What is a symbol for forever love?

A symbol for forever love represents an enduring and unbreakable bond between two people. There are many symbols throughout history and across cultures that exemplify eternal love. Some of the most common symbols for forever love include the infinity symbol, the lock and key, the heart, and knots or ribbons. These symbols speak to the strength and longevity of affection between lovers or married couples. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind each of these popular symbols for eternal love.

The Infinity Symbol

One of the most recognizable emblems for never-ending love is the infinity symbol. The infinite loop has no beginning or end, reflecting the boundless nature of true love and commitment. In mathematics, infinity represents something without limits or bounds. When applied to relationships, the infinity symbol signifies everlasting devotion that is ceaseless and unlimited.

The origins of the infinity symbol trace back centuries with its earliest known appearance in the 17th century. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became strongly associated with eternal love and affection. The minimalist design of the symbol makes it a popular and easily recognized representation of love today. It is frequently seen in jewelry, tattoos, logos, and graphic designs related to romance.

Meaning of the Infinity Symbol

The infinite loop embodies various meanings related to everlasting love:

  • Eternity – The lack of beginning or end in the infinity loop reflects the timeless nature of true love. It signifies a bond that transcends this lifetime into the infinite.
  • Harmony – The symmetrical and balanced design represents harmony between lovers. It conveys unity and equilibrium in the relationship.
  • Interconnection – The intertwined loops symbolize the deep connection and attachment between two people.
  • Wholeness – An infinite loop suggests completeness. The two people in the relationship make a whole together.

This range of meanings makes the infinity symbol a highly versatile representation of enduring love between partners or spouses. Its interpretations can be adapted to various contexts, allowing it to resonate across cultures.

Usage of the Infinity Symbol

Here are some of the common ways the infinity symbol is used to represent everlasting love and commitment:

  • Jewelry – Infinity symbols are a popular motif in rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets exchanged between romantic partners. Infinity-shaped jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé or spouse.
  • Weddings – The infinity symbol is frequently incorporated into weddings as a theme. It can be used in invitations, decorations, cakes and more. Couples may give infinity symbol gifts to members of the bridal party.
  • Tattoos – Infinity tattoos are a way for couples to decorate their bodies with an emblem of their eternal bond. Often they get matching infinity tattoos or ink their fingerprints within the loop.
  • Art – Artists throughout history have used the infinity symbol in paintings, drawings, sculptures and other media to represent everlasting love. Contemporary pop culture features the infinity symbol in lyrics, logos, movies and TV shows related to romance.

In all these contexts, the visual image of the never-ending loop stands as a shorthand symbol communicating the timeless nature of love. It adds deeper meaning and significance to gifts, decor and creative works exchange between lovers through its connotations of infinity.

The Lock and Key

Another prominent metaphor for lasting love and commitment is the lock and key. The lock and key symbolize two lovers coming together in exclusivity and harmony. Only the right key can fit the lock, just as only two destined partners perfectly match one another. This symbol dates back centuries but remains popular today.

Meaning of the Lock and Key

The lock and key carry layers of meaning related to forever love:

  • Exclusivity – The lock can only be opened by one key, representing how the two lovers are exclusive to one another.
  • Compatibility – The key perfectly fitting the lock represents the partners being well-suited and made for one another.
  • Security – A locked up item is kept safe from harm, symbolizing how the partners protect and look after one another.
  • Intimacy – The act of unlocking the lock is intimate and private, representing the intimacy the lovers share.

Together, these meanings reveal the lock and key to represent a couple’s close bond, unique compatibility, and ability to trust and protect each other in an exclusive relationship.

Usage of the Lock and Key

The lock and key symbol appear in many contexts related to romantic love:

  • Jewelry – Lock and key pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are romantic gift ideas. One partner may wear the lock while the other wears the key.
  • Tattoos – Lock and key couple tattoos depict an exclusive, intimate bond. Partners may get matching lock and key tattoos on their wrists, ankles or over their hearts.
  • Illustration – Locks and keys appear in romantic art and stories as metaphors for lovers. A classic image is two hearts, one locked and one holding the key.
  • Literature – Poems and books use the lock and key motif to explore themes of sensuality and forbidden love. Famous examples appear in Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.

Visually and symbolically, the lock and key encapsulate the exclusivity and harmony of a forever partnership. Their long history of representing romance endures to the present day.

The Heart

The heart is likely the most universally recognized symbol of enduring, passionate love. Its ancient origins and widespread popularity across cultures make it a quintessential icon of forever love.

Meaning of the Heart Symbol

The heart holds intertwined meanings related to love:

  • Passion – Hearts represent deep wells of fiery romantic passion, attraction and sensuality between lovers.
  • Vitality – As a vital organ, the heart represents the life-sustaining power of love and its necessity to emotional wellbeing.
  • Centrality – Placement at the core of the body depicts love’s central importance in life above all else.
  • Identity – Hearts are strongly tied to one’s sense of identity, representing how profoundly love bonds and changes us.

These meanings reveal why the heart denotes fiery, all-important and life-changing love that forms the very core of identity.

Usage of the Heart Symbol

The list of heart symbol usages across history is endless, but some key examples include:

  • Literature – Hearts feature heavily in love poems, stories, songs and verse throughout history and across cultures.
  • Art – Hearts recur in romantic visual arts and decorative arts on items like fabrics, wallpaper, furniture and more.
  • Jewelry – Heart motifs are ubiquitous in necklaces, earring, rings and more given between lovers.
  • Tattoos – Heart tattoos come in endless designs to symbolize one’s loving partner or spouse.
  • Branding – Heart logos abound in industries related to love like lingerie, cosmetics, dating sites, romance novels and more.

From subtle references to overt declarations, the heart-shaped symbol conveys passionate, all-encompassing love across cultures.

Knots and Ribbons

Intricately tied knots and ribbons act as metaphors for the tangled complexity of forever love. The interwoven designs represent unity and harmony between lovers.

Meaning of Love Knots

Knotted ribbons and cords carry nuanced meaning regarding relationships:

  • Union – The singular merged object represents the unity between lovers who join their lives together.
  • Interconnection – The tightly crossed and knotted material depicts the depth of connection between the lovers.
  • Eternity – With no clear beginning or end, the twisty knotwork reflects the endlessness of true love.
  • Strength – Tight nets and weaves of unbroken knots signify the durability and resilience of love.

This knotwork imagery beautifully embodies the complex yet enduring hold true love has on a couple.

Usage of Love Knots

Love knots and ribbons adorn symbols and decorative items associated with romance:

  • Celtic knots – Intricate knot designs originated in the Celtic tradition to represent eternal love and commitment.
  • Wedding ribbons – In many cultures, the bride and groom have ribbons tied around their wrists to bind them together.
  • Jewelry – Knotwork and woven designs in rings, bracelets and necklaces convey everlasting love.
  • Art – Paintings and sculptures throughout history incorporate knotted ribbons and cords as symbols of love.

The tangible display of stylistically interconnected knots gives lovers a poetic emblem of their intangible bond.


Across cultures and eras, symbols provide meaningful representations of the profound and complex nature of forever love. The infinity loop, lock and key, heart and woven knots depict love’s boundless limits, exclusivity, vital passion and inseparable connection. These visual metaphors and their layered meanings reveal how true love goes beyond the physical to capture our spirits and imagination. Lovers use them to represent eternal affection and commitment when words alone cannot suffice. In jewelry, art and literature, they become part of communally understood cultural lexicons about romance. As symbols for expressing the endless depths of love, they will likely endure as long as humankind cherishes the mysterious soul-stirring experience of true and lasting love.

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