What is the lowest calorie Dairy Queen Blizzard?

Dairy Queen is known for its delicious soft serve ice cream treats, especially the signature Blizzard. This thick and creamy frozen dessert comes in a variety of flavors and combinations, appealing to all taste buds. However, with calorie counts ranging from 530 to over 1,400 calories for a large Blizzard, health-conscious customers may wonder: What is the lowest calorie option on the Dairy Queen Blizzard menu?

The Blizzard Lineup

Dairy Queen offers a wide selection of Blizzard flavors. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Oreo Cookie Blizzard
  • Chocolate Extreme Blizzard
  • Snickers Blizzard
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard
  • M&M’s Blizzard
  • Heath Blizzard
  • Butterfinger Blizzard

In addition to these candy-filled creations, Dairy Queen also offers fruit flavored options like the Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard and seasonal specials like the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. With so many indulgent choices available, determining the lowest calorie Blizzard takes some detective work.

Nutrition Information

To find the lightest Blizzard, we’ll need to consult the nutrition facts for each flavor. Dairy Queen provides calorie counts and other nutrition information for their full menu online. Here’s a look at the large Blizzard size (22 oz) for some of the most popular flavors:

Blizzard Flavor Calories (large size)
Oreo Cookie Blizzard 1,140
Chocolate Extreme Blizzard 1,210
Snickers Blizzard 1,380
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard 1,340
M&M’s Blizzard 1,230

As you can see, the standard candy-packed Blizzards are quite high in calories, with most topping 1,000 calories in a large size. So we’ll need to look at some of the lighter options to find the lowest calorie choice.

Fruit Flavored Blizzards

Dairy Queen does offer some fruit-flavored Blizzard treats with slightly lower calorie counts. Here are some examples:

Blizzard Flavor Calories (large size)
Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard 800
Banana Split Blizzard 810
Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard 970

The Strawberry Cheesecake and Banana Split options are around 200 calories less than the candy Blizzards. But we can still do better in our quest for the lowest calorie Blizzard.

Mini Blizzard Options

One strategy for slashing calories is to downsize your Blizzard. Dairy Queen offers the Mini Blizzard, which is 12 oz compared to the large 22 oz size. Here’s how the calorie counts compare:

Blizzard Flavor Calories (mini size) Calories (large size)
Oreo Cookie Blizzard 620 1,140
M&M’s Blizzard 670 1,230
Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard 440 800

Going with a smaller size can slash several hundred calories. The Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard clocks in at just 440 calories, making it one of the lightest options. But we can still go lower if we get creative with customization.

Build Your Own Low Calorie Blizzard

Here is the ultimate hack for creating the lowest calorie Blizzard at Dairy Queen: build your own custom treat. You can choose soft serve ice cream on its own or with a bit of fruit like strawberries or pineapple for flavor. This allows you to control the ingredients and calories.

According to Dairy Queen’s nutrition calculator, a large size vanilla soft serve on its own is just 530 calories. Opting for a mini size drops it to 290 calories. Or you can add fresh strawberries or pineapple chunks to the vanilla soft serve. 1/2 cup of fruit boosts the calorie count by about 50 calories, but still keeps it under 350 calories total for a mini.

So if you want to indulge in a Blizzard while watching your calorie intake, opt for a mini swirl of vanilla soft serve with fruit. This custom order allows you to enjoy the creamy, icy treat you crave in a lighter, healthier way.

The Lowest Calorie Blizzard

Based on our analysis of Dairy Queen’s Blizzard flavors and customization options, the lowest calorie Blizzard you can order is:

Mini Vanilla Soft Serve with 1/2 Cup Fresh Strawberries or Pineapple: About 340 calories

This mini semi-Blizzard made with a bit of fruit gives you plenty of frosty flavor for minimal calories. While a customized semi-Blizzard may not sound as exciting as the Oreo or Snickers creations, sometimes sacrifice is necessary for the sake of your health and waistline.

