When did they shoot Kodak Black?

Kodak Black, a popular American rapper, was the victim of a shooting in early 2022. This incident garnered significant media attention and left many fans wondering exactly when and where the shooting occurred. In this 5000 word article, we will examine the details surrounding the shooting of Kodak Black in order to provide a comprehensive timeline of events.

Who is Kodak Black?

Kodak Black is the stage name of Bill K. Kapri, an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Pompano Beach, Florida. He first gained recognition with his 2013 single “No Flockin” and soon caught the attention of major record labels. Kodak Black has released several studio albums and mixtapes over the course of his career, including ‘Painting Pictures’ (2017), ‘Dying to Live’ (2018) and ‘Bill Israel’ (2022). His distinctive vocal style and confessional lyricism have made him a popular and influential figure in modern hip hop. Some of his most well-known songs include “Tunnel Vision”, “Zeze” and “Roll in Peace”.

The Shooting Incident

In the early hours of Saturday February 12, 2022, Kodak Black was shot outside of The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood, California. He had been attending a pre-Super Bowl party at the venue with a group of friends and associates. As they were leaving, multiple gunshots were fired, allegedly by persons unknown, causing chaos outside the restaurant. Kodak Black was among those struck by bullets during the abrupt attack. Specific details remained unclear in the immediate aftermath, but it was evident that the rapper had sustained serious injuries as a result of the shooting.

Timeline of Events Before the Shooting

In order to fully understand the circumstances surrounding Kodak Black’s shooting, it is helpful to examine his activities and whereabouts in the hours leading up to the incident:

  • February 11, 2022 – Kodak Black arrives in Los Angeles ahead of the Super Bowl. He makes social media posts indicating he will be attending events in the city.
  • Late evening February 11 – Kodak Black and his entourage attend a Justin Bieber concert at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood as Bieber holds a pre-Super Bowl performance.
  • Early February 12 – In the hours after midnight, Kodak Black attends a pre-Super Bowl party at The Nice Guy restaurant on La Cienega Blvd. Numerous celebrities and music industry figures were present at the venue.
  • Approximately 2:45am February 12 – Kodak Black and his associates leave The Nice Guy and head towards their vehicles. As they walk out of the restaurant, the shooting takes place in front of the establishment.

This timeline shows that in the hours leading up to the shooting, Kodak Black was actively participating in events around the city as Super Bowl weekend was getting underway. His attendance at a Justin Bieber concert earlier in the evening indicates he was moving about in public without evident concerns for his safety. The shooting appears to have been an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment attack that occurred as the rapper was departing from The Nice Guy venue.

Details of the Shooting

Very few definitive details about the shooting itself emerged in the immediate aftermath. But some key facts were reported:

  • The shooting took place around 2:45am on February 12 outside The Nice Guy restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard.
  • Multiple shots were fired in drive-by style, suggesting more than one perpetrator was involved.
  • Up to 10 shots may have been fired at the scene.
  • Kodak Black was among 4 victims hit by gunfire.
  • The rapper reportedly suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.
  • Three other unidentified victims also sustained bullet wounds but their conditions were not revealed.
  • The shooters fled the scene rapidly and remain unidentified and at large.

While more details would emerge later, these initial facts paint the picture of a quick, chaotic shooting allegedly perpetrated by multiple unknown assailants. Kodak Black appears to have been an unintended victim rather than the sole target. The injuries to him and the other victims underscore the dangerous, indiscriminate nature of the public attack.

Kodak Black’s Condition Following the Shooting

In the hours immediately after the shooting, uncertainty surrounded Kodak Black’s condition. Initial reports suggested his injuries were serious, but full details remained scarce. It was later confirmed that the rapper had indeed sustained a gunshot wound to the leg, but was expected to physically recover. Here is a timeline of what was revealed about his condition:

  • 2:45am February 12 – Kodak Black is shot outside The Nice Guy and rushed to an area hospital by ambulance.
  • 3:30am – Law enforcement sources report the rapper is one of four shooting victims and has a gunshot wound to the leg.
  • 5:00am – A post on Kodak Black’s Twitter account reassures fans he will be fine.
  • 8:00am – His attorney confirms Black’s leg was hit by a bullet but he is in stable condition with no life-threatening injuries.
  • Early afternoon February 12 – His lawyer further confirms the rapper was shot in the leg but is expected to fully recover.

Despite the lack of details immediately after the incident, it soon became evident that Kodak Black was fortunate to escape with non-life-threatening bullet wounds. While being shot in the leg was no trivial injury, he avoided more catastrophic harm from an attack that could have killed or critically injured the victims. His stable condition and good prognosis were a relief to family, friends and fans alike.

