How many calcified fragments do I have?

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What are Calcified Fragments?

Calcified Fragments are collectible items found throughout the world of Destiny 2. They are small, glowing, crystalline objects that can be spotted on walls, ceilings, or the ground in various locations. Interacting with a Calcified Fragment will immediately add it to your Guardian’s inventory.

These fragments are tied to the lore and story of Destiny 2 in complex ways. Each fragment contains obscured voice lines and text that help piece together some of the game’s backstory and mysteries. Collecting enough fragments will also unlock access to special missions and rewards.

Where to Find Calcified Fragments

Calcified Fragments are spread out across the various destinations and activities in Destiny 2. Here are some of the most common places to find them:

  • Patrol zones – Keep an eye out while exploring open world areas on each destination.
  • Story missions – Many are hidden within the linear story missions.
  • Strikes – Scan thoroughly during Vanguard strike activities.
  • Raids – End-game raids like the Last Wish contain fragments.
  • Dungeons – The dungeons Pit of Heresy, Prophecy, and Grasp of Avarice have fragments.
  • Dreaming City – The end-game destination contains many secrets and fragments.

There are over 50 Calcified Fragments to be found, so searching thoroughly whenever you access new areas is key. Having a keen eye and checking hard to reach places is important.

Why Collect Calcified Fragments?

Here are some of the major benefits to collecting Calcified Fragments in Destiny 2:

  • Lore – Each fragment provides obscured voice lines and text that expand on the complex lore and narrative in Destiny.
  • Exotics – Returning enough fragments to the Cryptarch unlocks new exotic weapon quests.
  • Triumphs – Fragment triumphs provide loot and progress account-wide checklists.
  • Secrets – Some fragments can open access to hidden exotic quests and dungeons.

For hardcore Destiny players interested in everything the game has to offer, grabbing each Calcified Fragment is incredibly rewarding. Even more casual players can enjoy uncovering a bit of cryptic story while exploring the worlds of Destiny 2.

How Many Fragments Can I Collect?

As of November 2023, there are a total of 61 obtainable Calcified Fragments scattered around Destiny 2. This number has grown over time as fragments were added alongside new expansions and seasons. Here’s a quick timeline of when fragments were introduced:

  • 38 – Base Destiny 2 launch (2017)
  • +2 – Curse of Osiris DLC (2018)
  • +7 – Forsaken expansion (2019)
  • +9 – Shadowkeep expansion (2020)
  • +5 – Beyond Light expansion (2021)

While many of these fragments are obtained through routine exploration, some are tied to quests, dungeons, raids, and seasonal activities. Returning fragments to the Cryptarch vendor will also reveal your overall progress.

Destiny 1 Fragments vs Destiny 2

The original Destiny featured Calcified Fragments tied to the Taken King expansion in 2015. These 50 fragments were predecessors to the system found in Destiny 2. Very little from the Destiny 1 fragments carries over though, so collecting any of the 61 in Destiny 2 is essential.

How Many Fragments Do I Currently Have?

As an individual player, the number of Calcified Fragments you have will depend on your experience with Destiny 2 activities and exploration. Casual players may have as few as 5-10, while hardcore players could have obtained all 61.

Here are some tips to help figure out your current fragment total:

  • Check your Collections tab for the Fragments section.
  • Inspect Triumphs like “All the Scattered Pieces” for completion ticks.
  • Return to the Cryptarch to see how many you’ve turned in.
  • Use online checklists to mark off obtained fragments.

Without checking directly in your Collections tab, there is no single place to see how many fragments you have. But using the tips above can give you an estimate.

Maximizing Your Fragment Total

To maximize your total fragments, you will need to engage with all activities Destiny 2 has to offer. Here are some tips:

  • Complete all main story missions and explore every patrol zone.
  • Finish off any remaining strikes, nightfalls, and dungeons.
  • Participate in every Destiny 2 raid at least once.
  • Unlock all Destinations, including the Moon and Dreaming City.
  • Research hidden fragments tied to exotic quests.

Not every player will have the time or skill required to find every fragment. But following the above tips will help assure you grab as many as possible.

Uses for Calcified Fragments

So what should you actually do with Calcified Fragments once you’ve found them? Here are the main uses:

Turn in to the Cryptarch

Returning fragments to Master Rahool, the Cryptarch vendor in the Tower, should be your first priority. Turning in your first few will unlock a new Lore book to read. After returning roughly 25, you gain access to an Exotic Sword quest.

