What was Beast Boy before he turned green?

Beast Boy is a beloved character from the Teen Titans series. His green skin and shape-shifting abilities make him a fan favorite. But Beast Boy wasn’t always green or a shapeshifter. So what was Beast Boy before he turned green? Let’s take a look at his origins.

Beast Boy’s Real Name and Early Life

Beast Boy’s real name is Garfield Logan. He was born to scientist parents, Mark and Marie Logan. The Logans were geneticists that would travel the jungles of the world doing research. As a result, young Garfield spent his early years exploring the jungles and rainforests with his parents. This fostered a love and connection with animals from a very early age.

At age 5, Garfield contracted a rare tropical disease that was fatal. As a last ditch effort to save his life, his parents attempted an experimental treatment. This treatment involved injecting him with animal DNA. Amazingly, Garfield survived but the animal DNA caused his skin to permanently turn green. It also gave him the ability to morph into any animal he saw or imagined.

Developing His Powers

After surviving the disease, Garfield struggled to control his shape-shifting abilities. He would involuntarily morph into different animals at random times. This caused him to become withdrawn and shun human contact out of fear.

To help him learn control, the Logans brought him to live at STAR Labs. There he was mentored by Dr. Samuel Register and Rita Farr. They encouraged him to practice morphing into different animals and helped him manage his powers. Garfield made great progress during this time.

Unfortunately, a fatal lab accident killed his parents and left him orphaned at STAR Labs. This tragedy left him depressed for some time but also strengthened his resolve to master his abilities.

Joining the Doom Patrol

After the death of his parents, Garfield was adopted by Steve Dayton and began working with the Doom Patrol under the codename Beast Boy. Alongside heroes like Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and Robotman he honed his powers while engaging in daring missions.

Beast Boy served with the Doom Patrol for many years while in his teens. During this time he fully came to grips with his green skin and learned to love his animal morphing gift. He used his powers creatively to help the Doom Patrol on many adventures.

Joining the Teen Titans

When he was older, Beast Boy decided he wanted to work with other teenage superheroes. So he left the Doom Patrol and joined the newly formed Teen Titans. There he served with heroes like Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven.

With the Teen Titans, Garfield took on the new codename Changeling. He became close friends with his new teammates while fighting villains like Deathstroke, Brother Blood, and Trigon. Garfield also fell in love with Terra during his Teen Titans days.

Later Adventures

After serving many years with the Teen Titans, Garfield struck out on his own. He continued to utilize his shape-shifting powers for good across the world. During this time he retook the name Beast Boy and had many solo adventures.

For a period, he joined a new offshoot of the Doom Patrol. He also served on the Justice League for a brief stint. In more recent years Beast Boy led the West Coast branch of the Teen Titans. Though older now, he continues to fight evil and make the most of his green skin and morphing powers.

Beast Boy’s Origins in the Comics

In the original Teen Titans comics, Beast Boy had a slightly different backstory. His real name was still Garfield Logan and he gained his powers from animal DNA after a disease. But he did not originally have green skin.

The shape-shifting powers came from a serum derived from monkey DNA by his scientist parents. Later on he contracted the rare Sakutia disease which turned his skin and hair green. The serum saved his life from the fatal disease.

Some other minor differences were that his adoptive mother was Elasti-Girl rather than Rita Farr. Also, he joined the Teen Titans directly rather than serving with Doom Patrol first. But the essential character origins remained the same.

Key Facts

  • Real name is Garfield Logan
  • Got animal shape-shifting powers through animal DNA serum
  • Contracted tropical disease that turned skin green
  • Raised by scientist parents in the jungles
  • Orphaned at a young age after parents died
  • First codename was Beast Boy
  • Mentored by Doom Patrol
  • Joined Teen Titans later on

Beast Boy’s Personality and Traits

In addition to his cool shape-shifting abilities, Beast Boy is known for his upbeat, good-humored personality. Here are some of his most notable traits:

  • Fun-loving – He always looks on the bright side of things
  • Loyal – He is extremely devoted to his friends and teammates
  • Brave – He will put himself in harm’s way to protect others
  • Immature – His youthful humor often borders on obnoxiousness
  • Insecure – His tragic past has left some scars
  • Intelligent – He has a gift for zoology and solving puzzles
  • Idealistic – He hopes for a peaceful future between humans and animals

These traits make Beast Boy a rounded, complex character. His past losses could have made him dark but instead he embraces humor and remains upbeat. This resilience combined with his strong morals makes him easy to root for.

Beast Boy’s Animal Forms

Let’s take a look at some of the cool animal forms Beast Boy has morphed into over the years:

Animal Capabilities
Tyrannosaurus Rex Massive size, strength, and jaws for combat
Falcon Flight and aerial attacks
Cheetah Running at ultra fast speeds
Whale Underwater combat and mobility
Grizzly Bear Brute force and strength
Python Stealthy infiltrations and grappling

Beast Boy’s favorite forms seem to be tigers, falcons, and cheetahs for their speed and agility. But he can morph into countless other animals as needed. His flexibility to transform into exactly the right creature for any situation is a huge advantage for both offense and defense.

Beast Boy’s Impact and Legacy

Beast Boy has emerged as one of the most iconic members of the Teen Titans over the past 50 years. He has gained a dedicated legion of fans and made a major impact in various media forms:

  • Television – Beast Boy has appeared in numerous animated shows starting with Teen Titans Go! in the 2000s. Actor Brandon Soo Hoo played him in the Titans live action series.
  • Comics – Beast Boy remains an integral part of Teen Titan comic books and has even had a few solo spinoff series.
  • Movies – Beast Boy made it to the big screen in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. He was also briefly shown played by Joivan Wade in Doom Patrol.
  • Video Games – Fans can play as Beast Boy in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and the online game DC Universe Online.

Beyond the entertainment he has provided, Beast Boy also inspires fans. His struggles to cope with being different and tragic past are relatable. And his humor in the face of hardship makes him an inspirational character. Beast Boy will likely continue entertaining and inspiring for generations to come.


Beast Boy’s past transformations have made him the lovable hero he is today. Born Garfield Logan, he contracted a deadly disease as a child that gave him green skin and shape-shifting powers thanks to animal DNA. Tragically orphaned at a young age, he grew up with the Doom Patrol before joining the Teen Titans.

As Beast Boy, Garfield learned to embrace his appearance and powers. His humorous spirit combined with brave determination to protect others have made him immensely popular. Though he did not ask for his abilities, Beast Boy chooses to use them to make the world a better place. His past hardships only fuel his desire to spread joy and laughter to those around him.

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