Why does Superman always turn bad?

Superman does not always turn “bad,” but there have been cases in some storylines and iterations of the character where he has chosen to go against his core beliefs and values. This often happens when Superman is under the influence of outside forces, such as a mind control device, a spell, or his own inner doubts.

In these cases, Superman may be unaware of the consequences of his actions and can be used as a tool of evil. However, the cause of Superman’s temporary lack of control is usually the result of elements originating outside himself, and can typically be reversed with help from his allies.

In addition, some of the storylines in which Superman has gone against his core beliefs and values may also suggest that humanity’s reliance on technology has compromised his morals and judgments. Superman may begin to feel conflicted as to what is best for mankind and make decisions that are more detrimental than beneficial.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that Superman – while often a symbol of justice and truth – is still a human being with flaws and doubts.

Why do they always make Superman evil?

This is a big question and it has no single answer. And it may depend on the particular comic book story, film, or television show in which Superman appears.

In some cases, Superman might be made evil due to outside forces, such as a powerful villain or magical spell. In stories featuring an evil Superman, the idea could be used to explore moral themes and the different ways in which power can be used.

It can also be used to challenge the traditional hero archetype, while still showing that good can prevail even under the most difficult circumstances.

Another potential reason why Superman might be made evil is to show his humanity. By having him struggle with his own sense of morality and ethics, the story can become more engaging and complex. It could even be used to highlight the struggles of a hero who’s trying to do the right thing under very difficult circumstances.

Finally, the idea of an evil Superman could be used to create tension and excitement. When a character like Superman is presented as evil, there is a heightened sense of danger. It also serves as a reminder that superheroes are not invincible and any hero can make mistakes.

No matter why Superman might be made evil, it often leads to powerful stories that center around themes of morality, ethics, and redemption.

Why did Superman turn bad in Justice League?

In the Justice League movie, Superman underwent a major change in character, turning from a hero of truth and justice to an antagonist to the Justice League. This shift in the character was the result of Superman’s resurrection in a new form.

Superman had died in the battle against Doomsday, but with the help of Cyborg, the Justice League was able to revive him through a form of tech-based resurrection.

However, something went wrong in the resurrection process, leaving Superman in an unstable state. In this state, he was more vulnerable to the influence of Darkseid and his minions. Brainiac secretly implanted a control device in Superman, manipulating his actions and turning him against the Justice League.

Meanwhile, the resurrected Superman had little to no recollection of his past life and was also exposed to the memories and experiences of others, making him particularly susceptible to manipulation.

Superman’s new persona was a result of his confused state further exploited by the control device and Darkseid’s influence.

How many times has Superman turned evil?

Throughout the many decades during which a version of Superman has appeared in comics, television, and films, he has changed sides and become evil numerous times. Typically these evil incarnations of Superman were either mind-controlled or the character experienced some other form of identity crisis.

In many cases, Superman has been tricked or manipulated into being evil, both in the comics and in films. Some examples include Superman being mind-controlled by Darkseid in DC Comics’ Death of the New Gods mini-series, or Brainiac causing Superman to become a cold-blooded killer in Superman: The Animated Series.

Similarly in Supergirl, the titular hero is turned evil by a Red Kryptonite ring, although she is eventually returned to her heroic self.

In the 2006 Superman Returns film, Superman is infected with a Kryptonite virus that causes him to hallucinate and become a violent, selfish version of himself.

In other cases, Superman willingly embraces evil due to a change in his attitude or beliefs. In The Dark Knight Returns, Superman decided to serve as a repressive tool of the government and turn on Batman and his allies.

More recently in DC Comics’ Death of Superman storyline, Superman temporarily turned evil due to the corruption of the Death of Superman suit.

So overall, Superman has turned evil quite a few times in his various incarnations, usually due to some form of manipulation or mind-control, or due to a dramatic shift in his attitudes or beliefs.

Was Superman originally a bad guy?

No, Superman was not originally a bad guy. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938), which was published by DC Comics. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman was originally conceived as a hero and savior of the world.

He was a strong, powerful alien from the planet Krypton, sent to earth to defend the innocent and battle evil-doers. Superman had superhuman strength and could fly. He also had powers such as heat vision, x-ray vision, and super-intelligence.

Superman was also incredibly noble and kind, always looking out for the little guy and sacrificing himself to do the right thing. In almost all of his early appearances, he was portrayed as a noble hero, a symbol of justice and hope, and a beacon of light in a world of darkness.

Who is the evilest Superman?