Further fragment turn-ins will unlock additional exotic weapon quests at various intervals. Turning in all available fragments is the only way to unlock these special Exotic quests.

Pursuing Triumphs

There are a handful of Triumphs associated with finding Calcified Fragments. These include:

  • “Stardust” – Find 5 Calcified Fragments
  • “First of Many” – Find 10 Calcified Fragments
  • “The Life Exotic” – Find 25 Calcified Fragments
  • “All the Scattered Pieces” – Find all Calcified Fragments

Each of these Triumphs provides progression points toward your seasonal score. Completing them also allows you to gild previous fragment-related Triumphs and earn bonus rewards.

Unlocking Exotic Quests

In addition to the weapon quests unlocked at the Cryptarch, some fragments provide direct access to Exotic quests when interacted with. For example, collecting the Dead Sea Scroll fragment starts the quest for the Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity.

Furthering Destiny Lore

Each fragment contains snippets of obscured dialogue or text that provides backstory details and lore about Destiny 2 characters, events, locations, and more. Hardcore fans can analyze all the fragments together to extrapolate interesting facts and connections.

Notable Fragments

While every Calcified Fragment offers some lore insight, a few stand out above the rest. These are some of the most significant fragments worth finding:

  • ” latent memory #326″ – Hints at Eris Morn’s fireteam demise.
  • “Abhorrent Imperative” – References the Darkness ships arrival.
  • “First Paper” – Discusses the theft of Tablets of Ruin.
  • “Ulan-Tan’s Burial Ring” – Shows sympathy for Ulan-Tan’s arguments.
  • “Dead Sea Scroll” – Unlocks the Divinity Exotic quest.

Seeking out the best narrative fragments like these helps build connections to the broader Destiny universe. All fragments are worth collecting, but pursuing notable ones first fills in key lore gaps.

Fragment Tracking Help

Destiny 2 does not have an in-game fragment tracking system beyond showing your Cryptarch turn-in total. But third party sites offer fragment checklists and maps to help track your overall progress. Some useful resources include:

These websites allow you to easily see which fragments you have, where to find those you’re missing, and how many you need until the next Cryptarch reward. Bookmarking a resource like this makes fragment hunting much simpler.

Expansion Fragments Added
Base Destiny 2 38
Curse of Osiris 2
Forsaken 7
Shadowkeep 9
Beyond Light 5
Total 61

This table provides a quick overview of when new Calcified Fragments were added to Destiny 2 over time. As you can see, the initial game launch contained the bulk of collectible fragments. But new expansions and content updates have steadily supplemented the total.

Fragment Locations By Destination

To help narrow your search area, here is a breakdown of how many fragments are found in each main destination:

  • European Dead Zone – 4 fragments
  • Titan – 5 fragments
  • Nessus – 5 fragments
  • Io – 5 fragments
  • Mars – 2 fragments
  • Hellas Basin, Mars – 1 fragment
  • Moon – 10 fragments
  • Dreaming City – 10 fragments
  • Tangled Shore – 2 fragments
  • Crown of Sorrow – 1 fragment
  • Savathun’s Throne World – 1 fragment

Knowing how many potential fragments are available in each area can help you be thorough in your search. Areas added after launch like the Moon and Dreaming City have the most available.

Top Fragment Total By Activity

In addition to destinations, some of the best sources for Calcified Fragments to check include:

  • Story missions – 12 fragments
  • Patrols – 11 fragments
  • Raids – 10 fragments
  • Dungeons – 9 fragments
  • Strikes – 8 fragments

Activities like story missions, patrol zones, and raids offer lots of secrets to uncover. Be extra diligent whenever you are playing this content.


Collecting all 61 Calcified Fragments in Destiny 2 is no easy feat, but brings satisfying rewards. These crystalline collectibles offer new insight into the game’s story with each new voice line and lore entry unlocked. Turning enough in to the Cryptarch also unlocks incredible Exotic weapon quests.

Tracking your overall progress can be tricky without third party resources. But knowing where fragments are located, which are most valuable, and how to maximize your total will set you on the right path. Each new area explored in Destiny 2 could contain a fragment, so always be on the lookout.

For true lore fans and hardcore completionist players, grabbing each Calcified Fragment should be a top priority. Even casual fans can enjoy slowly gathering fragments as they journey through Destiny 2’s wonderful worlds. These glimmering collectibles wait around every corner, ready to enhance both your arsenal and your understanding of the Destiny universe.

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