Tips for Enjoying Your Low Cal Blizzard

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you opt for the lowest calorie Dairy Queen Blizzard:

  • Stick to the mini size. The 12 oz portioncontrol will help avoid overindulgence.
  • Maximize nutrition by getting it with fruit instead of candy.
  • Use a small spoon or kids size spoon to make it last longer.
  • Share it with a friend or family member.
  • Savor each creamy, fruity bite. Eat it slowly.

With smart customization and mindful eating, you can still enjoy an occasional Blizzard treat, even when watching calories.

Benefits of Choosing a Low Calorie Blizzard

Opting for Dairy Queen’s lowest calorie Blizzard offers several benefits:

  • Lower calorie intake compared to most Blizzard flavors, supporting weight management or fat loss goals
  • More room in your daily calorie budget for other foods you enjoy
  • Healthier overall from increased fruit intake and decreased added sugar
  • Avoids the large portion sizes of regular Blizzards which encourage overeating
  • Less impact on blood sugar levels than Blizzards loaded with candy

While no Blizzard is truly a “health food”, some customization can make this creamy treat more diet-friendly.

The Best Low Calorie Blizzard Alternatives

If you want something richer than soft serve with fruit, but still want to keep calories in check, here are some alternative Blizzard-style options to consider:

  • Yogurt parfait with yogurt, fruit, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce
  • Acai bowl with acai puree, fruit, and crunchy low-calorie toppings
  • Nice cream made from blending frozen bananas into a creamy “ice cream” base
  • Frozen Greek yogurt bar or sandwich

These protein-packed, antioxidant-rich Blizzard alternatives all provide the cold, creamy satisfaction you crave for fewer calories.

Blizzard-Style Milkshake Recipe

You can also make your own slimmed-down blizzard-style treat at home. Try this simple fruit milkshake recipe:


  • 1 cup lowfat milk
  • 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup frozen fruit (try strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango)
  • 1 tbsp honey or alternative sweetener


  1. Combine milk, yogurt, fruit and sweetener in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth and creamy, stopping to stir if needed.
  3. Enjoy immediately or freeze for a thicker, icier texture.

Tips for extra indulgence: drizzle with melted dark chocolate or sprinkle with crushed graham crackers.

This nourishing milkshake gives you the familiar Blizzard taste you love at a fraction of the calories. Adjust the ingredients to suit your preferences.

The Best Time to Indulge in a Low Cal Blizzard

While an occasional low-calorie Blizzard can fit into most eating plans, here are a few of the best times to enjoy this special treat:

  • Post-Workout: The carbs help replenish glycogen stores after a tough training session.
  • A Hot Summer Day: Cool off from the heat with the icy, creamy Blizzard textures.
  • A Reward for Hitting a Goal: Celebrate an achievement like weight loss or a fitness PR with a mini-Blizzard.
  • A Weekend Dessert: Make it part of your Saturday or Sunday treat meal.

Scheduling your Dairy Queen trip strategically can help you indulge in a guilt-free way.

Watching Your Budget? DIY Options

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, consider making a homemade Blizzard-style treat. Blend up frozen bananas for a budget “nice cream” or make a yogurt parfait with store-brand Greek yogurt and whatever fruit is on sale. You can also try the milkshake recipe above using more affordable ingredients. These wallet-friendly options let you enjoy the Blizzard vibe without the extra expense.


While loaded Blizzards packing 1,000+ calories reign supreme on the Dairy Queen menu, you can still enjoy this iconic frozen treat in a lighter way. Customizing a mini vanilla soft serve with fruit creates the lowest calorie Blizzard option at only around 340 calories. Or choose one of the mini fruit Blizzards like Strawberry Cheesecake to save calories. With mindful ordering and enjoyment, an occasional Blizzard can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Just be cautious with portion sizes and toppings to avoid going into calorie overload. Armed with the nutrition facts, you can now indulge in this classic cooler while sticking to your wellness goals.

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