The evilest version of Superman is often considered to be the character known as “Bizarro,” who first appeared in DC Comics in 1958. Bizarro is a clone of Superman created by the villain Ultra-Humanite using the same Kryptonian DNA that created the original Superman.

While Bizarro does possess many of the same powers as Superman, including flight, strength, and invulnerability, he is missing the more moral aspects of Superman’s character. Bizarro speaks in reverse, has a reverse morality code, and can be easily confused by complex subjects.

Often villainous, Bizarro instead sees his mission as serving the opposite of ‘good’—evil. He has caused immense destruction during his many appearances in DC Comics, including intentionally wrecking Metropolis and endangering Superman’s closest allies.

He is also responsible for the creation of yet another sadistic version of Superman, known as Bizarro #2. Bizarro is, by far, the most malevolent take on the iconic Superman character, and thus is often considered the ‘evilest’ version of the Man of Steel.

Are all Kryptonians as powerful as Superman if not why not?

No, all Kryptonians are not as powerful as Superman. Superman, born Kal-El, is the Last Son of Krypton and is the only survivor of the planet’s destruction. Much of his power comes from his unique origins and the remaining radiation from the remnants of his home planet, which gave him powers beyond other Kryptonians.

These powers include superhuman strength, speed, endurance, flight, invulnerability, and a wide range of abilities similar to those of a magical being. Additionally, Superman has access to vast amounts of knowledge from his long life and experience, which allows him to think more quickly and analytically than other Kryptonians.

For example, Superman is capable of seeing through illusions and deceiving even the likes of powerful alien technologies. Ultimately, Superman’s powers are the combined result of his unique breed of Kryptonian physiology, advanced evolutionary traits, and a lifetime of experience, which set him far apart from other members of his species.

Who is Superman’s oldest enemy?

Superman’s oldest and most famous adversary is Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor has been a constant presence in Superman’s life since 1939, when he was introduced in Action Comics #23. Luthor has gone through many incarnations over the years, but at his core he is a brilliant billionaire who uses his business acumen and scientific knowledge to try to outsmart Superman and take over the world.

Luthor uses technology to combat Superman in their clashes, often exploiting the hero’s weaknesses in order to gain an advantage. He is driven by a pathological hatred of Superman and an ambition to prove himself the superior being.

Luthor has become one of the most iconic villains in all of comic books, with his battles with Superman remaining some of the most memorable in superhero lore.

Who is Krypton’s God?

Krypton is the home planet of the DC Comics character Superman, and its people have a long and complex religious history. The dominant religion of Krypton is polytheistic, as indicated by the many gods and goddesses that are worshiped by its people.

Generally, the majority of citizens worship Rao, the chief god of the Kryptonian pantheon and the patron deity of civil order.

Rao is an ancient god, whose existence predates the introduction of Kryptonian civilization, and he is believed to be the source of the sun’s light and warmth. His demeanor has been described as “gentle yet powerful”, and he is portrayed as a righteous and just being who offers wisdom and understanding to his worshipers.

The other major gods of the Kryptonian pantheon include Lor-Van, the god of fire; Allura, the goddess of the harvest; Xa-Du, the god of plants and growing things; and Yuda, the god of the sea. All of these deities are worshiped in their own right and are recognized as being integral to the society of Krypton and the individual lives of its people.

In addition, the religion of Krypton also includes an array of minor gods and goddesses, such as An-Garr and Sul-Van, who are associated with specific areas and objects in Kryptonian culture. These gods are also highly revered by the people of Krypton, and they are often invoked during ritual worship or seen depicted in artwork.

Where did evil Superman come from?

The concept of an evil Superman has changed slightly over the years, with some stories introducing a naturally evil version of the character, while others use alternate versions of Superman who have been corrupted by outside forces.

One of the earliest examples of a corrupted Superman came in the classic 1960s story Superman #149, where a powerful being named Uni-Mind, who had wicked intentions, managed to take over Superman’s body and use him to commit evil acts.

Another popular version of an evil Superman first appeared in DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earths comic book event from 1985. After the Crisis, the multiverse was reshaped into the single universe, with only one Superman.

Through a series of events, a Doomsday creature was created from the Krypton-based genetic material and attacked Superman, bringing him to the brink of his death. During this battle, an evil doppelganger was created to battle the weakened Superman, who was eventually beaten and erased from existence.

This evil version of Superman was later known as Superboy-Prime.

Over the years, many other alternate versions of Superman have been introduced, often with some kind of evil twist. Some of these include Bizarro, Ultraman, The Superman of 2499, The Ultimate Elseworlds Superman, The Cyborg Superman and many more.

