Which flavor is sugar-free at Dunkin?

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a variety of donut and bakery options, including many flavors that are made without sugar. For customers looking to reduce sugar intake or avoid sugar completely, Dunkin’ provides sugar-free choices to satisfy a sweet tooth. Understanding which flavors are sugar-free can help customers with dietary needs or preferences make the best selections at Dunkin’.

Overview of Dunkin’s Sugar-Free Options

Dunkin’ offers several donut and bakery flavors that are prepared without sugar, using artificial sweeteners instead. This allows customers to enjoy the familiar tastes of Dunkin’ donuts and baked goods without the added sugar. The main sugar-free flavors available include:

  • Glazed donut
  • Chocolate glazed donut
  • Vanilla frosted donut
  • Strawberry frosted donut
  • Blueberry cake donut
  • Cinnamon cake donut
  • Sour cream cake donut
  • Crumb cake donut
  • Chocolate cake donut
  • French cruller
  • Blueberry muffin
  • Corn muffin

In addition to donuts and muffins, Dunkin’ also offers sugar-free syrup flavors that can be added to coffee and espresso drinks. The available sugar-free syrups include:

  • Sugar-free hazelnut
  • Sugar-free vanilla
  • Sugar-free caramel
  • Sugar-free cinnamon
  • Sugar-free mocha

Using these sugar-free syrups allows customers to customize their beverages to avoid sugar.

Ingredients in Sugar-Free Items at Dunkin’

Dunkin’ utilizes artificial sweeteners in place of sugar to create its lineup of sugar-free products. The main sweeteners used are:

  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K)
  • Neotame

These high-intensity sugar substitutes provide sweetness without calories or carbohydrates. According to Dunkin’s nutrition information, the sugar-free donuts and muffins contain less than 1g of sugar per serving. The syrups do not contain any sugar at all. This allows customers monitoring their sugar intake to enjoy the familiar flavors with minimal sugar impact.

Customizing Your Order

When ordering at Dunkin’, customers have a few options for customizing items to be sugar-free:

  • Order any of the pre-made sugar-free donut and muffin flavors.
  • Select a sugar-free syrup flavor to add to coffee, espresso drinks, teas, etc.
  • Request donuts, muffins or baked goods to be made without glaze or frosting.
  • Ask for drinks to be prepared with sugar-free sweetener instead of regular sugar.

Being aware of the available sugar-free choices and carefully customizing your order allows you to enjoy Dunkin’ treats while limiting sugar intake. The team members at your local Dunkin’ shop can answer any questions about sugar-free options and accommodate your requests.

Popular Sugar-Free Items at Dunkin’

While Dunkin’s full range of donuts, muffins, and baked goods can be prepared sugar-free, some specific items are especially popular choices among health-conscious customers or those managing sugar intake or diabetes. Understanding the most commonly ordered sugar-free selections can help guide your choices.

Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte

By using sugar-free vanilla syrup instead of regular syrup, Dunkin’s classic vanilla latte can be made without added sugar. It combines espresso with steamed milk and sugar-free vanilla for a lightly sweet, creamy beverage. The sugar-free vanilla syrup has the same flavors as the regular version, without 8g of sugar per pump.

Sugar-Free French Vanilla Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is blended with milk and sugar-free French vanilla syrup for a refreshed, lightly sweetened iced beverage. With the sugar-free syrup instead of the classic option, each medium-sized drink avoids 16g of added sugar.

Sugar-Free Hazelnut Coffee

For a rich, nutty coffee drink without the sugar, customers can add sugar-free hazelnut flavoring. This allows you to enjoy the sweet, aromatic flavors of hazelnut with coffee without boosting your sugar intake.

Sugar-Free Caramel Iced Latte

The sugar-free caramel syrup has a sweet creamy taste that complements the roasted coffee flavors in an iced latte. Each pump of sugar-free caramel syrup avoids 8g of sugar compared to the regular option.

Sugar-Free Cinnamon Donut

This classic cake donut is topped with a sugar-free cinnamon glaze instead of a traditional sugar glaze, for sweet cinnamon flavor without all the added sugar. It’s a popular morning treat among Dunkin’ guests watching their sugar intake.

