What does Fischl call Bennett?

In the popular game Genshin Impact, the character Fischl has a unique nickname that she uses for the character Bennett. Fischl and Bennett are both playable characters in Genshin Impact that can join the player’s party. Fischl is an eccentric girl who roleplays as a princess from another world, while Bennett is an unlucky adventurer plagued by misfortune. Their interactions reveal the special nickname that Fischl uses for Bennett.

Who are Fischl and Bennett in Genshin Impact?

Fischl is a four-star electro character in Genshin Impact. Her full name is Amy, but she takes on the persona of “Fischl, Prinzessin der Verurteilung” which translates to “Fischl, Princess of Condemnation.” Fischl dresses in gothic lolita fashion and speaks with over-the-top mannerisms as she roleplays as a princess from another world. Despite her theatrics, Fischl is intelligent and insightful.

Bennett is a four-star pyro character in Genshin Impact. He is an enthusiastic adventurer for the Mondstadt Adventurers’ Guild, but has extremely bad luck. Bennett is accident-prone and his plans often go awry, leading to comic misfortune. However, Bennett stays upbeat and hopeful, always believing that one day his luck will finally turn around.

Fischl’s Princely Persona

As part of her princely persona, Fischl refers to herself with royal pronouns like “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me.” She speaks in an ornate, theatrical style filled with convoluted vocabulary. Fischl also gives nearly everyone she meets elaborate titles and nicknames. For example, she calls the traveler “Prinzessin der Verurteilung’s faithful familiar” and the adventurer Bennett is no exception to Fischl’s nicknaming habits.

Bennett’s Unlucky Adventuring

Bennett is a well-meaning but hapless member of the Adventurers’ Guild in Mondstadt. He dreams of one day becoming the greatest adventurer, but his expeditions are constantly derailed by his terrible luck. Small mishaps snowball into huge disasters anytime Bennett tries to go on an adventure. From getting his foot stuck in a power outlet to accidentally burning down watchtowers, misfortune follows Bennett wherever he goes. Still, he is always enthusiastic about his next big quest, certain that his luck has to turn around sometime…right?

Fischl’s Unique Nickname for Bennett

In their various interactions throughout Genshin Impact, Fischl bestows the nickname “Prinz der Verurteilung” upon Bennett. This translates to “Prince of Condemnation” in German.

This nickname reflects Bennett’s notoriously bad luck and tendency to end up in unfortunate situations. As Prinzessin der Verurteilung, Fischl recognizes a kindred spirit in the unlucky Bennett whose adventures often end in comedic disaster. By dubbing Bennett the Prince of Condemnation, Fischl conveys her understanding of his constant struggles against misfortune. Her nickname acknowledges Bennett’s cursed luck while also putting a princely spin on it.

Why “Prince of Condemnation?”

Fischl’s nickname for Bennett directly mirrors her own title of “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” or Princess of Condemnation. This connects their shared experience of dealing with ongoing hardships – for Fischl, being viewed as an eccentric outcast, and for Bennett, constantly being the victim of bad luck.

By including Bennett under the banner of “Condemnation,” Fischl links their fates as fellow misunderstood exiles. The nickname is both a recognition of Bennett’s unfortunate circumstances and an invitation for him to join Fischl in her imaginative world where they can reinvent themselves. For eccentric Fischl, “Prince of Condemnation” is a high honor bestowed only upon the most tragic heroes.

Examples of Bennett’s Bad Luck

Bennett’s reputation as a magnet for accidents and misfortune is well-documented across the storyline of Genshin Impact. Some notable examples include:

  • Getting his foot caught in a power socket while trying to turn on a light
  • Slipping and accidentally shattering a priceless statue in the Knights of Favonius headquarters
  • Burning down watchtowers and camps due to cooking mishaps during his expeditions
  • Becoming trapped under fallen rubble or debris every time he enters dangerous ruins
  • Getting attacked by unusual environmental hazards like sudden lightning strikes
  • Rotten luck in gambling, contests, and any games of chance

These instances of Bennett’s bad luck range from harmless inconveniences to major disasters. While exaggerated for comedic effect, they demonstrate why Bennett is deserving of the dubious title “Prince of Condemnation” bestowed by Fischl.

Interactions Between Fischl and Bennett

In Genshin Impact, Fischl and Bennett are both obtainable party members who can interact during open world exploration, storyline quests, and special events. Their conversations reveal more about Fischl’s nickname for Bennett.

