Why can’t I change my Etsy shop name?

If you’re an Etsy seller looking to change your shop name, you may have found that this isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Unlike many other ecommerce platforms, Etsy doesn’t allow sellers to change their shop name at will. So why is it so hard to change an Etsy shop name?

Etsy shop names are permanent

The main reason you can’t easily change your Etsy shop name is that Etsy designed shop names to be permanent. When you open an Etsy shop, you choose a unique shop name that essentially becomes your brand on Etsy. This shop name is then used across Etsy in your shop URL, on your product pages, in search results, and anywhere else your shop appears on the site. Changing the name would break all of those existing links.

Etsy’s reasoning is that keeping shop names static helps buyers find their favorite shops and makers more easily. It also enables Etsy to maintain a more consistent structure for shopper search and discovery. Essentially, permanent shop names make life simpler for both shoppers and Etsy as a platform.

There are limited exceptions

While Etsy shop names are designed to remain unchanged forever, there are a few rare exceptions where Etsy may allow a shop name change:

  • Trademark infringement – If your shop name is found to infringe on someone else’s trademark, Etsy may require you to change it.
  • Court order – In the unlikely event a court orders your shop name to be changed, Etsy will comply.
  • Shop name violates Etsy policies – If your shop name violates Etsy’s policies, you may be forced to change it or risk being banned.

Aside from those limited cases, Etsy does not allow shop owners to change or alter their shop name after opening the shop. So when you’re picking your Etsy shop name, it’s wise to choose carefully!

You can request a new shop with a new name

Although you can’t change your existing Etsy shop name, you do have one option if you’re set on a rename – you can open an entirely new Etsy shop with a new name. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open a new Etsy account with a different email address.
  2. Choose your new desired shop name when prompted.
  3. Build your new shop on this account with listings, shop sections, etc.
  4. Once your new shop is ready, redirect customers from your old shop to the new one.
  5. Keep your old shop open but marked as “on vacation” to preserve reviews and sales counts.

This allows you to essentially “rename” your shop by launching a new one. It takes considerably more work than a simple name change, but it accomplishes the same goal. You’ll essentially have two Etsy accounts/shops, so you’ll need to manage both.

Pros and cons of creating a new Etsy shop

If you’re thinking about starting over with a new Etsy shop just to change the name, be aware there are both pros and cons to this approach:


  • You can choose a new name more aligned with your current brand identity
  • Starting fresh may give your shop a boost in search rankings
  • You can make a new start if you made mistakes in your first shop
  • Two shops can allow you to separate different types of products


  • Losing your existing customer base, reviews and sales history
  • Having to rebuild your shop content, listings, sections, social media, etc.
  • Potentially confusing customers with a new shop name/URL
  • More fees to run two shops instead of one

Overall, launching an entirely new Etsy shop is a significant undertaking, so be sure the name change is worth it before going down that road. But for some sellers, it’s the right choice to build their brand.

Other ways to reinvent your shop

While you can’t change your Etsy shop name outright, here are a few other approaches to giving your shop a reboot:

  • Launch a branding campaign to promote your updated identity
  • Give your shop graphics and imagery an overhaul with a new style
  • Focus your product offerings around a more cohesive theme
  • Update shop policies and sections to align with changes
  • Refresh SEO keywords to optimize for new direction

Elements like your logo, color scheme, product selection and more can all be updated without having to change the shop name. For many sellers, significant shop reinvention is possible without a name change.

Should you open a shop outside Etsy?

If having a permanent shop name on Etsy isn’t appealing, another option is to open your own ecommerce shop on a platform that does allow name changes. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Shopify – Build a customizable online store with full control over branding.
  • Squarespace – Create a stylish web storefront with advanced design options.
  • Wix – Construct a free online store with total flexibility.
  • Weebly – Start selling with an easy-to-use drag and drop storebuilder.

With your own standalone store, you can change the name, URL, visual branding and more anytime. The tradeoff is you won’t have Etsy’s built-in buyer traffic. But for some sellers, the creative control is worth it.


Etsy’s strict policy against shop name changes can be limiting for sellers who want to reinvent their brand. But with creative problem solving, most sellers can find ways to implement a new direction without changing the name.

Consider opening a new shop as a last resort only if your brand has fundamentally outgrown your original shop name. And weigh the benefits of total creative control with your own independent store.

While frustrating, Etsy’s permanent shop name policy exists to maintain a consistent experience for buyers. With strategic thinking, you can work within their rules to give your shop the reboot you want.

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