What is Noah Ritter doing now?

Noah Ritter became an internet sensation back in 2014 when a video of him giving an enthusiastic interview at a county fair went viral. In the clip, the lively 5-year-old provides a rambling account of his experience at the fair, effusively describing the rides and exhibits he enjoyed. “Apparently, I’ve been livin’, but I don’t remember livin’,” he quips at one point. The precocious kindergartner’s contagious zeal instantly struck a chord with viewers, and the video racked up millions of hits. But that was 8 years ago – so what has Noah been up to since his brief brush with viral fame? Where is he now, and what is he doing?

The Viral Video

Noah Ritter’s moment in the spotlight came about completely spontaneously at the Wayne County Fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania in August 2014. A local news team was interviewing fairgoers when Noah jumped into the shot and asked if he could be on TV. The reporter graciously obliged, and what followed was an unforgettably eccentric account of Noah’s experience at the fair.

Bubbling with enthusiasm, Noah embarked on a breathless monologue covering everything from the rides and games to the food he ate and the animals he saw. “I like tomatoes, and I like potatoes, and I like ketchup, and I like spinach, and I like carrots, and I like cucumbers,” he effused when describing the fair cuisine. As for the rides, a merry-go-round was “so much fun, but scary at the same time,” while a fun house was “really, really, really, really fun where you got lost all the time.”

Noah’s charming account and boundless energy utterly captivated viewers. “Apparently, I’ve been livin’, but I don’t remember livin’,” he remarked at one point, dropping a poignant bit of wisdom well beyond his years. The clip quickly went viral after being posted on YouTube, amassing over 5 million views in just a few days. Noah’s enthusiastic fair review had turned him into an overnight internet celebrity.

Life After Going Viral

For most viral stars, the Warholian 15 minutes of fame is fleeting. But Noah seemed determined not to let his brush with celebrity fade. He began making talk show appearances, regaling hosts with his comical observations about everything from his favorite foods to why girls have longer hair than boys.

“Ever since Noah went viral, he has fully embraced his love of entertaining people,” his mother Toni Ritter told a local paper. Indeed, Noah appeared game for riding his viral coattails for as long as possible. A few months after the video came out, he returned to the Wayne County Fair as a special guest. “I feel like a superstar,” he told a reporter during his triumphant homecoming.

Noah also got a talent agent after becoming a viral sensation. In 2015, he starred in an Android commercial that aired during the Emmys. While his acting career didn’t take off beyond that, the exposure helped secure Noah some other notable gigs.

Date Noah Ritter’s Activity
August 2014 Noah goes viral after enthusiastic fair interview
September 2014 Appears on Ellen and other talk shows
August 2015 Returns to Wayne County Fair as special guest
September 2015 Stars in Android commercial

In 2016, Noah was selected to be a Kid Correspondent at the red carpet premiere of the new “Pete’s Dragon” movie. Sporting a tiny tuxedo, he interviewed stars like Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard for Disney.

Noah also got to put his celebrity spotlight on causes he cared about. He teamed up with Omaze in 2017 to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by offering fans a chance to take him to the movies. “So let’s go to the movies and eat popcorn together,” he pitched in a charming video promoting the Omaze campaign.

Where Is Noah Ritter Today?

Noah remained in the public eye for a couple years after going viral, but has since grown up largely outside the spotlight. He is currently around 13 years old and lives with his family in the small town of Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from where the famous video was filmed.

Details on what Noah is up to these days are scarce, which makes sense given his transition back into normal life. But according to his mother Toni’s Facebook page, Noah participated in a local production of Willy Wonka Jr. in 2018, suggesting he may still be pursuing some acting and performance. It seems likely that his zest for adventure and trying new things, so evident in the 2014 video, remains intact.

Noah’s enthusiasm and humor in the viral fair clip connected with millions of people and still delights viewers today. While the viral fame was fleeting, Noah enjoyed his moments in the spotlight and made the most of them. Hopefully the experience gave him some great stories and memories that he can look back on fondly.

And even if Noah never appears in another viral video or Hollywood production, he made his mark on pop culture history. The earnest, endlessly amusing 5-year-old at the county fair remains immortalized through the magic of the internet.

The Impact of Noah’s Viral Video

While Noah Ritter himself drifted back into small-town life, the legacy of his viral fair video persists. The clip exemplified much of what makes a video go viral – humor, heartwarming emotion, and a healthy dose of quirkiness. It also launched the template for a whole viral video genre: precocious kids giving funny, offbeat commentary.

Noah’s viral fame coincided with the early days of YouTube and social media, helping set the model for viral kid videos. Many children aiming to follow in his footsteps have created their own eccentric commentaries on everything from zoo visits to trips through the carwash, hoping to capture some of Noah’s magic.

The viral video also demonstrated the power of the internet to turn random people into overnight sensations. Noah was just an ordinary kindergartner when he decided to jump into that reporter’s shot. Within days he was appearing on national TV shows and being stopped on the street for photos and hugs.

