Who has more trophies Chelsea or Arsenal?

Both Chelsea and Arsenal are successful English football clubs with a long history of winning trophies. In this article, we will compare the two club’s trophy records to determine who has won more trophies overall.

How many trophies have Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won a total of 31 major trophies in their history. This includes:

  • 6 Premier League titles
  • 8 FA Cups
  • 5 League Cups
  • 4 FA Community Shields
  • 2 UEFA Champions Leagues
  • 2 UEFA Europa Leagues
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups
  • 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
  • 1 FIFA Club World Cup

Chelsea’s first major trophy was the League Championship in 1955. Since then, they have established themselves as one of England’s most decorated clubs, winning at least one major trophy in the last decade.

How many trophies have Arsenal won?

Arsenal have won a total of 46 major trophies, making them one of the most successful clubs in English football history. Their trophy haul consists of:

  • 13 Premier League titles
  • 14 FA Cups
  • 2 League Cups
  • 16 FA Community Shields
  • 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup

Arsenal’s first trophy was the FA Cup in 1930. Since then, they dominated English football in the 1930s and late 1990s-2000s, going through several successful periods under legendary managers.

Comparison of Chelsea and Arsenal’s trophies

To directly compare Chelsea and Arsenal’s overall trophies:

Competition Chelsea Arsenal
Premier League 6 13
FA Cup 8 14
League Cup 5 2
FA Community Shield 4 16
UEFA Champions League 2 0
UEFA Europa League 2 0
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 1 1
UEFA Super Cup 2 0
FIFA Club World Cup 1 0
Total 31 46

As the data shows, Arsenal have won significantly more trophies than Chelsea in English football’s two biggest domestic cup competitions – the FA Cup and Community Shield. Chelsea edge Arsenal in continental competitions, having won the Champions League twice compared to Arsenal’s zero wins.

Overall, Arsenal’s haul of 46 major trophies puts them comfortably ahead of Chelsea’s 31 major trophy wins. The Gunners have 15 more major titles than the Blues.

Why have Arsenal won more trophies than Chelsea?

There are several reasons why Arsenal have won more trophies than Chelsea over the years:

  • Arsenal were founded in 1886, 40 years before Chelsea in 1905, giving them more time to accumulate silverware.
  • Arsenal had legendary managers like Herbert Chapman, Bertie Mee, and Arsene Wenger who established periods of sustained success at the club.
  • Arsenal’s early dominance in the 1930s coincided with theFootball League being the main competition, allowing them to rack up First Division wins.
  • Chelsea only emerged as a force in English football in the mid-2000s withRoman Abramovich’s takeover and investment.
  • Arsenal have been able to keep a core group of players together during successful eras. Chelsea have tended to have more manager and squad turnover.

Arsenal’s long history in the top flight and their ability to build elite squads under visionary managers has enabled them to win more trophies than most other English clubs, including rivals Chelsea.

Have Chelsea been more successful recently?

In recent years, Chelsea have reduced the gap to Arsenal in terms of trophies won:

  • Since 2004, Chelsea have won 16 major trophies including 5 Premier League titles and a Champions League.
  • In the same period Arsenal have won 7 trophies, with their last league title coming in 2004.

Chelsea’s takeover by Roman Abramovich in 2003 transformed the club and enabled significant investment in the squad. Arsenal struggled to keep pace as they financed their own new stadium.

So while Arsenal have won more trophies historically, Chelsea have won more than double the amount of Arsenal in the last 15 years.


The trophy count makes it clear that Arsenal are the most successful club between the two, having won 46 major honours compared to Chelsea’s 31.

Arsenal’s early dominance in the 20th century gave them a head start, and they have remained one of England’s most trophy-laden clubs ever since.

Chelsea have reduced the deficit in recent years, but Arsenal’s long history of title wins means they retain the edge over their London rivals for now.

However, with Chelsea’s recent success and Arsenal struggling to win leagues, the trophy gap could continue to close if current trends continue in the coming years.

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