Why do guys tell girls to get baby blue nails?

Guys suggest baby blue nails to girls for a few key reasons:

It’s a feminine and youthful color

Baby blue is often associated with femininity, innocence, and youth. When a guy suggests a girl paint her nails this soft pastel shade, he may be hoping to bring out her feminine side. The light blue hue is reminiscent of girlhood – it’s a sweet, playful color that can signify purity and tenderness.

Guys find it attractive

Many men find blue nails incredibly attractive on women. While red nails can seem overly bold or sexy, baby blue has a more sweet, subtle allure. The light color draws attention to a woman’s hands and nails in a gentle, appealing way.

It matches the “au naturel” look

Baby blue nails complement a woman’s natural beauty. Unlike dark or neon nail polish, light blue is a great option when you want nails to look pretty but not overdone. It adds a little color while still seeming fresh and understated. For this reason, guys often recommend it for a girl-next-door type of beauty.

It signifies certain personality traits

The color someone chooses for their nails can convey things about their personality and mood. Baby blue nails give off a soft, feminine energy that can indicate:


Light blue is strongly associated with traits like compassion, sympathy, and tenderness. Baby blue nails can be a sign of a kind and caring spirit.


As a bright, cheerful pastel shade, baby blue conveys a hopeful, positive outlook. This light polish color suggests a girl who sees the world through rose-tinted glasses.


Blue is known for being a peaceful, soothing hue linked to clear skies and ocean waters. Baby blue nails imply a calm, steady personality.


The nostalgic, youthful quality of light blue makes it seem gently sentimental. Baby blue nails may indicate a sweet, emotional nature.

It matches the style of certain outfits

Guys also recommend baby blue nails because they coordinate well with many cute feminine outfits, like:


Baby blue is the perfect nail color to complement Easter egg shades like mint, lavender, pink, and other light pastels. It ties the look together beautifully.

Floral prints

Soft floral sundresses and tops in colors like powder blue, peach, and yellow pair exquisitely with light blue nails.


For casual chic, faded blue jeans and a white top look amazing with baby blue nails. The cool tone nails balance the warmer tones of the denim.


Crisp white outfits pop when matched with baby blue nails. The contrast of blue on white evokes beautiful skies over snowcapped mountains.

It has a preppy, youthful vibe

Baby blue nails have a classy yet playful preppy vibe. The polished yet youthful style works well for:

School girls

For girls in middle school, high school, or college, blue nails perfectly complement the aesthetic of this fun, formative time. The color is cheerful but not distracting.

Spring and summer

Light blue nails are perfect for the warmer seasons when clothes are brighter and people want a more upbeat look.

Casual everyday wear

Baby blue works for casual day-to-day activities like running errands, going to class, meeting friends for lunch, and more. The color is pretty without being fancy.

Celebrities rock the look

Many stylish female celebrities have been spotted wearing baby blue nails, making the look on-trend. Some examples include:

Celebrity Photo Showing Baby Blue Nails
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift
Gigi Hadid

When fashion influencers like this sport the baby blue mani, guys take notice too. They’ll suggest it to girls who want to emulate a cute celeb style.

It gives off a “good girl” vibe some guys find appealing

Light blue polish gives off something of an innocent “good girl” vibe. For some men, this is part of the appeal – it makes a girl seem more virtuous and wholesome. While not all women want to give off this impression, some guys find it attractive and will suggest baby blue to girls they view as good, sweet women.

It contrasts red’s bold sexuality

Red nails evoke images of confidence, power, and sexuality. In contrast, baby blue implies purity, delicacy, and demure femininity. Some men suggest light blue to women they want to see through a more innocent, virginal lens.

It reminds them of old gender norms

Pastel polish harkens back to 1950s gender roles when women were expected to be dutiful homemakers. While sexist and outdated, these associations with feminine submissiveness appeal to some men who perceive baby blue nails as a sign of traditional values.

How women can style baby blue nails

Here are some tips for rocking pretty baby blue nails:

Pick a flattering shade of light blue

Nail polish brands offer many shades of light blue. Choose one that complements your skin tone. Cooler, frosty shades work well for those with warm complexions, while pinky-hued blue is lovely on cooler skin tones.

Try a sheer wash of color

For a subtle look, use a sheer sky blue polish. The translucent wash of color allows your natural nail to show through while giving a soft hint of color.

Start with a base coat

Apply base coat first to protect nails and help polish last. Top coat also helps seal the color and add shine.

Add nail art for a cute look

Accent baby blue nails with white polka dots, light blue flowers, silver glitter, or other nail art for an extra girly style.

Pair with feminine outfits

As mentioned, baby blue nails look fabulous with pastels, florals, denim, white, and youthful styles. Coordinate your blue mani with your outfit.


In summary, guys often suggest baby blue as a nail color for girls because it’s flattering, youthful, matches feminine styles well, and signifies positive personality traits. It also gives off an innocent “good girl” image some men find appealing. With the right shade and styling, baby blue nails can be a sweet, charming choice.

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