Who kills August Heart?

August Heart was killed by a meta-human speedster named Godspeed. Godspeed was originally Cisco Ramon’s friend, August Heart. August was injected with the Cicada virus when the Negative Speed Force had accidentally spilled it, turning August into a meta-human speedster like Godspeed.

In desperation to protect his secret identity and his loved ones, Godspeed killed August Heart due to a fear of being exposed. After August’s death, Godspeed framed Barry Allen for the murder and left a calling card at the crime scene.

Godspeed eventually faced the consequences for his past deeds and was taken down by Team Flash, with Barry’s name being cleared in the process.

Who kills Godspeed?

Godspeed is killed by the Flash, after the latter is forced to fight against the villain in the penultimate issue of The Flash Vol. 5. The Flash is able to not just defeat, but ultimately kill Godspeed by breaking the Speed Force barrier inside of Godspeed’s powers, speeding up his aging process to the point that he dies of old age.

Barry, feeling guilty for having killed a man, reflects on Godspeed’s actions and how he “took his true legacy and twisted it into a nightmare”. In the epilogue it is stated that Godspeed’s death marked the beginning of a new era for the speedsters.

What episode does flash kill Godspeed?

The episode in which The Flash (Barry Allen) kills Godspeed occurs in Season 6, Episode 9 of the CW series. This episode is called “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three”. In this episode, The Flash sacrifices himself to save the multiverse by traveling back in time and using the speed force to defeat Godspeed.

After a brief fight, Barry defeats Godspeed by launching him into the Speedforce, ultimately destroying him. The episode also marks the end of The Flash as we know him, with Barry deciding to return to the future and become Godspeed himself, sacrificing his life and his connection to the Speed Force in order to protect the multiverse from further destruction.

Did Reverse-Flash kill Godspeed?

No, the Reverse-Flash (also known as Eobard Thawne) did not kill Godspeed. In fact, they have rarely interacted with one another and have rarely crossed paths in the DC multiverse.

In the comics, Godspeed was created as a villain and nemesis to the Flash (Barry Allen) in 2016 and quickly became one of the Flash’s most formidable foes. He has the ability to manipulate and control the speed force, and has been able to create miniature speed force storms.

Despite his impressive and dangerous abilities, Godspeed and the Reverse-Flash have never come into direct conflict, though it is likely that the reverse-flash is aware of Godspeed’s existence.

Godspeed has mainly fought directly against the Flash and his allies, and has been responsible for killing August Heart by electrocuting him with a surge of lightning from the speed force. He has also gone toe-to-toe with the Flash and proven to be a real match and challenge for him.

The Reverse-Flash, on the other hand, usually uses scientific or psychological methods to gain an advantage over his opponents. He has rarely resorted to physical confrontation, and has no reason or motivation to hunt or battle Godspeed.

Which Flash outruns death?

The Flash that outruns death is Barry Allen, the eponymous hero of DC Comics’ The Flash series. Barry Allen is a super-fast superhero who has the ability to move, think, and react with superhuman speed and agility.

This means he can literally outrun death and time itself. In one story, for example, he has outrun death when it came for an innocent victim by running faster than time itself could take the victim away, thus ensuring her survival.

His speed has also allowed him to travel through time and space, further reinforcing his status as a master of speed and chaos. With his powers, Barry has been able to keep his enemies one step ahead while working to save the people of Central City and beyond.

Who killed Reverse-Flash in the button?

In the DC storyline The Button, Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) was killed by the Batman Who Laughs, though it wasn’t an easy task. In the story, Flash and Batman discover the mysterious forces contained within the button and quickly realize it’s Reverse-Flash.

After a battle, Flash is able to out maneuver Reverse-Flash and trap him, but the Batman Who Laughs shows up and proceeds to brutally beat Reverse-Flash with a crowbar. Though Reverse-Flash is still alive, the Batman Who Laughs jams the crowbar into his chest and impales him.

In order to protect the time stream, Flash takes Reverse-Flash’s body back to the 25th century where it can remain in peace. This act is deeply foreshadowed when Bruce tells Flash “You protect this world, I protect the next” before they part ways.

In the end, it was the Batman Who Laughs who dealt the final blow to Reverse-Flash, ending his reign of terror for good.

Who is more faster Godspeed or Reverse-Flash?

This is ultimately a matter of opinion, as there have been conflicting accounts of who is the faster between Godspeed and Reverse-Flash. In some comics, it is unclear who is faster as the two have been portrayed as being relatively equal in terms of speed.

On the other hand, in some other comics, it is implied that Reverse-Flash may be slightly faster than Godspeed. This would make sense, as it has been established that the speed force of Reverse-Flash is far more powerful than Godspeed’s.

Generally, the idea that Reverse-Flash is the faster speedster of the two seems to be the consensus, though there is no definitive answer on the matter either way.

Who killed Barry Allen mom?

Barry Allen’s mother, Nora Allen, was was killed on the night of March 18, 2000 by a time travelling soldier from the future, Eobard Thawne, otherwise known as the Reverse-Flash. On the night in question, Barry had been struck by lightning from a freak storm created by a particle accelerator being tested at S.

T. A. R. Labs. As a result, Barry was thrown into a coma for 9 months and never witnessed his mother’s death.

Eobard Thawne traveled back in time from the year 2024 to kill Nora Allen in an attempt to discredit Barry Allen and make him doubt his own sanity. Knowing that Barry would eventually become the superhero known as the Flash, Eobard wanted to ensure that he stayed out of his way so he could use the powerful time-altering powers of the Speed Force to his advantage.

