What is a Mexican snow cone?

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What is a Mexican Snow Cone?

A Mexican snow cone, also sometimes called a Mexican shaved ice, is a popular summertime frozen treat. It consists of shaved ice topped with sweet syrups and other toppings.


Snow cones are believed to have originated in Asia, with early versions being made of snow flavored with syrups. The concept spread around the world over time. In Mexico, snow cones became a popular treat made with crushed or shaved ice rather than snow. The Mexican version frequently includes more elaborate syrup flavors and toppings.


The main ingredients in a Mexican snow cone are:

  • Finely shaved ice
  • Sweet flavored syrups
  • Condensed milk
  • Other toppings like fresh fruit, sweetened beans, sweet cream, or candies

The shaved ice provides the base. The ice is doused in flavored syrups like tamarind, mango, lime, coconut, guava, or strawberry. Condensed milk is also commonly drizzled over the top. Fresh fruit chunks, sweetened beans, condensed cream, chili powder, chamoy sauce, pickled fruit, candies, and more can be added as creative toppings.


There are endless flavor possibilities for Mexican snow cones. Some popular ones include:

  • Mango – with chunks of fresh mango and chili powder
  • Lime – with lime syrup and condensed milk
  • Coconut – with coconut syrup and shredded coconut
  • Tamarind – with tamarind syrup and tamarind candies
  • Strawberry – with strawberry syrup and sweetened beans

Creative snow cone vendors often come up with unique flavor combinations featuring local ingredients. The syrup flavors paired with sweet and sometimes sour toppings provides a sweet-tart taste profile.


Snow cones are a popular summertime treat throughout Mexico. Vendors with push carts or stands can be found in many town squares, at fairs and markets, near beaches, and other locations. Enjoying a freshly made snow cone on a hot day is a favorite refreshment for both locals and visitors.

The size, flavors, and toppings may vary from region to region. But wherever you travel in Mexico, you are likely to encounter these refreshing shaved ice treats. Part of the fun is trying new and unique snow cone flavor combinations!

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