What is a stag do Kitty?

A stag do, also known as a bachelor party, is a celebration held for the groom-to-be shortly before his wedding. The term “stag” refers to an adult male deer, and originally implied a party that involved activities considered masculine. “Kitty” refers to a sum of money collected from members of the group attending the stag do, which goes towards paying for food, drinks, activities, the venue and more.

When do stag dos take place?

Stag dos are usually held anywhere from a few weeks to a few days before the wedding date. The timing allows the groom a chance to celebrate his final days as a single man, while also avoiding being too hungover or exhausted on the big day! Most stag dos take place over a weekend, letting the full party experience unfold.

Popular stag do weekends

Many grooms choose to have their stag do on one of these classic weekends:

  • Two weekends before the wedding
  • The weekend before the wedding
  • The three days prior to the wedding, if it falls on a weekend

Who organizes a stag do?

The best man typically takes on the role of planning the stag do, since he has the closest relationship to the groom. However, it’s also common for the groom to have input on location, activities, guest list and more. Other members of the wedding party may assist the best man with tasks like booking event tickets, arranging transportation and collecting kitty contributions.

Who attends a stag do?

The guest list for a stag do depends on the groom’s preferences, but usually includes:

  • Best man
  • Other groomsmen
  • Close male friends and relatives
  • Father of the groom
  • Brother(s) of the groom
  • Work colleagues
  • Sports teammates

Stag party attendees are generally an all-male group, though some modern dos may include guests across genders. The groom can shape the guest list to include those he feels closest to.

Where do stag dos take place?

Popular stag do destinations include:

  • Local – Bars, nightclubs, activity venues near home
  • Major city – Las Vegas, Montreal, Miami, destination with nightlife
  • Beach – Mexico, Jamaica, Florida, Hawaiian islands
  • Camping – Cabins, lodges, state/national parks
  • Sports event – Concerts, tournaments, championships

The location is typically chosen based on the groom’s interests and budget. Traveling overseas for a blowout bash is exciting, but local parties can be just as fun and affordable.

What happens at a typical stag do?

Stag dos often involve these signature elements:

  • Pre-gaming – Drinking and hanging out before hitting the town
  • Bar hopping – Visiting multiple pubs and clubs
  • Clubbing – Dancing and partying at nightclubs
  • Daytime activities – Sports, gambling, chilling at a pool
  • Adult entertainment – Strip clubs, risqué games or shows
  • Groom costumes/accessories – Sashes, horns, veils, tiaras
  • Photos and videos – Capturing memories for the groom

The itinerary balances wild partying with chances to bond through shared activities and conversations. The focus is on enjoying quality time with the groom before his relationship status changes.

Stag do ideas and activities

Beyond the classic clubbing and pub crawls, some popular stag do ideas include:

  • Beer or whiskey tasting
  • Go-kart racing
  • Paintball or laser tag
  • Casino gambling
  • Golfing or bowling
  • Concerts or comedy shows
  • Strip club
  • Surfing or snorkeling
  • Fishing or hunting trip
  • Poker night
  • Escape room
  • Fitness class or sport tournament

The activities are tailored around the groom’s interests, budget and desired vibe. A rowdy Las Vegas blowout will look vastly different from a laidback camping weekend!

Common stag do themes and costumes

Playing up a theme through decorations and costumes adds a fun element. Some popular stag do themes include:

  • Superheroes – Batman, Superman, The Avengers
  • TV/movies – Game of Thrones, Top Gun, Star Wars
  • Decades – 80s, 90s, 70s
  • Vegas – Casino, Elvis, poker
  • Destination – Hawaii, Mexico, beach
  • Sports – Football, baseball, jerseys

The groom may receive a costume or novelty accessories to wear during the party, like a sparkly sash, cape, wig or veil.

What is included in a stag do kitty?

The kitty covers costs for the groom and possibly all guests. Expenses may include:

Stag Do Costs Details
Accommodation Hotel, AirBnb, campground
Transportation Flights, rental cars/buses, taxis, trains
Food and drink Restaurants, bars, catering, grocery shopping
Tickets Clubs, concerts, sports games, tours
Activities Go karts, paintball, watersports
Gear and supplies Costumes, decorations, stag accessories
Planning Itinerary, bookings, kitty management

Contributing to the kitty makes the groom’s send-off more affordable for everyone. The best man tracks contributions and expenses.

Stag do etiquette and traditions

Proper stag do etiquette includes:

  • The best man coordinates planning, but the groom’s input is welcomed
  • Only invite those the groom is comfortable around
  • Set a budget that works for all attendees
  • Guests should contribute to the kitty on time
  • Any schedule or destination changes are cleared with the groom
  • Photos/videos from the party are kept private
  • The groom’s needs and wishes are top priority throughout

Classic stag traditions include:

  • Kidnapping the groom for the party
  • Dressing up the groom in silly accessories
  • Making the groom complete dares or challenges
  • Sharing funny stories and toasts about the groom
  • Playing raunchy games like strippers and handcuffs
  • Pranks like filling his hotel room with balloons

Following proper etiquette ensures the groom feels respected throughout the festivities.

Stag do vs. bachelor party

Are stag dos and bachelor parties the same thing? Essentially, yes:

  • Both celebrate the groom’s last days as a single man
  • The guest list is primarily male friends of the groom
  • There are costumes, drinking games, wild partying
  • Inappropriate activities often happen
  • The vibe is masculine and rowdy

“Stag do” is used primarily in the UK, while “bachelor party” is more common in America. But the general spirit is identical no matter what you call it!

How much does a stag do cost?

A stag do can cost anywhere from £100 to £2000+ per person, based on factors like:

  • Destination – Local pubs vs. overseas trips
  • Accommodations – Hotel quality, if included
  • Activities – Basic vs. luxurious experiences
  • Duration – A night out vs. a weekend
  • Food and drink – Covering all meals/tabs vs. BYOB
  • Guest count – Intimate vs. huge group

Setting a reasonable budget that works for the whole group is key. Costs add up quickly!

Average stag do cost per person

Type Cost Per Person
Local pub crawl £100-£300
Weekend in major city £200-£500
Domestic destination £300-£700
Overseas destination £500-£2000+

Keeping costs down for a local stag is easy, but lavish weekends away can run up a huge tab.

Stag do tips

How do you ensure the groom has an epic stag do? Some tips:

  • Get input from the groom on location, activities, guest list
  • Booknecessary tickets, rooms, transportation well in advance
  • Have all guests chip in to the kitty on time
  • Keep an itemized budget and share costs upfront
  • Have an detailed itinerary for the full group
  • Pack supplies like costumes, decorations, drinking games
  • Take lots of photos and videos (for private viewing)
  • Have emergency contacts and cash access if traveling
  • Get home safe! Arrange taxis, DDs, place to crash

With some planning, the stag do can be an unforgettable experience for all.


A stag do offers one last epic hoo-rah before the groom settles down. Though often filled with raunchy activities, costumes and heavy drinking, it’s also a chance for meaningful memories with the groom’s closest mates. If done properly by respecting the guest of honor’s wishes, it will be a night – or weekend – he never forgets!

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