What is the Sagittarius sign flower?

The Sagittarius zodiac sign, which runs from November 22 to December 21, is represented by the archer and associated with the element of fire. Sagittarians are known for being adventurous, optimistic, and energetic. When it comes to astrological symbolism, each zodiac sign also has a symbolic plant or flower associated with its qualities and attributes. So what bloom encapsulates the free-spirited nature of the Sagittarius sign?

The Flower for Sagittarius is Narcissus

The flower associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign is Narcissus. Narcissus is a genus of predominantly spring perennial plants that produce cup or trumpet shaped flowers in white, yellow, pink or orange. Most commonly, the flower associated with Sagittarius is the daffodil Narcissus, which has yellow or white petals and an orange or yellow cup-shaped corona.

Why Narcissus is Connected to Sagittarius

There are a few key reasons why Narcissus is considered the Sagittarius flower:

  • Narcissus blooms in spring, linking it to Sagittarius as a spring zodiac sign.
  • The trumpet shape of the Narcissus flower represents the voice of the archer, symbol of Sagittarius.
  • Narcissus announces the coming of spring and new beginnings, reflecting the adventurous, optimistic nature of Sagittarius.
  • Sagittarians have an independent spirit, which Narcissus represents as it often grows alone and isolated from other flowers.
  • The varied colors of Narcissus flowers connect to the vivid, versatile personality of the Sagittarius sign.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter known for their beauty. They became so enamored with their own reflection that they were turned into a flower that stands alone. This myth speaks to the independent and strong-willed traits of the Sagittarius personality. Overall, the shapely blossoms and symbolic meaning of rebirth and individuality make Narcissus a fitting bloom for the bold, willful, and lively fire sign.

The Symbolic Meaning Behind Narcissus

Beyond being the Sagittarius flower, Narcissus has its own symbolic meaning and significance:

  • Rebirth & Renewal – The appearance of Narcissus blooms in spring represent rebirth and new beginnings.
  • Individuality & Solitude – As the myth goes, Narcissus stands alone, representing individuality and solitude.
  • Self-Reflection – The Narcissus myth centers around self-absorption and reflection.
  • Rejection of Romance – Narcissus rejects the advances of others, representing refusal of romance.
  • Vanity – Narcissus was consumed by their own beauty and image.
  • Morality – The Narcissus story is a cautionary tale against excessive pride.

These symbolic meanings reveal why Narcissus is an excellent emblem for both the spring season and the independent, adventure-seeking Sagittarius personality. Sagittarians are known for boldly pursuing their goals and prioritizing freedom and autonomy.

The Daffodil Variety of Narcissus

When people think of the Sagittarius bloom, they commonly picture the daffodil variety of Narcissus flowers. Daffodils feature a central corona, or cup, surrounded by six petals. The corona can be yellow, orange, pink or white, while the petals are often a bright yellow.

Daffodils grow from bulbs and bloom in early spring, making them one of the first signs of the changing seasons. Their bright, cheery color and hardy nature make them a popular flower choice.

Beyond representing Sagittarius, daffodils have their own symbolism including:

  • Rebirth & New Beginnings
  • Renewal & Rejuvenation
  • Happiness & Joy
  • Optimism & Hope
  • Creativity & Imagination

This uplifting and positive symbolism reflects the jovial nature and boundless imagination of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Displaying daffodils brings their vibrant energy into your space.

Sagittarius Traits the Narcissus Represents

Let’s look closer at some of the shared traits and symbolism between Narcissus flowers and the Sagittarius sun sign:

Adventure & Freedom

Like the lone Narcissus flower, Sagittarians love their independence and the freedom to chart their own course. They crave adventure and novel experiences. Narcissus conveys being alone but not lonely, just as Sagittarians know how to embrace solitude and self-sufficiency.

Optimism & Enthusiasm

The bright, cheery daffodil expresses the innate optimism and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius personality. They see the world through a positive lens and maintain an upbeat attitude. Their ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance.


As the bloom’s trumpet shape represents, Sagittarians are outspoken and articulate their perspective. They embrace freedom of thought and do not shy away from expressing their viewpoint. The symbol of the Archer also conveys their tendency for blunt, candid expression.

Adaptability & Versatility

Narcissus comes in an array of colors, fitting for the adaptable, flexible nature of Sagittarians. They thrive on change, easily adjusting to new circumstances and perspectives. Their photography minds allow them to see things from many angles and understand different viewpoints.

Sagittarius Sign Flower Meanings in Divination

Throughout history, flowers have been used symbolically to convey different meanings and associations. Over time, certain blooms became connected to ideas, emotions, virtues, star signs, and more. In divination practices like floriography, flowers can be interpreted as signs or omens.