While Noah lay low after his initial burst of fame, other viral stars tried to keep monetizing their social media celebrity with product endorsements, reality shows and more. Noah Ritter’s captivating video showed this new generation of micro-celebrities the potential rewards of internet fame.

So even if Noah never went as far as some other viral stars in leveraging his celebrity, he paved the way for the social media influencer era. Brands and content creators studied what made Noah’s video so popular in hopes of replicating that success. The formula of funny, precocious kid + quirky commentary proved widely appealing.

Noah Ritter’s fair video was one of the first to demonstrate the power everyday people now had to reach a global audience through YouTube and social media sharing. Even nearly a decade later, the clip remains endlessly watchable and Noah’s enthusiasm utterly contagious. It reigns as one of the most memorable viral videos of the past generation.

Noah’s Thoughts on His Fame

For Noah Ritter, becoming a viral sensation overnight was quite an adventure. When speaking to the media after his video exploded, he seemed excited but bewildered by all the attention. “I don’t know why I’m famous,” he told an interviewer during a 2014 talk show appearance.

But Noah took his micro-celebrity in stride, playing up the hammy and goofy persona that had captivated viewers. He regaled talk show hosts with observations about his favorite dinosaur and dramatized riding a rollercoaster.

And when the media spotlight faded, he transitioned back to normal kid life, keeping a low profile in recent years. His mother Toni described Noah as shocked but adapting quickly to his viral fame. “It happened pretty fast but Noah is pretty resilient and he embraces it,” she told a local NBC station shortly after the video blew up.

Based on Noah’s initial reactions, it seems he enjoyed the fame while it lasted but didn’t let it disrupt his life long-term. The viral video gave him memorable experiences like appearing on television and returning to his county fair as a VIP guest. But it likely also made him value living a grounded, small-town life outside the social media spotlight.

While the world may remember him as the enthusiastic fair kid, Noah Ritter himself just thinks of the viral fame as one interesting chapter in his young life. The viral video represents a quirky childhood memory more so than the launching pad for stardom.

For other viral stars, Internet fame presented major opportunities to build a brand or media career. But Noah represents the viral sensation who embraced fame briefly then intentionally faded back into everyday life. Now around 13 years old, Noah seems focused on school, activities, and growing up like a normal teen.

But even if Noah Ritter never goes viral again, he gave the world one of the most infectiously joyful videos of the social media era. For those few weeks in 2014, he embodied the spontaneous fun and humor that make kids’ perspectives so entertaining. That uplifting spirit of Noah’s video endures as his lasting legacy.

Noah’s Future Prospects

What does the future likely hold for Noah Ritter, viral video star turned small-town teenager? While his current activities are unclear, a few possible paths seem plausible based on his interests and talents.

Noah could continue to work in entertainment and media, either behind the scenes or on-camera. His past talk show appearances and acting experiences suggest he enjoys performing. Noah might get involved in high school theater productions or debate teams to hone those skills.

Attending college for communications, acting, or journalism could equip Noah for a career as a TV host, broadcaster, spokesperson, or actor. Of course, he could also go the YouTube influencer route by creating his own content.

However, Noah may decide to pursue something entirely unrelated to his viral video fame. Given his vibrant curiosity and humor, careers involving creativity would suit him well. Options like graphic design, creative writing, or advertising could leverage Noah’s personality into fruitful work.

Or Noah might follow more conventional career routes like business, sales, or trades. Life in rural Pennsylvania offers opportunities in fields like construction, manufacturing, and hospitality. And Noah’s down-to-earth upbringing likely gave him practical skills too.

Ultimately, the possibilities are wide open for Noah Ritter. His future choices will likely come down to balancing his talents, interests and pragmatic concerns like jobs in his region. But whether or not Noah ever becomes internet-famous again, he seems well-poised to live a happy, successful life.


Noah Ritter provided one of the most amusing and entertaining viral videos of the early social media era. The enthusiastic 5-year-old won over millions with his offbeat commentary and contagious zeal during a 2014 fair interview. For a few heady weeks, Noah made the media rounds as an overnight viral sensation.

Though his fame was short-lived, Noah fondly embraced those Warholian 15 minutes in the spotlight. He made the most of talk show appearances and other opportunities that came his way during that viral moment.

But when the media merry-go-round stopped, Noah seemed ready to transition gracefully back to normal life as a small-town kid. Now around 13, details on Noah’s current activities remain scarce as he lives purposefully outside the public glare.

While the funny fair video forever memorialized Noah’s eccentric childhood personality, it did not dictate his future path. The viral fame likely provided Noah some amusing memories but little more.

As viral stars go, Noah took a common trajectory – rapid rise, enjoyment of fame’s perks, then deliberately letting the spotlight fade. Other viral celebs work tirelessly to cling to internet stardom, but Noah’s aims were refreshingly simple: have some fun adventures then get back to real life.

For the public, the viral video remains permanently enshrined online to deliver a smile whenever needed. As for Noah himself, the clip was but one chapter in what will hopefully be a rich, fulfilling life journey full of many unique experiences. Wherever Noah Ritter is now, chances are his vibrant spirit of dreamy wonder and whip-smart humor still shine bright.

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