How do you make guys want you more?

Getting a guy to want you more can seem tricky, but often it’s about making simple changes to how you interact with men. By being an independent, kind woman and taking care of yourself, you become more desirable. There are also things you can do to grab his interest when you’re first getting to know each other. With some adjustments to your routine and confidence boosters, you’ll be surprised how much more attention you get from guys.

How to Make Yourself More Attractive

Before trying to attract guys, focus on being the best version of yourself. When you’re happy and confident, it radiates in the way you carry yourself. Guys find happy, independent women very appealing. Some simple self-care tips help you feel more confident as you talk to men.

Have Your Own Life

Guys want a woman who has her own hobbies, interests, and friends. Devote time to the activities and people you love. Keep up with your hobbies and have nights out with your friends. When you have a rich life of your own, you’ll be less needy and dependent on a man. Your independent lifestyle intrigues guys.

Take Care of Your Appearance

Make sure to put some effort into your looks when you want to attract guys. Take care of your body by eating healthy and exercising. Aim to workout 3-5 times a week. Wear flattering clothing that suits your shape. Always groom yourself properly by showering, styling your hair, and wearing deodorant. When you look and smell amazing, it grabs men’s interest.

Be Confident

Exude confidence in your daily life. Keep your head high, smile, and make eye contact with people. Having confidence in yourself makes you more attractive. Don’t put yourself down or obsess over your flaws. Focus on being comfortable in your own skin. Guys will be drawn to your self-assurance.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Cut any negative or toxic people out of your life. Spending time around positive friends boosts your confidence. Their energy will rub off on you. You’ll carry yourself better and see yourself in a better light. Weed out friendships that bring drama or negativity into your life.

Flirting Tips

Once you feel confident in yourself, it’s time to grab guys’ interest. Utilize flirting techniques when you first meet a guy you like. Subtle flirting grabs his attention and leaves him wanting more. Use these tips to amp up your flirt game.

Hold Eye Contact

Lock eyes with the guy for a few seconds longer than normal. Don’t stare intensely, just gaze into his eyes when you’re talking. This builds sexual tension between the two of you. Breaking eye contact for a moment can help ramp up the flirtation even more. It leaves him wanting more.

Smile and Laugh

Smile frequently at the guy to appear friendly and approachable. Laugh at his jokes to boost his ego. Your smile and laugh will make him feel good when he’s around you. He’ll associate those positive feelings with being close to you.

Find Excuses to Touch Him

Try subtly touching the guy early on. For example, lightly touch his arm when you’re emphasizing a point. Brush your leg against his if you’re sitting side-by-side. Play with your hair while chatting with him. Touching creates a sexual spark between the two of you.

Compliment Him

Compliment the guy on his appearance, talents, or personality. Keep compliments low-key early on. For example, say “You have great style” or “You’re really funny.” Complimenting him soothes his ego and makes him feel confident around you.

Use Open Body Language

Face your body toward him and lean in a bit when talking. Keep your posture open rather than crossed arms or hunched shoulders. Open body language signals warmth and interest towards someone. He’ll pick up that you’re attracted to him.

Conversation Starters

Keep the conversation flowing with these tips to keep him engaged. The way you talk to a guy influences how much he wants you. Make him feel important by remembering small details about him. Ask open-ended questions to keep dialogue flowing. Bring up light, fun topics to learn about his personality.

Ask About Him

Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, so ask the guy about his hobbies, interests, or work. Remember tidbits about him he’s revealed and bring them up later. For example, “How was your golf tournament this weekend?” Showing you listen makes him feel special.

Keep it Light

At first, steer clear of heavy or controversial topics. Keep conversations focused on everyday life and interests. Fun, light chats make him feel enjoyable emotions with you. He’ll associate those feelings with being around you.

Look For Common Ground

Highlight things you have in common like hobbies, tastes in music, where you grew up, etc. Things in common provide lots of fodder for conversations now and down the road. It also builds a sense of connection between the two of you.

Be Positive

Keep the conversation upbeat and positive. Bring up recent fun times with friends or tell an amusing story about your pet. Negativity is a romance killer, so stay away from complaining or gossiping. Keep things optimistic to make him feel good.

Give Sincere Compliments

Weave compliments into the conversation to make him feel confident. However, keep compliments low-pressure. Say you like his watch or think he seems really smart. Over-the-top compliments can weird guys out if you barely know them. Keep it casual.

Texting Tips

Texting a new guy takes strategy or you risk chasing him away. Avoid classic mistakes like text bombing or neediness. Use these tips to grab his interest while texting.

Don’t Text First

Usually, let the guy text you first after getting your number. Men like to feel pursued, so let him initiate contact. If you text him first, he may assume you’re obsessed or desperate. Wait for him to come to you.

Mirror His Style

Match the guy’s texting style and frequency so you don’t appear overeager. If he uses short texts, do the same. Wait a few hours to respond if that’s his pattern. Reciprocating shows balance between you two.

Flirt Subtly

Sprinkle in gentle flirting like saying you had fun meeting him or complimenting his looks. Emojis also add playfulness. Avoid overtly sexual comments which come on too strong via text. Keep it light and fun.

