Why am I not getting a lot of DoorDash orders?

If you’re a DoorDash driver and you’re struggling to get orders, there are a few potential reasons why that may be happening. Not getting enough orders can be frustrating, but there are some things you can try to increase your order volume.

You’re in a slow area or time period

One of the biggest factors determining how many orders you receive is your location. Areas with fewer restaurants and lower populations naturally have less delivery demand. Being online during slow times like between the typical lunch and dinner rushes also means fewer orders to go around.

Try monitoring the DoorDash app to get a feel for your market’s busy hours and popular zones. Position yourself in hot spots during peak times to maximize your chances of getting orders.

There are too many other drivers

You’ll have a harder time getting orders if there’s too much competition from other drivers in your zone. DoorDash doesn’t limit the number of drivers who can work at the same time, so oversaturation can be an issue.

Check how many other Dashers are working whenever you log on. Areas shaded red on the map have the highest demand. You may need to switch to a less saturated zone if there are too many drivers in your current one.

Your acceptance rate is too low

DoorDash uses acceptance rate as one factor in deciding which drivers receive priority for new orders. If your acceptance rate drops too low, for example below 20%, you may stop getting offered as many orders.

Try to be more selective about rejecting orders to keep your acceptance rate higher. You can unassign orders after accepting them if necessary without it affecting your rate.

Your customer rating is too low

Customers rate Dashers on a scale of 1-5 after each delivery. Falling below a 4.2 average customer rating can get you deactivated from the platform. Even being just slightly below a 5.0 may reduce your order volume.

Provide excellent service on every delivery to maintain a high rating. Check your last 100 ratings to identify any problem areas you can work on.

You have an inactive account

If you haven’t logged into your Dasher account for a while, DoorDash may mark you inactive and stop sending orders. Exactly how long it takes to become inactive isn’t clear, but it’s likely after a couple weeks or more.

Make sure to log into your Dasher app and check for orders at least once a week. Contact support if your account has been deactivated so you can get reactivated.

Your phone isn’t working properly

App glitches, connectivity errors, and phone notifications not working can all prevent you from receiving order requests. If the app is crashing frequently, you may miss offers sent during that downtime.

Always force close and reopen the Dasher app before your shift to clear out bugs. Restart your phone if you continue having technical problems.

You’ve been paused or are on schedule

If you don’t acknowledge that you’re still active after rejecting several orders, DoorDash will automatically pause your dash. You also won’t get orders if you aren’t on schedule during a scheduled dash.

Make sure to unpause your dash whenever you get the notification. Stick to your set schedule or use the dash now option to override it if needed.

Your stats don’t qualify for top dasher

Top Dashers get priority access to orders during slow times. To qualify, you need a customer rating of at least 4.7, completion rate above 95%, and acceptance rate over 70%.

Check that you meet all three stat thresholds at the end of each month. Improve your numbers before the month resets to regain top dasher status.


Troubleshooting why you aren’t getting DoorDash orders comes down to examining all the factors involved in their dispatch system. Location, timing, account status, competition, and your stats can all play a role.

Optimizing when and where you drive, keeping up your ratings, and maintaining top dasher eligibility are some of the best ways to increase your orders. If you continue having problems, contact DoorDash support to identify and resolve any account issues.

With some effort, you can turn around a slow period and get your DoorDash deliveries back up. A little strategic planning goes a long way when you aren’t getting enough orders to keep you busy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many orders per hour is good?

There is no definitive number of orders per hour that is considered “good”. Order volume varies greatly depending on your market and when you drive. Typically, 2-3 orders per hour during busy dinner times is decent. 4+ orders per hour during peak times is excellent.

What is the minimum customer rating on DoorDash?

The minimum customer rating to remain active on DoorDash is 4.2 stars. Falling below that level can result in deactivation. Strive to maintain at least a 4.7 to qualify for top dasher status.

Why is my completion rate so low?

The main reasons your DoorDash completion rate would be low are unassigning orders after accepting and marking orders delivered without completing them. Both negatively impact your rate. Only unassign when absolutely necessary and avoid fraudulently marking orders complete.

How many miles do you drive a day DoorDash?

Daily mileage can vary substantially depending on how many hours you drive and how far apart orders take you. Part-time Dashers may drive 50-100 miles in a day, while full-time Dashers can drive 100-300+ miles on long shifts.

How many hours do most DoorDash drivers work?

DoorDash drivers have flexible schedules, so hours worked run the gamut. Many drive part-time for 10-20 hours per week during busy mealtimes. Full-time Dashers usually work 30-50 hours per week, focusing on peak hours with some midday dashes.

What time of day is best for DoorDash?

