What exercise can burn 800 calories?

Burning 800 calories through exercise in one session would be considered an intense workout for most people. Achieving this high calorie burn would require engaging in lengthy, vigorous exercise. There are a few key exercise options that can potentially burn 800+ calories per hour if done at a high intensity.


Running is one of the best exercises for burning a high number of calories. According to Harvard Health, a 155 pound person can burn around 800 calories by running 8 miles per hour for one hour. The exact amount of calories burned depends on the person’s weight, running pace, terrain, and efficiency of movement. Heavier individuals will burn more calories for the same exercise duration. Running faster, on hills, and on uneven terrain will increase calories burned as well. Efficient runners who have good form and are experienced may burn slightly less than novice runners.

Weight Calories Burned from Running 8 mph for 1 hour
120 lbs 672 calories
150 lbs 840 calories
180 lbs 1008 calories

As shown in the table, the number of calories burned from running at 8 mph for an hour can range from around 670-1000+ calories depending on the person’s body weight. So for many people, running at a brisk pace for an extended period is one of the best ways to burn 800+ calories.


Vigorous swimming is another exercise option for burning 800+ calories per hour. According to Harvard Health, a 155 pound person can burn around 890 calories per hour by swimming freestyle laps vigorously. As with running, heavier individuals will burn more calories for the same duration of swimming. The exact pace, stroke efficiency, and use of equipment like paddles can also impact calories burned to some degree.

Weight Calories Burned from Vigorous Freestyle Swimming for 1 hour
120 lbs 670 calories
150 lbs 840 calories
180 lbs 1008 calories

The table displays estimates for calories burned from vigorous freestyle swimming based on body weight. As you can see, an hour of vigorous laps can burn around 670-1000 calories depending on the person. Competitive swimmers who swim at a high pace with optimized form may burn closer to the lower end of the range, while less fit individuals will burn more calories swimming at the same intensity.


Cycling vigorously for an hour is another exercise option for burning 800+ calories. According to estimates, a 155 pound cyclist cycling at 16-19 mph for one hour will burn around 850 calories. As with other exercises, heavier cyclists will burn more calories and lighter cyclists will burn fewer calories when cycling at the same speed. The terrain and bike resistance also impacts calories burned. Cycling uphill or against strong winds requires more energy output and more calories burned.

Weight Calories Burned from Cycling 16-19 mph for 1 hour
120 lbs 680 calories
150 lbs 850 calories
180 lbs 1020 calories

As shown, moderately trained cyclists can burn 680-1020 calories per hour when cycling 16-19 mph based on the rider’s weight. Competitive cyclists may burn less due to increased efficiency, while recreational cyclists may burn more at the same speed. Cycling intensity, terrain, and bike resistance impacts calorie burn as well.

HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves alternating intense bursts of exercise with recovery periods. Sprinting, jumping rope, battle ropes, rowing, and other exercises can be incorporated into a HIIT routine. According to Harvard Health, a 155 pound person can burn around 800 calories with an hour of high intensity intervals.

Since HIIT workouts involve maximum effort, they can burn approximately the same high number of calories as running 8 mph for an hour. However, HIIT requires less time commitment by packing intense calorie burn into short intervals. Weight, fitness level, and workout design impacts calorie burn for HIIT as well.


Participating in vigorous competitive sports for an hour or more can also burn 800+ calories. Sports like soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball, and lacrosse require sustained intense physical activity. Exact calorie burn depends on the person’s weight, intensity of game play, position played, and other factors. But playing a sport vigorously for an hour generally burns 700-1000 calories.

Sport Calories Burned Per Hour
Soccer 700-900
Rugby 800-1000
Hockey 800-1000
Basketball 700-900
Lacrosse 800-1000

As shown, team sports that involve constant motion like running, sprinting, changing direction, etc. can burn 700-1000 calories per hour. Exact calorie burn depends on body weight, intensity, position, and other individual factors.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a surprising calorie-burning exercise. While not as popular as running or biking, skipping rope for an hour can burn over 1000 calories. According to the American Council on Exercise, a 154 pound person can burn around 1,074 calories from an hour of jumping rope at a moderate pace of 120 skips per minute. Heavier individuals can burn well over 1000 calories with an hour of steady rope jumping.

Jumping rope provides an intense cardio and full body workout from the constant motion. Variations like double unders or crossovers further increase intensity and calories burned. Jumping rope is a great option for burning over 800 calories in an hour long workout.


Rowing vigorously on a rowing machine for an hour can burn 800+ calories. According to estimates, rowing at a vigorous pace for an hour burns around 840 calories for a 180 pound person. Greater body weight equals more calories burned. Variables like stroke rate, resistance setting, and rowing efficiency impacts calorie burn as well.

Rowing works the arms, core, legs and back making it a great full body workout. Maintaining a high stroke rate and intensity level allows rowing to burn a high number of calories in a short period of time. Rowing is growing in popularity partially due to its ability to burn calories through intense sustained effort.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training involves performing exercises like swings, cleans, and snatches with kettlebells. It provides an intense full body workout that burns a high number of calories. According to Harvard Health, an hour of vigorous kettlebell training can burn over 900 calories. Variables like weight of kettlebell used and pacing impacts calories burned.

A few factors make kettlebell training effective for burning calories:

  • Full body resistance exercise burns more calories than isolation exercises
  • The unique shape of kettlebells enables versatile dynamic movements
  • Swinging and ballistic movements elevate heart rate
  • Minimal rest between sets and exercises keeps calorie burn high

Kettlebell workouts involve performing multi-joint, functional movements at a high intensity. This makes them effective for both building muscle and burning calories.

Circuit Training

Circuit training involves performing exercises targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest between sets. Workouts feature cardiorespiratory endurance, resistance training, and flexibility exercises. According to estimates, an hour of vigorous circuit training can burn over 800 calories for an 180 pound person.

A few reasons circuit training is effective for calorie burn include:

  • Full body exercises like burpees and jumping jacks elevate heart rate
  • Minimal rest keeps intensity high and limits recovery
  • Resistance training increases calorie burn versus cardio alone
  • Constant movement with little downtime burns more calories per session

Well-designed circuits keep the heart rate elevated through constant varied movement. This allows circuit training to burn more calories through intense exercise for time-crunched individuals.


Burning 800 calories in an hour or less requires intense sustained exercise. Running, swimming, cycling, sports, HIIT workouts, jumping rope, rowing, kettlebell training and circuit training can all burn 800+ calories per hour. Exact calorie burn depends on the intensity, duration, and the individual’s weight and fitness level. Higher intensity exercise burns more calories in less time. But lower intensity endurance exercise like walking can also burn 800 calories through longer duration activity. For most people, sustaining an 800 calorie per hour burn requires vigorous effort and substantial physical fitness.

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