What is in a jetty punch from Tropical Smoothie?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a popular smoothie and food chain with over 900 locations across the United States. One of their most popular smoothie offerings is the Jetty Punch smoothie. This refreshing beverage is a blend of strawberries, bananas, and orange juice, topped with a fruit garnish. But what exactly goes into this sweet treat? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that make up Tropical Smoothie’s famous Jetty Punch.

Main Ingredients

The primary ingredients in a Jetty Punch smoothie from Tropical Smoothie are:


Strawberries provide the base for the Jetty Punch. Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and natural sweetness, strawberries impart a bright red color and sweet berry flavor. Each Jetty Punch is made with a full serving of strawberries.


Bananas lend a smooth, creamy texture and subtle sweetness. This potassium-rich fruit complements the strawberries nicely in the Jetty Punch. Bananas contain fiber, vitamin B6, and magnesium.

Orange Juice

Fresh-squeezed orange juice infuses the smoothie with vitamin C and bright citrus flavor. Orange juice also adds natural sweetness.

In addition to these main ingredients, the Jetty Punch contains ice and afruit garnish. The ice cools the smoothie to a refreshing temperature. The fruit garnish, often pineapple chunks or orange slices, provides a colorful finishing touch.

Nutrition Information

One 16 oz Jetty Punch smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe contains approximately:

Calories: 260

With no added sugar, the calories in the Jetty Punch come from natural sugars in the fruit and orange juice. The calorie count falls within the moderate range for a smoothed this size.

Total Fat: 1.5g

The Jetty Punch is very low in fat, with just 1.5 grams per serving. This comes primarily from healthy unsaturated fats in the avocado.

Sodium: 30mg

With minimal added ingredients, the Jetty Punch is low in sodium at just 30 milligrams per serving. This falls well within dietary guidelines.

Total Carbohydrates: 61g

Over half the calories in the Jetty Punch come from carbohydrates. The majority of these carbs are from natural occurring sugars in the fruit. The smoothie also provides 6 grams of dietary fiber.

Protein: 3g

While not a significant source, the Jetty Punch does contain some protein primarily from the strawberries and banana.

Vitamin C: 144% DV

Thanks to the strawberries and OJ, the Jetty Punch is packed with 144% of the daily recommended intake of immune-boosting vitamin C.

Benefits of the Ingredients

Beyond being delicious, the nutrient-dense ingredients in the Jetty Punch smoothie offer many health benefits:


– Rich in antioxidants that fight free radical damage

– May promote heart health by reducing LDL and total cholesterol

– Contains anti-inflammatory compounds


– High in potassium, which supports healthy blood pressure

– Fiber promotes good digestion and heart health

– Manganese aids in bone health and wound healing

Orange Juice

– Excellent source of vitamin C to boost immunity

– Citrus flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects

– May lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol

Possible Add-Ins and Customizations

One of the great things about smoothies is how customizable they are. Tropical Smoothie Cafe allows patrons to modify the standard Jetty Punch recipe with various add-ins, including:

Protein Boosters

– Whey protein – adds muscle-building protein

– Pea protein – vegetarian/vegan protein source

– Hemp protein – contains omega-3s and amino acids

Superfood Boosts

– Spinach – extra antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

– Kale – vitamins A, C, K, fiber, and phytonutrients

– Wheatgrass – concentrated source of nutrients

Nut Butters

– Almond butter – healthy fats and vitamin E

– Cashew butter – boosts creaminess

– Peanut butter – more protein and healthy fats

Seeds and Grains

– Chia seeds – omega-3s, protein, and fiber

– Flaxseeds – ALA omega-3s and lignans

– Oats – extra fiber and B vitamins

Sweet Add-Ins

– Honey – alternative natural sweetener

– Dates – fiber, potassium, magnesium

– Cocoa powder – antioxidants and rich flavor

The possibilities are endless for customizing your Jetty Punch to suit your tastes and health goals.

Possible Health Concerns

The Jetty Punch is a relatively healthy smoothie choice. However, there are a few potential health considerations to keep in mind:

Sugar Content

While the sugar in the Jetty Punch comes from natural sources, the smoothie still contains around 50 grams total. This is a high amount for some people, especially those with diabetes or weight management goals. Asking for less orange juice and fewer strawberries can reduce the total sugar content.

Fruit Juice

Despite providing vitamin C, some nutrition experts recommend limiting fruit juice due to its effect on blood sugar levels. Replacing some or all of the orange juice with water or coconut water can lower the glycemic impact.


The Jetty Punch contains common food allergens like strawberries and bananas. Those with food sensitivities or allergies should modify the smoothie ingredients or avoid this option altogether.

Raw Egg Warning

Some Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations provide an option to add a raw egg to smoothies for extra protein. Consuming raw eggs carries a risk of salmonella poisoning and should be avoided by pregnant women, young children, seniors, and those with compromised immune systems.

Ordering Tips

Here are some tips for ordering a delicious and nutritious Jetty Punch smoothie:


Opt for the 16 oz “small” size unless you are very hungry or splitting with someone else. The larger sizes quickly boost calories, sugar, and cost.


Take advantage of adding a healthy boost like spinach, peanut butter, or chia seeds to bump up nutrition.

