What happens when you’re making out?

Making out is an intimate and exciting experience for many people. It usually involves passionate kissing, touching, and exploring each other’s bodies. Let’s look at some common questions people have about making out:

What happens physically when you make out with someone?

Physically, a lot can happen when you make out. Kissing releases hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These boost bonding, pleasure, and excitement. Blood also rushes to your lips, making them more sensitive. You may get aroused and have increased heart rate, flushed skin, or swelling genitals.

What happens emotionally when you make out with someone?

Emotionally, making out can stir up many feelings. You may feel desire, intimacy, affection, lust, or love. It can be thrilling and romantic. But you may also feel nervous, embarrassed, or insecure at times. Communication with your partner is key to making it an enjoyable experience.

How do you know if someone wants to make out?

Some signs someone wants to make out include: prolonged eye contact, touching your face or hair, flirting or teasing, suggestive body language, finding excuses to be close to you, licking their lips, and complimenting your appearance. Asking for consent is the best way to know if making out is welcome.

Stages of Making Out

Making out often progresses through stages, from light kissing to more intense and intimate acts. Here’s an overview of common stages:

Light Kissing

Starting with gentle pecks on the lips, face, or neck. Testing comfort levels and relishing the anticipation.

Open-Mouth Kissing

Lips parting, tongues meeting. Exploring each other’s mouths with passion. Hearts racing as kissing gets deeper.

Hands Roaming

Letting hands wander over clothing. Caressing hips, back, chest, legs. Savoring your partner’s body.


Pressing bodies tightly together. Grinding and rubbing genitals on each other’s body. Friction and pressure build arousal.

Under Clothes

Hands slipping under shirts, into waistbands. Skin on skin contact fuels desire. Testing and respecting boundaries.

Mutual Masturbation

Manual stimulation of each other’s genitals. Intense intimacy and exploration of what feels good.

Oral Sex

Mouth and tongue focused on genitals. Licking, sucking, savoring. Volatile mix of vulnerability and ecstasy.


Genital penetration and intercourse. The ultimate intimacy and sensual experience. Important to have consent and protection.

How to Be a Good Kisser

Want to impress your next make out partner? Here are tips for excellent kissing technique:

  • Go slow and gentle at first
  • Match their pace and pressure
  • Keep your lips soft, not rigid
  • Make eye contact between kisses
  • Alternate between lips, tongue, and lip-sucking
  • Breathe through your nose so you don’t have to break away
  • Pay attention to their signals and body language
  • Keep hands caressing their hair, neck, hips, thighs
  • Have mints or gum on hand in case
  • Keep it varied – soft kisses, deep kisses, earlobe nibbles, neck kisses

Making Out Positions

The positions you make out in impact comfort, intimacy, and intensity. Here are some popular options:


  • Couch – Classic, comfortable choice
  • Lap straddling – Very intimate, lots of pressing together
  • Side-by-side – Relaxed with room to caress


  • Pressed against wall – Passionate, urgent, hands can roam
  • Facing each other – Good eye contact, ability to grind together
  • From behind – Front can caress rear’s body

Lying down:

  • On bed – Total comfort and freedom to move
  • Side-by-side – Intimate yet not too intense
  • One on top – Greater press of bodies, very passionate

Making Out Don’ts

To keep making out enjoyable for you and your partner, abstain from:

  • Bad hygiene or smelly breath
  • Biting or sucking too hard
  • Jamming tongue down their throat
  • Too much saliva or drooling
  • Going too fast or aggressive
  • Touching places without consent
  • Cramped or forced positions
  • Distracted or sloppy technique
  • Seeming bored or passive

Initiating Making Out

Want to initiate making out for the first time? Here are some smooth tips:

  • Create an intimate mood – dim lights, music, privacy
  • Compliment their eyes, lips, outfit
  • Make prolonged eye contact from close range
  • Touch their face gently or sweep back their hair
  • Hold their waist and slowly draw them closer
  • Ask “Can I kiss you?” or say “I really want to kiss you…”
  • Lean in 90% of the way and let them close the rest

Making Out Safely

It’s important to make out safely as well as pleasurably. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Get consent verbally or read body language
  • Agree on boundaries beforehand
  • Use protection for genital play
  • Never pressure your partner
  • Respect if they want to stop or slow down
  • Consider sexual health – get tested
  • Be aware of alcohol/drugs clouding judgement
  • Have a safe way home if needed

Making Out Benefits

Why is making out so popular? What benefits does it offer?

  • Pleasure – kissing feels physically and emotionally amazing
  • Intimacy – strengthens bonds and trust between partners
  • Arousal – heavy making out is a path to greater sexual intimacy
  • Exploration – learn what you and your partner enjoy
  • Romance – making out gets the butterflies flowing!
  • Stress relief – intimacy reduces anxiety and blood pressure
  • Confidence boost – being a good kisser and turn-on feels empowering
  • Fun – making out is playful, passionate and thrilling

Troubleshooting Making Out

Making out mishaps happen. Here’s how to troubleshoot common issues:

Issue Solution
Bad breath Pause to brush teeth, chew gum, or use mouthwash
Too wet kisses Kiss more gently, use less tongue, and take breaks to wipe mouth
No rhythm One partner lead, slow down, find natural cadence together
Uncomfortable position Shift to a better angle, change positions entirely, or take a break
Hair in mouth Tie hair back or gently guide partner’s hair back
No chemistry Chat and connect more before physical intimacy, or call it
Nervousness Go slowly, get comfortable being close, communicate, and relax
Partner seems bored Check in with them, try something new, or stop and just talk

Making Out Aftercare

It’s important to engage in good aftercare following an intense make out session. This builds intimacy and trust with your partner. Aftercare can include:

  • Cuddling, holding each other close
  • Giving compliments and positive feedback
  • Bringing water or a snack to refresh
  • Asking how your partner feels and if they’re comfortable
  • Having a relaxed discussion about boundaries
  • Offering reassurance if anyone feels emotionally vulnerable
  • Taking things slowly and not rushing away suddenly
  • Planning a second date soon if you both had a great time


Making out involves varied levels of physical intimacy and passion. It can be an immensely pleasurable experience as long as you communicate with your partner and respect each other’s boundaries and comfort levels. Approached maturely and safely, making out allows couples to explore intimacy and grow closer. With the right partner and the right vibe, a good make out session can leave you feeling amazing!

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