Who was the Class 1a traitor?

In the popular anime series My Hero Academia, Class 1a at UA High School has a traitor among them feeding information to the villain alliance. But who could this secret traitor be? Many fans have speculated about the identity of the traitor ever since this plot point was revealed. In this comprehensive article, we’ll examine the evidence and analyze the likely suspects to determine who the Class 1a traitor could be.

What We Know About the Traitor

In season 4 of the anime, the League of Villains stages an attack on the UA students during a training exercise. They seem to know the exact location of Class 1a despite this information being secret. This leads viewers to believe there is a traitor among the students feeding intel to the villains. But beyond this, we don’t have much hard evidence about the identity of the traitor. We can, however, speculate based on character motivations and other contextual clues.

They Are Likely a Current Student

Since the traitor knew the location of Class 1a during the training exercise, they are almost certainly one of the current UA students. A traitor among the teachers or other hero agencies is unlikely since they wouldn’t have access to this confidential training information.

They May Have Ties to the League of Villains

For the traitor to be effectively feeding information to the League of Villains, they likely have some connection to the villain group. Perhaps they are a spy planted in UA, a family member of one of the villains, or someone with sympathy toward their cause. Pure monetary motivation feels unlikely.

Their Personality Provides No Obvious Clues

Unlike typical stories, the traitor has no obvious personality traits that give them away. They blend in seamlessly with the other earnest UA students. This makes it challenging to discern their identity through behavioral tells.

Suspect 1: Denki Kaminari

One popular traitor theory among fans points to Class 1a’s electricity student, Denki Kaminari. He seems to match a lot of the criteria speculated about the traitor.

His Quirk Could Aid In Information Leakage

Kaminari’s electricity quirk could theoretically allow him to hack into UA systems and communications to Obtain secret intel about Class 1a. He may even have embedded technology to transmit information. His quirk provides him with ideal tools to be a mole.

He Has Shown “Villainous” Behavior

In the provisional license exam arc, we see a more sinister side of Kaminari. When Class 1a encounters students from Shiketsu High School, Kaminari gets aggressive and prepares to attack them. This surprised many viewers and could indicate hidden villainous tendencies.

He Matches the “Traitorous Character” Archetype

One of the common character tropes in fiction is the traitorous friend who betrays the group. Kaminari matches many aspects of this archetype: the goofy, outwardly weak character who surprises viewers with their deception. It would be a classic plot twist.

Suspect 2: Toru Hagakure

Another prime suspect in the search for Class 1a’s traitor is Toru Hakure, the invisible student. Her invisibility quirk and friendly personality make her an ideal possibility.

Her Invisibility Allows Undetected Spying

Hagakure’s ability to turn invisible at will obviously provides the perfect way to spy on the class and report information without being noticed. She can observe Class 1a and disappear before anyone catches on.

We Know the Least About Her Background

Very little is known about Hagakure’s life and history outside of UA High. During the backstory episodes, we learn almost nothing about her unlike the other students. This mysteriousness makes her a prime candidate to have villain ties.

She is Outwardly Friendly and Helpful

Throughout the series, Hagakure is shown as very bubbly, friendly, and eager to help her classmates. This kindhearted facade could conceal sinister intentions underneath. Her personality is the perfect disguise.

Suspect 3: Kyoka Jiro

Though not as widely theorized as Kaminari or Hagakure, some fans do point suspicion toward the earphone jack user Kyoka Jiro.

Her Quirk Allows Excellent Eavesdropping

Jiro’s quirk gives her exceptional hearing abilities. She can use her earphone jacks to listen in on conversations from far away. This would allow her to secretly pick up any intel about Class 1a’s movements and activities.

She Has Expressed Having “Bad Intuition”

Early in the series, Jiro offhandedly remarks that she has bad intuition about people’s true nature. Could this hint she knows more than she lets on? Does her intuition tell her someone (perhaps herself) is deceiving the class?

Her Connection With Present Mic May Have Villain Origins

Jiro is a big fan of the pro hero Present Mic and even interns under him. Some theorize this relationship began due to Present Mic’s possible past ties with the League of Villains. Jiro herself may have a hidden past connected to villains.

Analyzing the Most Likely Possibility

Based on the evidence at hand, the most likely candidate for the traitor is Toru Hagakure. Her invisibility quirk provides an unrivaled capacity for spying. Her friendly personality makes her above suspicion. And we know the least about her background compared to the other students. For these reasons, the invisible girl seems to be the prime suspect as the Class 1a traitor. Of course, until the traitor is revealed, all possibilities remain on the table.


The presence of a traitor among the earnest UA students is a compelling plot twist. It provides constant tension and a sense of uncertainty in Class 1a’s interactions. While we don’t yet have definitive proof of the traitor’s identity, the smart money seems to be on Toru Hagakure as the most likely possibility. Her invisibility quirk gives her an ideal power to spy undetected. Only time will tell if fans’ speculation proves correct. Until then, the traitor’s reveal stands as one of the most anticipated events in My Hero Academia.

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