When Barry later discovered the truth about his mother’s death, he was determined to seek vengeance against the Reverse-Flash. However, Eobard eventually foiled his plans and succeeded in killing Nora.

To this day, Barry still harbors an intense hatred of Eobard and is determined to one day avenge his mother’s death.

Is Zoom Black Flash?

No, Zoom is not Black Flash. Zoom is a supervillain and a speedster who first appeared in The Flash #139 in September of 1963. He is the archenemy of the superhero, The Flash, and is also known as Hunter Zolomon.

Zoom’s primary power is the ability to increase his speed to the point where he appears to be moving faster than the speed of light, granting him superhuman speed and agility. He can also use this speed to travel through time and traverse other dimensions.

Zoom also has the ability to vibrate his molecules to create powerful sonic blasts and to phase through solid objects. While Zoom is not Black Flash, there is a similar character from the comics with the same name.

In the DC universe, the character of Black Flash is associated with death and he is charged with the task of leading the speedsters to their ultimate destination, the destination of death.

Why are Thawne’s eyes red?

Thawne’s eyes are red due to him being a member of the Reverse-Flash legacy. It appears to be a physical trait that is genetic, inherited by all the individuals who are part of the legacy, across the various timelines.

It is believed that the red eyes are a result of their ability to manipulate the Speed Force and draw upon its power, likely having some kind of connection to the negative speed force. By drawing upon this supernatural force, the eyes become tinged with a red hue that gives off a sinister and formidable aura.

The most notable member of the Reverse-Flash legacy is Eobard Thawne, the first Reverse-Flash. He was the one to initially discover his powers and the effects that the Speed Force had on his eyes. It is unknown if Thawne gained this ability from birth or if he developed it as he studied the Speed Force and its properties.

Regardless, the red eyes have become an iconic symbol of the Reverse-Flash legacy as well as an indicator that the bearer has abilities that are connected to the Speed Force.

How was Godspeed defeated?

Godspeed was ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Wally West, Batman, and The Flash. With the help of Nash Wells, the three heroes were able to locate Godspeed’s hideout and devise a plan to take him down.

Wally used his connection to the speed force to create a bubble of energy capable of trapping Godspeed inside a contained space, allowing the other two heroes to confront him. Batman and The Flash used a combination of their powers and techniques to weaken Godspeed, until he was eventually knocked unconscious.

With their combined efforts, Godspeed was sent to Iron Heights where he is currently incarcerated.

What is Godspeed’s weakness?

Godspeed’s primary weakness is his reliance on his speed-stealing power to take down his opponents. Without it, he is a very formidable and skilled combatant, but against someone with enough strength or power to resist or outpace his speed-stealing ability, he is relatively powerless.

He is also vulnerable to attacks or powers that effect or disrupt his speed or speed-stealing abilities, and this can easily overwhelm him if used successfully. In addition, Godspeed is much more inclined to act upon impulses, so if he is baited into making decisions that don’t align with his long-term goals or to focus on trivial things rather than his objective, his enemies can easily take advantage of this and gain the upper-hand.

How does flash stop Godspeed?

Flash’s ability to temporarily outrun one of the fastest speedsters in the DC universe allowed him to directly confront Godspeed and come up with a plan to stop him. Flash tricked Godspeed into sharing his power with all other speedsters, which blocked up the speed-force energy and left Godspeed completely powerless.

This allowed the Flash to prevent any further harm or destruction Godspeed might have caused. Flash also kept his eye on Godspeed through the use of his various tracking systems and even helped Cisco configure a currency signal to track Godspeed’s every move, which allowed them to monitor and arrest him before he could cause further damage.

In addition, the Flash used his super-speed and a cosmic treadmill to create a pocket-dimension in which to trap Godspeed, temporarily suspending him in an alternate universe. This allowed the Flash to contain and detain Godspeed until the Speed Force could be reset and he could safely return him to the regular universe.

Can The Flash beat Godspeed?

The Flash has superhuman speed and could theoretically be able to beat Godspeed. However, it is likely going to depend on the set of rules that are being applied in the specific scenario and the power levels of all the participants.

If the rules, context, and powers are all equal, The Flash might have an edge. He is, after all, the Fastest Man Alive and the one called to take down those who threaten the speed force and other super-powered speedsters.

There have been stories in which The Flash has taken on and beaten other powerful speedsters, including Zoom, Professor Zoom, and Godspeed, as long as he is able to figure out the speedster’s weakness and outsmart them.

Therefore, it is possible that The Flash could beat Godspeed if all conditions were said to be equal.

Who was the fastest Flash?

The fastest Flash, who has held the title of the Fastest Man Alive, is Barry Allen. Barry Allen is the main protagonist from DC Comics, who debuted in Showcase #4 in 1956. He later became the leader of the Flash Family and was considered to be the quintessential Flash in media adaptations.

Being the fastest, Barry has the ability to move, think, and react at superhuman speeds. His speed is presented as the activation of a “speed force,” which he is connected to and allows him to move faster than the speed of light.

During his many adventures, Barry has gained numerous powers, such as accelerating his healing factor and creating force fields. He also has the power to vibrate through solid objects. Barry has also been seen doing superhuman feats, such as becoming intangible, phasing through solid objects, and instantaneously travelling across the world.

Overall, Barry Allen is considered to be the fastest Flash, and one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Comics Universe.

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