Why did Superman become a tyrant?

In the DC Comics universe, Superman is most commonly portrayed as a heroic champion of justice and truth, however, in some alternate timeline storylines, the character has been known to take a darker path and become a tyrant.

The reasons behind Superman’s transformation into a tyrant vary; some of these alternate timelines depict members of the Justice League turning against Superman and in some cases, Superman himself succumbing to his darker tendencies and believing himself to be the sole authority on justice.

In some timelines, Superman is corrupted by other beings or supernatural forces such as the God of War Ares, the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, Darkseid or Brainiac. The corrupting influence of these otherworldly entities can cause Superman to go mad with power and turn into a cruel despot.

It’s also been suggested that a combination of Kryptonite radiation and aspects of Superman’s own personality can be the catalyst to his falling into tyranny if his strong moral code is ignored.

Superman’s power can be seen as partially to blame for his tyrannical descent; as an unimaginably powerful being, it’s easy for him to become lost in his own sense of power and forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

Without external help to maintain this sense of responsibility, Superman can quickly become a victim of his own unchecked power. In some alternate timelines, Superman has become a despot because of his attempts to fix matters of justice and freedom himself, demonstrating the old saying, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Does Superman have a rule against killing?

Yes, Superman is known to have a very strict rule against killing. This rule has been a cornerstone of his character since his creation in 1938, and has been consistently upheld in comics, television shows, and movies.

The doctrine of not taking another life is one of the fundamental pillars of Superman’s morality, and is based on his sense of compassion and justice. Superman often chooses to capture and detain his adversaries, rather than use lethal force.

This Superman no-kill policy is not universal to all superheroes. Batman, for example, does not have a firm no-kill rule, as he believes that sometimes the situation warrants lethal action. However, Superman’s strong moral center helps to define him and illustrate his noble character.

Has Superman ever gone evil?

No, Superman has never gone evil. Superman has always been a beacon of morality and justice. He is often referred to as the “man of steel” because of his unwavering moral compass and his determination to do what is right.

Despite the various challenges he has faced throughout his tenure as a superhero, Superman has managed to stay on the path of righteousness. Even when faced with some of the most powerful enemies, Superman has found a way to use powers for good and not for evil.

Throughout his stories, Superman has had various chances to go down the path of evil, but he continues to do what is right, for both himself and for his fellow citizens.

What bad things has Superman done?

Superman, one of the world’s most beloved superheroes, has had a long and storied history, stretching across decades of comics, TV shows, and movies. He has been a positive role model for many, inspiring people to use their strength and conviction for the greater good.

However, this being said, Superman has also committed some questionable acts throughout his tenure as a superhero.

One example of Superman committing a questionable act is during the 1970s story arc known as the “Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite. ” In this story arc, Superman releases a form of Kryponite that is red in color and causes Kryptonians to become inexplicably angry and violent.

This act ultimately results in unnecessary injury and death, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Superman ultimately realizes his mistake and manages to reverse the effects of the Kryponite, but the event still is an example of the Man of Steel’s questionable moral judgement.

Another instance where Superman has acted in a shaky manner was when he formed a new League of Super-Villains, as a means of combating the growing number of super-villains that had begun to emerge. While it was his intentions to use this group of anti-heroes for good, the members that made up the group were nevertheless criminals themselves and many had committed questionable acts of their own.

It is clear that Superman’s judgement was again clouded here, as bringing such villains together could have resulted in tremendous damage if they had gone rogue.

Ultimately, Superman does more good than bad in the world, but he has acted in questionable manners on more than one occasion. He has done his best to learn from these experiences and avoid such ethically dubious decisions in the future, but as a character with a still-evolving moral compass it is always best that he remains aware of his actions and their potential repercussions.

Who Was Superman’s first villain?

Superman’s first villain was The Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite first appeared in Action Comics #13, which was published in 1939. He was a mad scientist who had the brain of a human being transplanted into the body of a giant albino ape.

He was one of the first super villains Superman faced and had the power of telepathy and the ability to absorb or shoot bolts of electricity. The Ultra-Humanite was a master tactician and opponent to Superman.

He had a long history of creating death traps and challenges specifically designed to give Superman a difficult time. He is often considered to be one of the most notorious and well-known villains in the DC Comics universe and was certainly the first foe that Superman had to contend with.

He was eventually defeated but continued to pose a threat to Superman throughout his career, making numerous appearances in comics, radio serials, cartoons and feature films.

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