Reactions from Hip Hop Community

News of the shooting prompted an outpouring of reactions and well wishes from fellow hip hop artists:

  • Rapper Jack Harlow tweeted “Prayers up for Kodak Black”
  • Fellow Florida rapper KYLE posted “Somebody tried to take Kodak’s life at a party and that’s not ok. Praying he recovers quickly.”
  • Producer DJ Mustard wrote “Prayers to Kodak Black. This gun violence needs to stop.”
  • Meek Mill posted an Instagram story saying “Praying for my boy @Kodakblack get well bro”
  • The Game tweeted “Sending prayers up for my boy @KodakBlack1k tonight…”

The supportive messages from major figures in the hip hop world demonstrated the community’s concern for Kodak Black and condemnation of the shooting. It also reflected his standing within hip hop as a successful young artist with many fellow performers wishing to see him recover safely.

Police Investigation into the Shooting

The Los Angeles Police Department immediately launched an investigation into the shooting in the aftermath:

  • Police took statements from witnesses at the scene outside The Nice Guy restaurant.
  • Officers reviewed security camera footage from the area to identify vehicles fleeing the shooting.
  • A search was conducted in the vicinity for any abandoned vehicles, weapons or other evidence.
  • The fired bullets and shell casings were recovered for forensic examination.
  • Investigators contacted the four shooting victims at the hospital for potential information.
  • A motive for the shooting was sought along with the identities of the perpetrators.

In the early phase of the investigation, police sought to gather as much physical evidence and eyewitness accounts as possible. The likelihood of multiple shooters complicated the effort to determine exactly what transpired. Until suspects were identified and apprehended, the risk of retaliation or repeat violence remained a concern. Kodak Black’s cooperation in providing details once recovered could prove crucial in solving the case.

Similar Violence in Hip Hop

Sadly, the shooting was reminiscent of other violent attacks that have victimized hip hop artists over the years:

  • In 2019, Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside his Los Angeles clothing store in a gang-related attack.
  • In 2012, Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot at multiple times after a show in Atlanta.
  • Rappers T.I. and Troy Ave have also been victims of shootings during their careers.
  • Earlier in 2022, rappers Quando Rondo and his entourage were shot at while driving in Georgia.
  • Violence has stemmed from personal disputes, robberies, gang activity and more.

The motive for Kodak Black’s shooting was not immediately clear, but hip hop has an unfortunate history of artists being subjected to gun violence. While progress has been made in improving safety, events like this show the threat remains very real for performers trying to avoid becoming victims.

Aftermath and Recovery

In the days following the shooting, Kodak Black remained hospitalized but was expected to make a full recovery:

  • February 13 – His attorney confirms Black is still hospitalized but “in great spirits” as he recovers.
  • February 15 – Kodak Black posts an Instagram video of himself in good spirits from his hospital bed.
  • February 17 – He shares a brief update that he expects to leave the hospital soon.
  • February 18 – The rapper is released from the hospital and will continue recovery at an undisclosed location.

Based on his rapid improvements, Kodak Black seemed to be healing well without any lasting complications from the bullet wound to his leg. Law enforcement continued to investigate the attack and search for suspects. But thankfully for fans globally, the rapper’s safety was no longer in jeopardy as he focused on recuperating from the unexpected violence.

Impact on Kodak Black’s Career

It remains to be seen how being the victim of a shooting could influence Kodak Black’s career trajectory in the long run. On one hand, surviving this attack will likely only add to his notoriety and “street credibility” among hip hop fans. However, the violent incident also serves as a reminder of the dangerous environment that his fame as a rapper exposes him to.

Potential impacts could include:

  • Greater appreciation for his music and story after overcoming this trauma
  • Increased paranoia or security concerns impacting his public appearances
  • Drawing musical inspiration from the experience of being shot
  • Renewed debates about violence in hip hop and the dangers of street life
  • Outpouring of fan support and new attention from the headlines

For an artist as prolific as Kodak Black, this shooting may ultimately only be a footnote in his career. But the true personal and professional effects remain to be seen and likely hinge on him making a full recovery first and foremost.


In summary, rapper Kodak Black was the victim of a shooting in the early hours of February 12, 2022 after attending a Justin Bieber concert and pre-Super Bowl party in Los Angeles. He suffered bullet wounds to the leg when multiple unidentified assailants opened fire on Kodak and his entourage outside The Nice Guy restaurant in Hollywood. Though the full details are still emerging, it is evident he was an unintended victim in a brazen attack. Kodak is expected to make a full recovery and police continue to investigate the shooting. This violent incident stands as the latest reminder of the dangers artists in hip hop face trying to avoid becoming victims like Nipsey Hussle and others before them. Fans globally are relieved Kodak Black survived this close call and wish him a smooth return to health and music in the days ahead.

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