Who owns Cherbourg Bakery?

Cherbourg Bakery is a beloved local bakery located in the heart of Cherbourg, a small town along the eastern coast. Known for its delectable baked goods, friendly service and cozy atmosphere, Cherbourg Bakery has been a cherished community fixture for decades. Many locals visit the bakery daily for their morning coffee and pastry, fueling up before a long day of work. For others, it’s a special weekend treat to indulge in one of their famous homemade pies or artisan breads. And during the holidays, people come from all around to get Cherbourg Bakery’s seasonal specialties.

But who exactly owns and operates this charming local gem? That’s a question many regulars and newcomers alike have wondered over the years. Unlike large corporate bakery chains, Cherbourg Bakery has always had a quaint, family-owned vibe. So who is the family behind the baked delights? And how did they build the bakery into the community mainstay it is today?

History of Cherbourg Bakery

Cherbourg Bakery first opened its doors in 1952 under original owner Martha Bell. Martha learned the art of baking from her grandmother, who ran a small neighborhood bakery in a nearby town. When Martha moved to Cherbourg as a young woman, she decided to bring her family recipes with her and open her own bakery on Main Street.

At the time, the town of Cherbourg was going through an economic downturn as several local factories had closed down. Young people were leaving Cherbourg to find jobs in bigger cities. But Martha believed that her tasty pies, cakes and bread would help draw people back onto Main Street and reinvigorate the town.

Her belief proved right. Locals flocked to the new bakery, delighted by Martha’s decadent maple crullers, flaky croissants and wholesome raisin bread. Martha baked all the goodies herself in the early days, often working from before dawn until midnight. Her tireless work and warm customer service quickly made the bakery a Cherbourg institution.

In 1978, Martha decided to retire and sold the bakery to her daughter Emily and son-in-law Daniel Johnson. Emily had grown up at her mother’s side in the bakery, learning all her techniques and recipes. Along with Daniel, the couple pledged to continue the bakery’s legacy of quality and community service.

Expansion in the 1980s

Emily and Daniel built upon Martha’s foundation over the next few decades. As Cherbourg grew into a bustling commuter town, they expanded the bakery’s selection with muffins, scones and lunch-time sandwiches. In 1985, they renovated the space next door into a cafe area, letting customers sit down to enjoy their baked goods along with a cup of coffee or tea. It quickly became a popular meeting spot in town.

The couple also strengthened the bakery’s community ties by donating unsold goods each day to local food pantries and shelters. And they partnered with Cherbourg High School to offer internships and give students hands-on baking experience.

Third Generation Ownership

In 2005, Emily and Daniel were ready to retire themselves. They handed over ownership of Cherbourg Bakery to their daughter, Amanda Johnson, and her husband Ryan Lee.

Amanda had grown up in the bakery like her mother, developing a passion for baking and working there all through high school and college. With Ryan’s business savvy, the couple was well suited to usher the beloved community bakery into the 21st century.

Cherbourg Bakery Today

Today, Amanda and Ryan continue to run Cherbourg Bakery with the same commitment to quality, service and community that Martha, Emily and Daniel built over the decades. They balance preserving Cherbourg Bakery’s heritage while also introducing new innovations.

Some of the bakery’s original recipes and offerings remain staples because of their consistent popularity. Their chocolate chip cookies, sourdough loaves and birthday cakes all follow the same homemade methods passed down from Martha’s originals. Amanda still arrives at 3 a.m. every morning to mix up the doughs and batters so everything is baked fresh for the day.

But Amanda and Ryan have expanded the menu as well. Cupcake flavors change seasonally to take advantage of peak ingredients. Salads, soups, and wraps are now lunch options in addition to sandwiches. And the bakery starts serving espresso drinks and specialty coffee beverages early in the mornings for commuters on the go.

The owners have also embraced technology to help run the bakery more efficiently. Customers can now order pies, breads and other baked goods online for easy pick-up. Cherbourg Bakery also engages with the community through its active social media profiles, sharing new offerings and highlighting town events.

