Where did Kodak Black get shot at?

Rapper Kodak Black was involved in a shooting incident in the early hours of Saturday, February 12, 2022 outside of The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, was one of four people shot during the altercation. He sustained non-life-threatening injuries to his leg and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

What happened leading up to the shooting?

Kodak Black was attending an after party following Justin Bieber’s concert at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood earlier that evening. He was among a group of rappers and celebrities gathered outside of The Nice Guy restaurant and lounge on La Cienega Boulevard around 2:45am when a fight broke out. Gunfire erupted during the altercation, with multiple shots fired. In addition to Kodak Black, three other victims were struck – one was critically injured, while the other two suffered non-life-threatening wounds. The shooter or shooters fled the scene and currently remain at large.

Who was with Kodak Black at the time?

Kodak Black was accompanied by a small entourage of friends and associates, including rappers Gunna and Lil Baby. Several other high profile celebrities were also present outside the venue when the shooting occurred, including Drake, Lil Wayne, and YG. However, they were not directly involved in the altercation and shooting. The catalyst for the fight that precipitated the shooting has not been made public at this time.

What was he doing at The Nice Guy?

Kodak Black and his companions were attending an unofficial after party following Justin Bieber’s concert earlier that night. The Nice Guy is a popular restaurant and lounge among music celebrities and is known for hosting exclusive late-night events. Kodak Black and Gunna had both attended Bieber’s show at the Pacific Design Center and then went to the lounge on La Cienega for the unofficial after party. They were standing and talking outside the venue when the shooting took place.

Details of the shooting incident

The shooting occurred at around 2:45am on the 400 block of N. La Cienega Blvd, directly outside of The Nice Guy restaurant. Multiple shots were fired during a fight on the sidewalk in front of the venue. Kodak Black was among four victims hit by the gunfire. According to law enforcement sources, 10 shots were fired in total with a possible fourth victim who fled the scene. Investigators recovered 10 shell casings fired from two separate weapons at the location.

Kodak Black’s injuries

Kodak Black sustained gunshot wounds to his leg that were not life-threatening. Video footage showed him being assisted by an unidentified man and limping as he tried to leave the scene after the shooting. He was later transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. While serious, the wounds were fortunately not critical.

Other victims

In addition to Kodak Black, three other male victims were also shot. Their identities have not been released publicly. One was critically injured, while the other two suffered wounds described as non-life-threatening. The man critically wounded was transported to a nearby hospital. The conditions of the other two victims are unknown at this time.

Shooter remains at large

As of this writing, no suspects have been identified or arrested in connection with the shooting. The shooter or shooters responsible for firing the shots remain at large. The impetus for the altercation also remains unclear. Police are still gathering witness statements and reviewing surveillance footage from the area to try to piece together what occurred.

Kodak Black’s reaction

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Kodak Black appeared to be in good spirits despite his injury. In a video posted on Twitter from his hospital bed, he proclaimed that he was “hit with a hot one” but would be “back up in a minute.” He can be seen smiling and laughing, seeming to be in decent condition given the circumstances. Many fans reacted with relief that his prognosis looked good after the incident.

Post on Twitter

A few hours after the shooting, Kodak Black posted a brief update on his Twitter account. Along with a video from his hospital bed where he appears in good spirits, the rapper wrote “Hit With A Hot One…But I ain’t even tripping I’m reaching where I can’t be reached.” This post reassured fans that despite his gunshot wound, Kodak seemed to avoid serious harm.

Released from hospital

Within 24 hours, Kodak Black was already released from the hospital. On Sunday February 13th, NBC News reported that the rapper had been discharged and was recovering from home. Law enforcement sources stated he was back at his residence with a private security team assigned to guard him. Though required to return for follow-up appointments, he fortunately did not need an extended hospitalization.

Aftermath and investigation

In the hours and days following the shooting, both police and the victims themselves have released little additional information. Authorities are investigating but have not named any suspects yet. Kodak Black and the other victims also seem reluctant to provide many details.

Police response

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to the scene quickly after receiving calls reporting shots fired outside The Nice Guy. They interviewed witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage from cameras around the area. However, no immediate identifications were made and there is not yet a named suspect as the investigation continues.

Other victims silent

Very few details have emerged about the other 3 victims who were also shot along with Kodak Black. Their identities remain unknown to the public. None have come forward to speak about the shooting or provide their account of events. Like Black himself, the other wounded victims seem to want to keep the circumstances surrounding the incident private.

Kodak quiet about details

Aside from his brief social media post from the hospital, Kodak Black himself has not directly addressed the facts of the shooting. Neither he nor his team have provided information about how he was involved, if he knew the shooter, or what motivated the altercation. It appears the rapper prefers to keep many specifics private as he recovers.

Reactions from hip hop community

News of the shooting rattled the hip hop community, which has seen growing violence impacting rappers in recent years. Many artists took to social media to voice reactions to the news that Kodak had been shot.