Don’t Play Games

Some women intentionally wait hours or days to text a guy back as a “power move.” Don’t play those immature games. Just act normal and respond reasonably fast. Playing hard to get often backfires.

Know When to Stop

If the guy isn’t responding much via text, take the hint. Don’t keep texting him hoping for a response. That comes across as needy. If he wants to talk, he’ll reach out to you. Don’t be a pest.

Asking Him Out

Today’s women don’t have to sit around waiting for men to ask them out. Turn gender roles on their heads by asking him out yourself. Not only does it show confidence, but it also puts you in control.

Keep it Simple

Avoid fretting over the perfect date idea or location. The key is picking something simple and fun like getting drinks or coffee. An elaborate, expensive date puts too much pressure on both of you early on.

Use Confident Body Language

When asking him out, stand tall with your shoulders back. Make strong eye contact and speak clearly. Open body language radiates confidence. Avoid fidgeting or a shaky voice. You’ve got this!

Smile Through Your Nerves

It’s normal to feel nervous asking someone out! If you need to, take a deep breath before approaching him. Smile to offset any shyness you feel. Your smile puts him at ease so he can focus on your proposal.

Suggest a Specific Day

It’s best to propose a specific day and time for the date rather than keeping it open-ended. For example, “Would you want to get dinner this Friday at 7?” This prevents the ask from fading away without solid plans.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

There’s a chance he may decline the date invitation due to bad timing or other factors. Try not to take it personally if he says no. Just say “No problem!” and move on confidently. Not every match works out and that’s okay.

How to Be Your Best Self

Focus on being the best version of yourself, and the right men will take notice. Work on developing yourself both inside and out.

Get Comfortable Being Alone

Spend time doing activities by yourself like taking yourself out to dinner or a movie. Feel fulfilled by your own company. When you don’t depend on others for happiness, it keeps you from dating the wrong men just to ward off loneliness.

Set Goals

Always have something to strive toward like career advancement, learning a language, or pursuing hobbies. Having goals makes you well-rounded and shows you’re always growing as a person. It keeps life exciting.

Pamper Yourself

Do little things just for yourself like getting a massage, buying flowers, or going on solo day trips. Acts of self-care reinforce that you’re worth it. You’ll carry yourself with more confidence and grace.

Hang With Positive Friends

Evaluating your friend group helps you be your best self. Surround yourself with supportive, loving friends who build you up. Limit time with friends who are negative or toxic. The energy of peers influences you.

Try New Things

Sign up for an interesting class like pottery painting, rock climbing, or wine tasting. Say yes when friends invite you to check out a new restaurant or go on a day trip. Trying new activities helps you grow and stay curious.

How to Be Girlfriend Material

For turning a new relationship into long-term love, it helps to have qualities guys want in a girlfriend. Woo him by showcasing your girlfriend abilities.

Be an Equal Partner

Pull your weight in the relationship by occasionally picking up the check or planning date nights. Offer to help him out with projects, errands, or chores. Show you’ll be an equal teammate, not a dependent.

Support His Interests

If he’s really into golf, offer to take lessons with him or plan a golf-centered trip. Ask how his fantasy football team is doing and learn the lingo. Show interest in the stuff he’s passionate about.

Cook For Him

Offer to cook him your specialty meal or surprise him with breakfast in bed. He’ll be touched you want to take care of him in these sweet, traditional ways. Your attention to detail wows him.

Build Trust

Prove yourself trustworthy by being reliable and honest at all times. Keep any promises, big or small. Always tell the truth, even when it’s hard. Consistently showing integrity builds trust in relationships.

Give Compliments

Get in the habit of frequently complimenting his appearance, talents, or personality. Guys don’t get compliments as often as women, so they really appreciate it. Sincere praise boosts his confidence too.

Making it Last

Transitioning a new relationship into a lasting partnership requires care. Avoid taking each other for granted as you get more comfortable. Introduce variety into your routine to keep the spark alive.

Have Weekly Date Nights

To reconnect regularly, establish a weekly date night tradition like sushi Fridays or bowling on Thursdays. Even as life gets busy, protect this standing date to devote quality time together. It keeps romance flowing.

Take Couples Trips

Get out of your routine by booking weekend trips together a few times a year. Explore a new city or relax at a bed and breakfast. Seeing new sights recaptures that honeymoon phase from your early dating days.

Keep things Fresh in Bed

Buy sexy lingerie, watch romantic movies together, or experiment with new positions. Mix up your sexual routine so intimacy stays exciting. Trying new things together prevents your sex life from going stale.

Have Independent Lives Too

Along with couple time, be sure each partner gets time for individual hobbies, friends, and interests. Allow space to do your own thing often. It maintains your sense of self outside the relationship.

Communicate Openly

Speak up when something bothers you, rather than letting resentment build up silently. Also, share when you’re stressed so he understands. Mutual support keeps couples going strong long-term.


Grabbing a guy’s interest and going the distance to build a real relationship takes strategy. Focus on being the best version of yourself first and adopt an aura of confidence to attract men naturally. Approach flirting and conversations with playfulness. Become his dependable, equal partner to transition to girlfriend status. With the right mix of independence and care, you can build a relationship that stands the test of time. The rewards of a fulfilling, long-term partnership make the effort worth it.

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