Who got poisoned in Coco?

Miguel Rivera, the main character of Coco, got poisoned by drinking the potion offered to him by Hector. Miguel had found the spirit of Hector, a musician, but Hector was a skeleton and thus was a spirit of the land of the dead.

Hector offered Miguel a sip of a potent potion to make him feel better, and Miguel accepted it, not knowing it was a harmful potion. After Miguel consumed the potion, he collapsed and passed out. Later it was revealed that Miguel had been poisoned by the potion, and he was taken to the Grand Council of the Land of the Dead to be judged.

Fortunately, a deal was struck so Miguel was able to go back to the land of the living and continue his journey.

Who is the real villain in Coco?

The real villain in Coco is the Mexican holiday figure of La Muerte. In the movie, she is a powerful spirit who presides over the Land of the Dead and strongly enforces a rule which prohibits relationships between the living and the dead.

La Muerte is the primary antagonist of the movie, as it is her strict enforcement of this rule that endangers protagonist Miguel. When Miguel travels to the Land of the Dead intending to meet his late great-great-grandfather, he is threatened by La Muerte, who is determined to make sure that Miguel never reunites with his family in the Land of the Living.

Ultimately, La Muerte’s insistence on maintaining the ban on interactions between the living and the dead creates the major conflict in Coco, as Miguel beings a quest to prove that despite what La Muerte says, music can be shared between the living and the dead and that no one should be kept out of their own family’s memories.

Was Ernesto de la Cruz a bad person?

It depends on who you ask. Ernesto de la Cruz was a popular figure in Mexico who achieved fame and fortune as a renowned musician and singer. His legacy is still celebrated today in the form of a holiday and a street bearing his name.

However, Ernesto de la Cruz had a dark side. Despite his fame, he stole songs from other musicians and lied about their authorship to make them seem as if they were his own. He also had an ambition to expand his influence and power, leading him to use violence and coercion to intimidate those who got in his way.

On the other hand, Ernesto de la Cruz did bring joy and pride to the Mexican people by embracing their culture and sharing their values. He also showed kindness to some of those around him, expressing sympathy and understanding to the poor and disadvantaged.

The jury is still out on whether Ernesto de la Cruz was a bad person or not. Ultimately, it is up to individuals to make their own assessment based on the available facts.

What happens to Ernesto in the end?

At the end of the film, Ernesto is confronted by his son, El Chicano. El Chicano had long been searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of his brother and had discovered Ernesto’s true identity as a criminal involved in his brother’s death.

After a confrontation between the two of them, Ernesto decides to accept the consequences of his past actions and turn himself in. He chooses to put aside his dark desires and instead focus on devoting his energy and resources to helping the less fortunate and rebuilding the community of East Los Angeles.

Filled with a newfound sense of self, Ernesto continues to embrace his newfound identity and finds redemption as a symbol of strength and hope, promising El Chicano he will never forget his promise to make the city, and his community, a better place.

How did Miguel help Hector realize that Ernesto poisoned him?

When Miguel encountered Hector for the first time, he explained the story about Ernesto poisoning him and that he died out of total despair. Miguel was able to show Hector evidence of this, including Hector’s songbook, which Ernesto had stolen.

With Miguel’s help, Hector was able to remember the fact that Ernesto had stolen the songbook and had been unable to play it at his concert, which had been a humiliation for him. In addition, Miguel also showed Hector how Ernesto had spent his last moments helping others, when he was taking ill.

His kind words and actions convinced Hector that he had been poisoned and that Ernesto had taken his own life out of guilt and shame. Through Miguel’s evidence and compassionate explanation, Hector was able to accept the truth, come to terms with the tragedy, and move on.

What did Hector think killed him before he learned the truth?

Before Hector learned the truth about his death, he believed his own life was taken by Achilles. After the Trojan War had ended, Hector and his brother Paris negotiated a peace treaty with the Greeks, but Paris’s actions enraged Achilles who rushed to the gates of Troy to challenge Hector to single combat.

Despite being a great warrior, Hector was no match for Achilles and was eventually slain by a spear thrown by Achilles. In his last moments, Hector believed that Achilles was the one responsible for his death.

Who killed De La Cruz in Coco?

In the 2017 Pixar film Coco, the character of Ernesto de la Cruz is killed by his former friend, Héctor. Héctor is a musician who de la Cruz had worked with years before, during the height of de la Cruz’s fame as a singer.

When de la Cruz became a huge success, he took all the credit for the work they had done together and refused to give Héctor any credit or compensation. Out of revenge, Héctor tampered with the brakes of de la Cruz’s car, which caused it to crash, killing de la Cruz.

Héctor is ultimately arrested for his crime and is taken away by the spirits of the dead, never to be seen again.

Who got crushed by a bell in Coco?

In the Pixar animated film Coco, Hector, a charming, street-smart skeleton, gets crushed by a giant bell while trying to save Miguel from it. The scene occurs when Miguel and Hector follow the music they hear during their drive away from the Land of the Dead and end up in a dilapidated church inside an abandoned town.

As they enter the church, they spot a giant bell that starts to swing back and forth. Maurice, a lost soul, reveals to them that the bell swung itself to life and decided to proclaim its independence by killing off anyone who tried to control it.

Hector bravely stands in the way to safeguard Miguel, and ultimately gets crushed under the bell just before it shatters.

Who abandoned the family in Coco?

In the 2017 Pixar movie Coco, Hector, a musical artist and aspiring musician, is the one who abandoned his family. Set in Mexico, Hector is an immortal character in the Land of the Dead and is the key to understand the plot of the movie.

He is the patriarch of the family, yet he had abandoned them in their current life on the day Coco was born. Although the exact reason of why he left is never revealed in the movie, it was suggested that he had left to pursue his music career and promised he’d return.

He had also promised Coco that his family would always be together, no matter what happened. Unfortunately, as the movie progresses, we find out that Hector had died before he had the chance to return.

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