Less Sugar

Request using 50% less orange juice or fewer strawberries to reduce sugar and calories.

Smoothie Boosters

Add a scoop of protein powder or superfood boost without added sugar. Or bring your own protein powder.

Ice and Blend Level

Choose light ice and blend level if you don’t want an overly thick or diluted smoothie.

Without Juice

Opt for coconut water instead of orange juice for a lower glycemic option.

Following these tips can help you enjoy a Jetty Punch optimized for health and taste preferences.


The cost of a Jetty Punch smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe depends on the size ordered. As of November 2022, the prices are:

– Small (16 oz): $4.99
– Medium (24 oz): $6.29
– Large (32 oz): $7.59

Extra add-ins like protein powder, peanut butter, or kale cost an additional $0.75-$1.50 each depending on location.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers reward programs and special deals that can help reduce the cost. Signing up for email promotions and ordering ahead online also results in discounts at many locations.

Overall, the Jetty Punch provides good value for the high-quality ingredients and nutrition compared to alternatives like juices or soda.

Preparation Method

Tropical Smoothie Cafe prepares the Jetty Punch using the following method:

Ingredients Gathered

Employees gather the fresh strawberries, banana, ice, orange juice and any additional ordered ingredients. Fruit is washed, peeled, destemmed, and cut as needed for blending.

Ingredients Added to Blender

Ingredients are added to the commercial blender according to recipe specifications – typically strawberries, banana, orange juice, and ice in set portions. Any add-ins are also added.

Smoothie Blending

The blender is turned on and ingredients are pureed into a smooth consistency. Blending time varies based on smoothie thickness and size. More ice results in thicker, colder smoothies.

Pouring into Cup

The Jetty Punch is poured from the blender into a clear plastic cup. Cups range in size from 16oz to 32oz.

Toppings Added

Finally, fruit toppings like pineapple and orange slices are added to the top of the smoothie to complete the signature “Jetty Punch” look.

Served with Straw

The smoothie is served with an eco-friendly paper straw for sipping the thick beverage.

With this streamlined preparation process, Tropical Smoothie Cafe can freshly blend each Jetty Punch order within just a few minutes.


Like most fresh smoothies containing fruit, the Jetty Punch is best consumed immediately after blending for maximum flavor and texture. However, you can extend the life of your smoothie with proper storage methods.

Here are some tips for storing your Jetty Punch:

– Transfer to an airtight container with tight seal to prevent air exposure. Plastic or glass jars work well.

– Keep refrigerated at or below 40°F. The cold environment helps retain texture and slow oxidation.

– Avoid storing for more than 24-48 hours maximum for food safety.

– Give smoothie a shake or stir before drinking to recombine any separation.

– Add a bit of milk or water to thin if needed after thickening in fridge.

– Squeeze in lemon juice to help prevent browning of cut fruit pieces.

– Consider freezing individual portions for longer storage of 3-4 months. Thaw in refrigerator before drinking.

Proper storage helps lock in the flavor, vitamins, and texture of your refreshing Jetty Punch for enjoyment later.


While the classic Jetty Punch recipe sticks to strawberries, banana, and orange juice, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has expanded the line with new flavors and variations over the years.

Some of the limited edition or seasonal Jetty Punch creations have included:

Mango Jetty Punch

– Mango instead of strawberries

– Pineapple instead of banana

– Orange juice

Jetty Jack

– Strawberries

– Banana

– Apple juice instead of orange juice

Beach Bum Jetty Punch

– Strawberry banana base

– Pineapple juice

– Shredded coconut on top

Caribbean Cha Cha Jetty Punch

– Strawberry mango base

– Passionfruit juice

– Tangy citrus topper

Cherry Limeade Jetty Punch

– Strawberries

– Banana

– Cherry limeade juice blend

The possibilities are endless for new tastes by swapping the fruit, juice, and toppings in the classic Jetty Punch.

Nutrition Comparison to Other Smoothies

How does the Jetty Punch stack up nutrition-wise to other smoothie options on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu? Here is a nutrition comparison:

Smoothie Calories Sugar Protein Vitamin C
Jetty Punch 260 53g 3g 144% DV
Strawberry Surf Rider 340 69g 5g 128% DV
Caribbean Way 300 63g 3g 100% DV
Sunny Island Twist 440 77g 4g 50% DV

As you can see, the Jetty Punch is on the lower end for calories and sugar compared to other fruit-based smoothie options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe without sacrificing vitamins like C. It provides a nice balanced nutrition profile. Keep in mind that size ordered and modifications like boosts and add-ins can alter the nutrition information.


With its refreshing blend of strawberries, banana, orange juice, and icy texture, Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Jetty Punch smoothie is a tantalizing combination. This signature menu item supplies vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients from whole food ingredients like fruit and OJ. The highly customizable smoothie can be adapted in endless ways to suit personal nutrition and taste preferences. While it does contain natural sugar, the Jetty Punch provides quality nutrition in line with health trends when enjoyed in moderation. Next time you visit Tropical Smoothie Cafe, consider ordering a Jetty Punch – it’s a delicious way to get some fruits and veggies into your day!

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