Blueberry Muffin

The bakery-style blueberry muffins at Dunkin’ are naturally sugar-free, making them a handy snack or breakfast option for a touch of sweetness without added sugars. Their recipe uses fresh blueberries for flavor instead.

Sugar-Free Dunkin’ Order Avoided Sugar
Medium sugar-free vanilla latte 16g
Medium iced coffee with sugar-free French vanilla 16g
Medium hot coffee with sugar-free hazelnut 8g
Medium sugar-free caramel iced latte 16g
Blueberry muffin 24g

As this table shows, customizing your favorite Dunkin’ drinks and bakery items to be sugar-free allows you to avoid a significant amount of added sugars. This makes it easier to enjoy the familiar Dunkin’ flavors while limiting sugar intake.

Tips for Ordering Sugar-Free at Dunkin’

If you’re looking to reduce sugar in your Dunkin’ run, keep these tips in mind:

Know the Sugar-Free Options

Familiarize yourself with the range of sugar-free donuts, muffins, baked goods, and flavor syrups available. This will make it easier to customize your order to avoid sugar. Always check with your local Dunkin’ shop for their latest sugar-free offerings.

Specify “Sugar-Free”

When ordering donuts, muffins, or drinks, clearly request them to be made with sugar-free ingredients or sweeteners. It can be helpful to confirm your order is being prepared sugar-free.

Ask About Preparation

Inquire how drinks, donuts, and bakery items are typically prepared. For example, asking whether the blueberry muffins come naturally sugar-free or if drinks use a standard sweetener. This allows you to request modifications.

Limit Sugary Add-Ons

When customizing your order, go easy on extras like flavored swirls, toppings, and creamers which often contain lots of added sugars. Stick to sugar-free flavors.

Check Nutrition Facts

If you need to closely manage sugar intake, review the latest nutrition information for Dunkin’ menu items on their website or ask at your local store. This gives you their exact sugar content.

Enjoy Your Treat!

The wide array of sugar-free options makes it easy to find a delicious Dunkin’ treat customized to your dietary needs and sweet tooth! Sip your freshly brewed coffee with sugar-free hazelnut or take a bite of a warm sugar-free cinnamon donut knowing you’ve avoided the unnecessary added sugars without sacrificing flavor.

Benefits of Choosing Sugar-Free Items at Dunkin’

In addition to simply avoiding excess sugars, going sugar-free at Dunkin’ offers several potential benefits:

Supports Blood Sugar Control

For those with diabetes or prediabetes, minimizing sugars helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The American Diabetes Association recommends limiting added sugars. Dunkin’s sugar-free options make this easier.

Aids Weight Management

Excessive sugar intake is linked to weight gain and obesity. The sugar-free items provide the satisfaction of a sweet treat without all the calories, supporting weight management.

Reduces Cavity Risk

High sugar consumption boosts your risk of cavities and tooth decay. Cutting back on sugar, including by choosing sugar-free menu options at Dunkin’, helps protect your dental health.

Enhances Overall Nutrition

Ordering sugar-free allows you to indulge wisely and avoids empty calories and carbs from added sugars. This lets you get more nutritional bang for your caloric buck.

Offers More Customization

Having sugar-free flavors and options available enables customers to customize orders based on dietary needs for sugar restriction or other health reasons.

Provides More Choice

The assortment of sugar-free items gives Dunkin’ customers more ways to satisfy cravings and enjoy hand-crafted beverages and baked goods, regardless of dietary preferences.


Dunkin’ provides many ways for health-conscious guests to avoid added sugars without sacrificing the delicious flavors they crave. Taking advantage of the lineup of sugar-free donuts, muffins, baked goods, coffee, espresso drinks, and flavorings makes it easy to minimize sugar intake even when enjoying a special treat. Customizing your go-to Dunkin’ order to be sugar-free offers benefits like better blood sugar control, supporting weight loss, and improving nutrition. With the wide selection of sugar-free options available, you can easily reduce sugar while still indulging your sweet tooth. Next time you visit Dunkin’, don’t forget to go sugar-free and reap the benefits of a lighter, sweeter choice.

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