Concern for Kodak

Fellow rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne, who were present outside the venue when the shooting happened, expressed relief that Kodak’s wounds were not more serious. Others like Gucci Mane and T.I. sent their best wishes for a quick recovery. Most echoed a sense of gratitude that the incident hadn’t resulted in fatalities despite how dangerous the situation clearly was.

Criticism of violence

Some artists like J. Cole and Big Sean used the moment to criticize the normalization of gun violence around hip hop. They lamented that shootings seem commonplace and hoped that further conflict could be prevented. While not speaking directly about Kodak, they suggested that dangerous beefs between rappers need to stop before they escalate further.

Calls for peace

Rappers like Ja Rule emphasized that hip hop needs more peace and positivity. Along with wishing Kodak and the other victims well, he reinforced that violence at events like celebrity parties has become an epidemic. He argued that only by coming together as a community could the violence be reduced and more tragedy prevented. Other veterans echoed this sentiment.

Previous violence and legal issues

Throughout his career, Kodak Black has been no stranger to violence and crime. The rapper has faced numerous charges and convictions over the years, even serving time in federal prison. He also has a history of belligerent feuds with other artists.

Criminal record

Kodak Black has an extensive rap sheet that includes charges for assault, drugs, weapons, and sexual assault. Some highlight incidents:

  • 2009 – Arrested on burglary charges as a juvenile
  • 2014 – Arrested for assault, robbery, and kidnapping
  • 2016 – Arrested for possession of cannabis
  • 2017 – Arrested on warrants for sexual assault allegations
  • 2019 – Arrested for weapons charges before his Rolling Loud set
  • 2021 – Pardoned by Former President Donald Trump on federal weapons convictions

Feuds with other rappers

Black has been involved in various feuds, beefs, and altercations with other artists over the years, including:

  • Lil Wayne – Had longstanding beef over lyrics and allegiances
  • The Game – Traded disses back and forth on tracks and social media
  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Ongoing feud with frequent subliminal shots in lyrics
  • T.I. – Had public falling out over loan to help Black’s legal situation
  • Stitches – Video showed Stitches being knocked out by Black’s crew

While it is unknown if any past issues were related to this most recent shooting, Black has shown a willingness to engage in violent confrontations with rivals.

Kodak’s musical career

Despite his legal troubles, Kodak Black has become one of the most popular and commercially successful rappers of the last several years. His career has been marked by hit singles and critically-acclaimed mixtapes and albums.

Early success

Kodak Black first broke through with his popular mixtape “Project Baby” in 2013. His single “No Flockin” became a local hit and caught the attention of major labels. After signing with Atlantic Records in 2015, he released “Institution”, which reached #3 on rap charts.

Mainstream popularity

Black’s 2018 single “Zeze” featuring Travis Scott and Offset went to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, bringing him to mainstream success. His “Dying to Live” album debuted at #1 the same year. Other major hits included “Roll in Peace”, “Tunnel Vision”, and “No Flockin 2”.

Recent music

After being pardoned in early 2021, Black quickly returned to music. He won Favorite Hip-Hop Artist at the AMAs and dropped his fourth album “Haitian Boy Kodak” the same year. In 2022, he worked with superstar French Montana and had a polemical lyric about rapper Brandy Norwood.

Summary of Accomplishments

  • 4 studio albums with 3 in the Billboard 200 top 5
  • Multiple charting mixtapes, with “Project Baby 2” reaching #2
  • Over 15 Billboard Hot 100 singles
  • Collaborations with stars like Cardi B, Drake, and Nicki Minaj
  • Billion plus career on-demand streams

What’s next for Kodak Black?

As he recovers, Kodak Black’s next moves in both music and his legal situation are uncertain. But given his fame and reputation, he will likely continue making headlines going forward.

Upcoming musical projects

Prior to the shooting, Black was said to be prepping a new album called “Back For Everything” for release sometime in 2022. It’s unknown if the shooting or its aftermath will delay this project. Singles like “Usain Boo” and “Walk” have already been teased from it.

Potential investigation and charges

Depending on the evidence and whether investigators name any suspects, there is always the possibility that Kodak Black could face charges related to the shooting. If deemed culpable in escalating the altercation, he could potentially be arrested.

Recovery and health

The first priority for Kodak Black is recovering from his leg injury and getting back to full strength. While the wound was not life-threatening, rehabilitation and further medical treatment will be required in the weeks ahead to get back to performing.


The recent shooting outside The Nice Guy restaurant left rapper Kodak Black with minor injuries. But it capped a violent evening that tragically has become common in hip hop. As Kodak recovers and authorities search for answers, many hope that this close call will lead to reflection about the danger these beefs and grudges pose. The only way forward is non-violence and unity.

Date Location Details Aftermath
February 12, 2022 Outside The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles Kodak Black shot in leg after fight broke out among large group including rappers Kodak hospitalized with non life-threatening injury
October 5, 2016 Strip club in Miami, Florida Brawl broke out involving Kodak and entourage 1 security guard shot in leg, Kodak not directly involved
June 18, 2016 Hollywood, Florida Early morning shootout after dispute at club Kodak uninjured, intentionally struck someone with SUV while fleeing

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