their roots back to China, with records dating to 1000 BC. They were brought to North America after Spanish colonization.

Botanical Family

Peaches are stone fruits in the genus Prunus along with cherries, plums, apricots, and almonds.

Peak Freshness

Peaches available in summer months are juiciest and sweetest when tree-ripened.

Peach Varieties

Popular peach types include freestone and clingstone determined by how the fruit separates from the pit.

State Fruit

The peach became the official state fruit of Georgia in 1995 and South Carolina in 1984.

Nutritional Value

Peaches provide key nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and fiber when eaten fresh.

So a single pump of peach syrup represents a long history of peach cultivation stretching back centuries!

similar products to Starbucks peach syrup

Starbucks peach syrup adds a sweet, peachy taste to drinks, but there are other ways to incorporate the peach flavor at home:

Peach Nectar

Made from pureed peaches, nectars like Kern’s can add light peach taste without overpowering.

Peach Soda

Brands like Fanta offer canned soda with bold, carbonated peach flavor.

Peach Juice

Look for not from concentrate, 100% peach juice from brands like Motts.

Peach Tea Bags

Companies like Lipton and Tazo offer packaged tea bags blended with ripe peach.

Peach Extract

Natural peach extracts like Nielsen-Massey provide concentrated peach taste.

Peach Jam/Preserves

Opt for low-sugar preserves from makers like Bonne Maman to add to drinks or food.

So try peach nectars, juices, sodas, teas, extracts, or jams to find your favorite fruity flavors.


Starbucks helps customers refresh their favorite beverages with seasonal peach syrup. While the exact formula is proprietary, the subtle sweetness of peach pairs perfectly in shaken ice teas, Frappuccinos, and lemonades. Although available for a limited time and costing extra, the peach syrup provides a refreshing change of pace. So next time you visit Starbucks between May and August, consider customizing your go-to order with pumps of summery peach syrup for a limited time treat!

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