Fischl’s Princely Invitation

In one notable exchange, Fischl approaches Bennett and declares:

“The Prinzessin der Verurteilung hereby dubs thee Prinz der Verurteilung, and extends to you a princely invitation into her realm of ebon darkness. Henceforth, let us traverse the shadowed byways of the unknown together!”

This shows Fischl bestowing her special nickname upon Bennett in her dramatic princely speech. She emphasizes that they both deal with ongoing misfortune and invites Bennett to join her in imagination, away from their condemnation in reality.

Bennett Obliviously Accepts

Bennett happily accepts Fischl’s invitation, but in his characteristic way, completely misses the nuance of her ominous-sounding title.

“Wow, a princely invitation just for me? You really think I have what it takes to be a prince? I promise I won’t let you down! Let’s go on an adventure together!”

Bennett remains upbeat and eager to adventure with Fischl, unaware of the dark humor in being dubbed the Prince of Condemnation. But Fischl appreciates his sunny enthusiasm in response to her grim-sounding nickname.

Fischl Explains Bennett’s True Worth

In another exchange, Fischl tells Bennett:

“The Prinzessin gazes upon your wretched fate and sees herself reflected in your eyes… Therefore, she has no choice but to recast you – she who has been spurned as an outlandish blight – as Prinz der Verurteilung, a fallen prince traversing an ebon realm.”

This sentiment directly conveys Fischl’s sympathetic understanding of Bennett’s chronic bad luck. By naming him a fallen prince who mirrors her own outcast state, she honors him and draws a bond between them.

The Meaning Behind Fischl’s Nickname

Fischl’s nickname for Bennett – Prinz der Verurteilung or Prince of Condemnation – is significant for several reasons:

Acknowledging Shared Hardships

The gloomy-sounding title represents Fischl acknowledging the hardships both she and Bennett endure – social exclusion for Fischl, ceaseless misfortune for Bennett. Naming him Prince of Condemnation is Fischl’s way of recognizing their shared struggles.

Linking Their Fates

Fischl connects herself and Bennett as fellow exiled royals traversing bleak realms of darkness and condemnation. The nickname links their identities and fates in Fischl’s imagination where she redefines their place in the world.

Inviting Companionship

Dubbing Bennett as Prinz der Verurteilung invites him into Fischl’s fantasy world and offers him companionship. She seeks a partner who can relate to her struggles with being viewed as odd or cursed.

Humorous Irony

There is a humorous irony in linking the misfit Fischl with the unlucky but cheerful Bennett under the banner of condemnation. The nickname juxtaposes grim concepts with Bennett’s optimism.

Recognition of Bennett’s Worth

Most importantly, Fischl’s bestowing of the title Prinz der Verurteilung asserts Bennett’s worth and importance. She sees past his reputation for being hapless and recognizes his admirable resilience in the face of nonstop misfortune.

Why the Nickname is Significant

Fischl’s special nickname for Bennett stands out for several key reasons:

Unusual Friendship

An eccentric girl who plays at being an exiled princess and a boy plagued by ill fortune are an unlikely pair. Fischl and Bennett represent an unusual but meaningful friendship.

Shared Experiences

Both characters deal with ongoing condemnation and exclusion from the world around them. Their shared experiences isolate them but also bind them together.

Hidden Depths

Fischl’s nickname for Bennett shows insight and caring beneath her dramatic, chuuni exterior. And Bennett’s tireless optimism deepens him beyond his unlucky comic relief role.

Mutual Understanding

The two outcasts find belonging in their friendship. Fischl calls Bennett “Prinz der Verurteilung” because she sees herself in him and wants to honor his perseverance while also connecting with a kindred spirit.


In Genshin Impact, Fischl bestows Bennett with the nickname “Prinz der Verurteilung” which translates to “Prince of Condemnation” in German. This unique nickname reflects Fischl and Bennett’s shared experiences as outcasts plagued by misfortune and condemnation.

By dubbing Bennett the Prince of Condemnation, Fischl links their fates as fellow exiles who find belonging only in each other’s company. The name acknowledges Bennett’s perpetual bad luck while also inviting him into Fischl’s imaginary world. And although Bennett remains oblivious to the dark humor of the title, he appreciates Fischl’s friendship.

Ultimately, Fischl calling Bennett “Prinz der Verurteilung” represents an unusual but meaningful bond between two characters defined by hardship. Their friendship reveals hidden depth and compassion beneath Fischl’s theatrics and Bennett’s mishaps.

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