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Casey’s in Peoria (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)


Address: 7815 N Rte 91, Peoria, IL 61615

Phone: (309) 689-2997

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.8


What Time Does Casey’s Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 10PM

Monday,: 5AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 10PM

Friday,: 5AM to 10PM

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Casey’s Reviews

matt wolverton

I miss the old management. They were super nice. I went on my daily trip to this Casey’s and today it was different…. It seemed to be visually busier than normal…. However when I went inside there was a line wrapped half way around the inside of the building. I was thinking to myself must be a special day, everyone is out and enjoying the day. Well I went to grab some food from the pizza warmers and noticed 7 people standing around not doing a single thing and there was hardly any food in the warmer. Well I grabbed the last sandwich they had and a cake pop and walked around the counter and noticed the employees from the kitchen are now aimlessly wandering throughout the store without any tasks to do. There are 4 people standing behind the counter and only one person checking customers out. I walked up and asked why they don’t have 2 cashiers running? The cashier with the braids aggressively stated she is about to leave. I just kept quiet and didn’t say anything she then turned to whom I believed was her manager and pompously said “can’t stay here all the time”. After waiting almost 10 minutes in line with still one cashier, and the lady who told me she is about to leave (note she is now talking with 2 other employees by the registers) I finally get checked out. I work in retail and I get being under staffed, and also busy…. But what seemed to be a decently staffed store with 10+ employees working…. There was only 1 person doing their job…. And treating customers with disrespect…. I found it to be, very…. Off putting… hope you found this to be useful.

Marlee Lutz

Not sure if corporate needs to intervene to change staff, but this Casey’s location likes to close early and/or shut off lights (not safe, especially when customers are still present) due to who knows why. I’m assuming the employees just want to go home. I experienced this again tonight and felt bad for a guy who pleaded to get his receipt since he was using a company card. Nope. Doors were already locked at a little after 9 PM when the hours state closing time is 10 PM. “Registers are down” per one employee as she walked away. Yikes.


Tried to call and order some Raspberry Cheese Flips last week. Called every 20 min for an hour (3 times) and never got an answer after letting it ring for a minute and a half. This week when I called I got an answer and put in my order last night. This morning when I got there I was told that there were no Cheese Flips at all. Disappointing.
Check inventory when someone orders something. Call them before they drive over to pick it up.
Annoying waste of time.

Chris Robertson

Management of this Casey’s is terrible with times of opening the store. It’s Thursday September 22nd at 7:30 am and the doors are locked. I’ve stopped other days at 4,5,6 always closed. Being a Casey’s you would think they would realize most people leave out for work 5-6, great way to serve customers

Jack Crane

Girl stopped helping customers amd walked away because she didnt know how to tell a customer to download the rewards app. I mean come on I dont even work there and I could tell the customer to get the deal you just download the app.

Robert Shanks

For being small store they try to have a great selection of products. Also nice employees and managers

Megan Nelson

They are nvr open after 745 it’s awful they don’t open till after 6 am terrible when u work right next to it and when ur off work there always closed the cashiers are friendly but that’s about it they only gossip and act like they have no clue how to do there job always disappointed

Mark Thomas

Breakfast: Croissant was made “fresh” but somehow still cold. The croissant sitting in the warmer had cheese which was melted to oblivion. Breakfast is just one of those meals you need to make fresh to order IMO. To be fair it’s a gas station so what do you expect? Pizza is good though

john J

Terrible pizza soaked in grease. asked for extra pizza sauce barely had any.

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Prizm Breaks

I got ripped off again on a breakfast bowl this morning. It was mostly potato bites and gravy. There was literally 1 bite of egg and bacon. And they added no cheese. Someone in the kitchen needs some training. Cause all the other Casey’s don’t have this problem. It’s a nite and day difference

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