Here are some of the key symbolic meanings of Narcissus flowers in divination:

Boosting Ego & Confidence

Since Narcissus represents vanity and self-absorption, seeing or displaying the flower can signify a message to boost your ego and self-confidence. For Sagittarians, this reminds them to celebrate their adventurous spirit.

Independence & Solitude

Narcissus conveys individuality and isolation. Its presence may be a nudge to spend time alone, focus inward, or pursue more freedom and autonomy in your life path or relationships.

Rebirth & New Stage

Spring Narcissus announces rebirth and renewal, indicating you are entering a new stage. It’s time to imagine fresh possibilities and reinvent yourself. Go on an adventure or journey to someplace new.

Morality Message

Since the Narcissus story warns against excessive pride, seeing the bloom can signify it’s time to reflect on your choices and adjust any arrogant, selfish or vain behavior. Be sure your ego isn’t over-inflated.

Reject Romance

As Narcissus turned away romantic admirers, its appearance may signal it’s time to reject unhealthy romantic entanglements. Prioritize your independence or turn your focus to non-romantic relationships or pursuits.

These symbolic meanings reveal how Narcissus flowers can impart wisdom to help guide Sagittarians on their life path in alignment with their adventurous, confident spirit.

Narcissus Flower Botanical Facts

Beyond symbolism, let’s look at some key botanical facts about Narcissus:

  • Botanical Name: Narcissus
  • Common Varieties: Daffodil, Jonquil, Paperwhite
  • Native Region: Europe, Asia, North Africa
  • Flower Type: Trumpet or cup shape
  • Colors: White, yellow, orange, pink
  • Bloom Time: Late winter to spring
  • Height: 1 to 2 feet tall
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade
  • Soil: Well-draining, fertile soil
  • Hardiness Zones: Varies by variety, zone 3 to 8
  • Uses: Cut flowers, ornamental gardening, naturalizing, bouquets, aromatherapy

With their spring bloom time, bright colors, and trumpet shape, it’s easy to see why Narcissus became the symbol for the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius. Their varied sizes and growth habits allow them to thrive in gardens and flower arrangements.

Growing Narcissus Flowers

Narcissus makes a rewarding flower for gardens when grown in the proper conditions:

  • Soil – Must be well-draining but able to retain some moisture. Amend with compost or peat moss.
  • Sun – Grow in full sun to part shade. At least 6 hours of direct sun per day.
  • Planting – Plant bulbs in the fall, 4-6 inches deep and 6 inches apart. Space drifts 12 inches apart.
  • Hardiness – Select bulbs suited for your gardening zone. Protect from deep freezes.
  • Fertilizer – Apply bulb fertilizer or compost when planting. Fertilize established plants in spring.
  • Care – Water during growth and flowering. Allow foliage to die back fully before removing.

With proper selection and care, Narcissus bulbs will return and spread easily for years of spring blooms to herald each new season.

Tips for Using Narcissus in Floral Design & Decor

Cheery, shapely Narcissus flowers have many applications for decorating and floral design:

  • Display in spring floral bouquets and centerpieces to celebrate the Sagittarius sign or season.
  • Plant drifts of bulbs in garden beds, borders, and pots for seasonal color.
  • Cut blooms to add sunshine to table arrangements and home decor.
  • Grow assorted varieties in a mixed spring container garden.
  • Pair the blooms with greenery, berries, and blooms in complementary colors.
  • Add Narcissus flowers to wreaths, garlands, and backdrops for spring parties and events.
  • Infuse olive oil with Narcissus petals to make scented Sagittarius oil for anointing.
  • Craft handmade paper using dried Narcissus petals to honor Sagittarius qualities.

With their bright hues and distinct cup shape, Narcissus blooms make it easy to incorporate Sagittarius floral symbolism into any seasonal decor and design.

Sagittarius Color Palette

When designing floral displays featuring Narcissus, also draw upon colors connected to the Sagittarius sign. The Sagittarius color palette includes:

  • Yellow – Optimism, adventure, energy
  • Purple – Independence, wisdom, passion
  • Light Blue – Openness, freedom, clarity
  • Turquoise – Whimsy, versatility, idealism
  • Pink – Vibrance, creativity, joy

Blending Narcissus flowers with rich purple irises, airy pink peonies, light blue muscari, and yellow solidago creates lively, stunning arrangements that reflect Sagittarian essence.


With its independent nature, spring bloom time, and cheery colors, Narcissus is the perfect flower for capturing the free-spirited essence of the Sagittarius sun sign. These trumpet-shaped blossoms in shades of white, yellow, orange and pink remind Sagittarians to embrace their autonomy, seek new adventures, and stay positive. Displaying Narcissus flowers like daffodils in seasonal decor is an easy way to celebrate the spring season while adding the fiery flavor of the Archer to any space.

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