The busiest and most profitable times for DoorDash are typically lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (5pm-9pm) on weekdays, as well as weekends, especially dinner. Bigger metro areas may have busy late night delivery demand as well.

Time Period Average Orders Per Hour
Monday Lunch 2-3
Monday Dinner 3-5
Tuesday Lunch 3-4
Tuesday Dinner 4-6
Wednesday Lunch 2-3
Wednesday Dinner 3-5
Thursday Lunch 3-4
Thursday Dinner 4-6
Friday Lunch 3-4
Friday Dinner 5-7
Saturday Lunch 3-4
Saturday Dinner 5-7
Sunday Lunch 3-4
Sunday Dinner 4-6

This table shows average DoorDash orders per hour during different days and mealtimes. Weekday and weekend dinners tend to be the busiest. Late night (9 pm – 12 am) can also be steady with 2-3 orders per hour depending on location.

What areas pay the most for DoorDash?

Areas that generally pay the most for DoorDash driving include dense urban centers like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles where there is high demand. Affluent suburbs and cities with higher costs of living also tend to pay better.

How much do DoorDash drivers make per month?

Average monthly earnings for DoorDash drivers range from $500 to $2,500+ per month depending on hours worked and location. Part-time drivers typically make $500 to $1,000 per month. Full-time drivers can earn $2,000 to $2,500+ per month in busier markets.

How do I get more deliveries as a new Dasher?

As a new Dasher, focus on providing excellent service to get 5-star ratings, maintain high acceptance and completion rates, and only drive during peak hours like lunch and dinner rushes. Being selective with early orders helps establish good stats for more deliveries long-term.

Improving Your DoorDash Order Volume

Here are some additional tips to help you get more DoorDash delivery orders:

  • Drive during peak mealtimes in busy areas
  • Maintain top dasher stats each month
  • Schedule shifts in advance to secure priority
  • Multi-app with services like Uber Eats and GrubHub
  • Optimize your driving route to reduce idle time
  • Park near popular restaurants between orders
  • Act quickly when receiving order notifications
  • Provide text updates and communicate with customers
  • Resolve any issues with ratings or your account
  • End and restart your dash if it’s slow to reset orders

Following these best practices consistently can help dramatically improve the number of orders you receive during each dash. With the right strategy, you can stay as busy as you want to be.

Maximizing Your DoorDash Income

Along with getting more orders, you also want to maximize how much money you earn from those orders. Here are some key tips for making more per order:

  • Be selective about which orders you accept
  • Aim for $2+ per mile minimum
  • Do stacked orders during busy times
  • Work during peak pay and promo times
  • Track your mileage for tax deductions
  • Minimize idle time between orders
  • Multi-app to fill in gaps between orders
  • Take some larger catering and Drive orders
  • Schedule hours in advance to get priority

Optimizing your profit per order, rather than just doing as many orders as possible, results in higher overall earnings. Setting minimums on pay per mile and being selective gives you a much higher hourly wage.

Is Driving for DoorDash Profitable?

Driving for DoorDash can be quite profitable if you follow good strategies. Part-time Dashers can realistically earn $15-$25 per hour on average. Full-time drivers using savvy optimization can make $20-$35 per hour during busy times.

However, there are tradeoffs with greater wear and tear and depreciation on your vehicle. Gas costs also add up the more miles you drive. Overall though, DoorDash continues to be a flexible and lucrative earning option for many people.

DoorDash Driver Earnings Examples

Here are two examples of potential earnings driving part-time or full-time for DoorDash:

Part-Time Dasher

  • 20 hours online per week
  • Averages 2-3 orders per hour
  • $8 average pay per order
  • $1 peak pay bonus per order
  • Earns $16 per hour on average
  • $640 per week income
  • $2,560 per month income

Full-Time Dasher

  • 40 hours online per week
  • Averages 4-5 orders per hour during peaks
  • $9 average pay per order
  • $2 peak pay bonus per order
  • Earns $25 per hour on average
  • $1,000 per week income
  • $4,000 per month income

These examples illustrate how active full-time DoorDash drivers can earn significantly more than part-time drivers in the right markets. Your exact income potential depends on your location, hours, and strategy.


Troubleshooting low order volume as a DoorDash driver involves assessing all the factors at play. Low ratings, oversaturation, technical issues, your location and hours, and account status can all limit orders. Improving your approach and stats are key to earning more consistently.

DoorDash can be quite lucrative if you optimize everything for efficiency and profitability. Focus on providing excellent service, being selective with orders, driving during peak times, and maximizing your income per hour. With the right game plan, you can achieve strong earnings as a Dasher.

Consistency and persistence are critical – optimize continuously and stick to a structured schedule. Monitor your stats and performance to tweak your strategy as needed. Before long, you should see your DoorDash deliveries pick up substantially.

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