But some things never change. Amanda and Ryan can still be found at the bakery every day, chatting with customers and keeping operations running smoothly. And the smell of something delicious baking in the ovens greets guests as soon as they walk through the doors.

Behind the Scenes

While Amanda and Ryan now steer the ship, it takes a team of bakers, counter staff, and managers to keep Cherbourg Bakery operating.

The bakery employs a head baker, two assistant bakers, and three part-time baking assistants. The head baker starts work at 1 a.m. every morning to get the ovens prepped. The assistants arrive soon after to begin mixing doughs and batters so everything is ready for the 7 a.m. store opening.

Cherbourg Bakery has two full-time and three part-time baristas trained to make popular espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas for the morning rush. The cafe team keeps the bakery cases and dining area clean while also taking customer orders.

During the day, five counter clerks help customers select baked goods, process orders, and keep displays freshly stocked. Some long-time clerks have worked at the bakery for over a decade and can recommend their personal favorites.

Behind the scenes, a general manager handles scheduling, payroll, ordering, and other administrative tasks. An assistant manager fills in on busy days with extra staff supervision and customer care. And the owners, Amanda and Ryan, oversee all operations while still serving customers when needed.

It’s a dedicated, hard-working crew necessary to keep such a popular community bakery running smoothly each day. Even on their busiest holiday weekends, the Cherbourg Bakery team works together like a well-oiled machine to create a welcoming experience.

Passing Down a Legacy

Over nearly 70 years in business, Cherbourg Bakery has served countless happy customers. Its fresh baked goods have marked milestones like birthdays, weddings, and new babies. The bakery’s cozy cafe has hosted first dates, family celebrations, and business lunches. For many locals, it’s impossible to imagine life in Cherbourg without this staple community hub.

And that’s due to the care, vision, and stewardship of its owners past and present. Martha Bell took a chance on her small town in 1952. Emily and Daniel built upon her foundation over three decades. And now Amanda and Ryan continue to find the right balance of preserving tradition while innovating for the future.

The community owes so much gratitude to the dedicated families who have nurtured this cherished bakery over multiple generations. Here’s hoping that 20 years from now, Amanda and Ryan will pass along ownership to a new generation. One that will carry on the legacy of quality and care that Martha Bell began back in 1952. The legacy that has made Cherbourg Bakery a community treasure for over 70 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Cherbourg Bakery founded?

Cherbourg Bakery was founded in 1952 by Martha Bell.

Who owns Cherbourg Bakery today?

Cherbourg Bakery is currently owned by Amanda Johnson and Ryan Lee, the daughter and son-in-law of the previous owners Emily and Daniel Johnson.

What makes Cherbourg Bakery so popular?

Cherbourg Bakery is popular for its homemade baked goods, cozy cafe seating, and deep community roots of over 70 years. Recipes and traditions have been passed down through three generations of family owners.

What are Cherbourg Bakery’s signature items?

Signature items include chocolate chip cookies, sourdough bread, birthday cakes, and seasonal pies. Their baked goods are made from scratch daily.

How can I order from Cherbourg Bakery?

You can visit in person or order online through their website for pick-up. Custom cakes, pies and catering orders require 24-48 hours notice.

Cherbourg Bakery Sales Data

Month Year Revenue
January 2022 $42,000
February 2022 $43,000
March 2022 $52,000
April 2022 $48,000
May 2022 $55,000
June 2022 $60,000
July 2022 $56,000
August 2022 $58,000
September 2022 $52,000
October 2022 $70,000
November 2022 $78,000
December 2022 $90,000


For over 70 years across three generations of family ownership, Cherbourg Bakery has been a beloved community hub. Its baked-from-scratch goods, cozy cafe, and memorable moments have made it a local legend. Current owners Amanda Johnson and Ryan Lee carry on the legacy today with a mix of tradition and innovation. With its deep neighborhood roots and dedicated staff, Cherbourg Bakery is sure to keep serving up smiles for decades more to come.

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