What can I do with extra hangers?

We all end up with extra hangers from time to time. Whether you’ve switched out your wardrobe, got rid of some clothes, or bought items that came with hangers you don’t need, those spare hangers can start to pile up. At first, it may not seem like a big deal. But over time, extra hangers cluttering up your closet can become annoying.

Luckily, there are lots of creative ways to put those spare hangers to use around your home. Here are some of the top suggestions for what to do with extra hangers you have on hand:

Use them for organization

Extra hangers are great for helping organize your home in various ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang up recipes in the kitchen
  • Create an organizer for scarves, belts, and ties
  • Hang up pot lids in the kitchen
  • Hang caps and hats in the entryway
  • Create a hanger bar for necklaces
  • Hang up keys near the front door

Having a designated hanger spot makes items easier to find and keeps everything neater. Pick areas that tend to get cluttered and use spare hangers to bring some order.

Craft DIY projects

With a little creativity, you can upcycle those extra hangers into handy DIY projects. Some ideas include:

  • Make colorful ladder decorations
  • Create a hanger photo display
  • Make decorative hooks for towels or robes
  • Upcycle them into plant hangers
  • Use them to create unique wine racks
  • Make a hanger bracelet or necklace holder

The simplicity of a hanger makes it the perfect material for all kinds of crafts. Browse DIY blogs and sites like Pinterest for more inspiration on what you can make.

Sell or donate them

If you have a big surplus of extra hangers, consider selling or donating them to declutter your closet. Some ideas include:

  • Sell at a garage sale or flea market
  • Donate to local thrift stores
  • Give to friends who may need hangers
  • Donate to organizations like dry cleaners, charities, schools, or churches
  • Sell in bundles online via Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, etc.

Selling or donating ensures your extra hangers don’t end up in the trash and can benefit others. Even a few bucks or removing some clutter makes it worthwhile.

Reuse them for storage

Plastic hangers are quite versatile for storage purposes. You can easily repurpose spare hangers to:

  • Create holiday light storage
  • Hang cleaning supplies in the garage
  • Store gift wrap tubes and ribbons
  • Use in the pantry for plastic bags
  • Hang up pet leashes, gloves, or masks
  • Make DIY spice racks

Having hangers ready to hold needed items will help keep your home tidy. Get creative with how you can use them to store seasonal, craft, cleaning, or other household supplies.

Repurposing Wire Hangers

Standard wire hangers are likely the type you have most of excess of. While basic, you’d be surprised at what useful items you can make from wire hangers with a little DIY spirit. Here are some possibilities:

Craft flowers

Fashion florals from wire hangers to brighten up your living space. To make:

  1. Cut the hook off the hanger and then trim it to size for each flower.
  2. Shape the wire pieces into flower shapes – try making roses, daisies, lilies, etc.
  3. Wrap floral tape or fabric around the metal frames.
  4. Add leaves and stems as desired.

Hang a wire hanger flower wreath or bunch in a vase for cute home decor. Spray paint them any color you like.

DIY magazine rack

A wire hanger is bent into the perfect shape for a magazine holder. Follow these steps:

  1. Cut off the hook of 2-3 hangers.
  2. Bend the sides up slightly to form a wide “M” shape.
  3. Use pliers to twist the ends together to form triangles.
  4. Optionally, spray paint or wrap the frame in fabric for decoration.

Simply lean your new wire magazine holder against the wall to keep reading material neatly stored.

Space saver organizer

Maximize vertical storage space with a handy wall organizer made from wire hangers. Here’s how:

  1. Straighten out the hanger and cut off any excess metal below the bottom curve.
  2. Bend the hanger into a square shape. Twist the ends together.
  3. Use pliers to create knobs on the sides to hold items.
  4. Screw or stick your hanger organizer to the wall using heavy duty tape or hardware.

Use your new hanging organizer in the bathroom, laundry room, office, closet, and more.

DIY trivets

Protect surfaces from hot pans while adding a pop of color. Make trivets with wire hangers using these steps:

  1. Cut the metal hook off 1-2 hangers.
  2. Bend the remaining wire into a spiral, zig zag, or wavy shape.
  3. Optionally, wrap the metal frame in twine, fabric strips, or oven mitts.

The hanger wire shapes alone can work as basic trivets too. Layer in fabric for added texture.

Utensil organizer

Whip up a horizontal utensil holder perfect for drawers with this wire hanger project:

  1. Cut the hook off 1 hanger and trim to fit your drawer.
  2. Bend the hanger ends back to create a wide rectangular shape.
  3. Pinch sections of the hanger to make openings for utensils to slide into.
  4. Optionally, spray paint a fun color.

Use to organize cooking spoons, spatulas, whisks, and other odd-shaped utensils.

DIY bracelets

Fashion cute and easy bracelets from the plastic coating on wire hangers:

  1. Cut off the hooked tops of several hangers.
  2. Cut the plastic coating back in strips.
  3. Wrap and knot the strips around your wrist to desired size.
  4. If desired, trim excess plastic and melt ends to seal.

Make them in all colors for a fun DIY accessory project. They also make great camp bracelets for kids.

Repurposing Plastic Hangers

Sturdy plastic hangers offer their own possibilities for DIY projects. Here are some creative ways to reuse them:

Help develop motor skills

Plastic kid hangers can be made into fun puzzles. Have a young child practice connecting the hanger pieces to develop motor and problem solving abilities. Start with just a few connected pieces and add more as their skills improve.

Hair accessories

The clips on plastic children’s hangers are perfect for taming unruly hair. For young kids, use them to fasten hair back or make whimsical hair accessories.

Art project canvases

Plastic hangers create unique canvases for painting or other crafts. Separate the top hook portion from the bottom and use as is or decorate further.

Jewelry projects

The narrow shape of plastic hangers is ideal for jewelry projects. Make earrings by attaching hooks to the ends or necklaces by stringing beads onto a cut-up hanger strip.

Kids’ obstacle course

Use excess plastic hangers to craft fun tunnels, arches, mazes, and other structures for kids’ obstacle courses. Connect with string or tape for indoor or outdoor active play.


Small plastic hangers can easily be transformed into tiny planters. Drill holes at the bottom for drainage. Then fill with soil and opt for a succulent, herbs, or flowering plant. Hang or set around the home.

Make stick horses

Kids will love creating their own stick horses from old plastic hangers. Cut the bottom hanger portion to size and decorate it with construction paper, craft supplies, and imagination. Attach a stick for the handle. Ride off into the sunset!

Sewing clips

The clips on child hangers work perfectly for temporarily fastening fabric pieces together. Use them instead of pins for lighter duty sewing and craft projects.

Chip and snack bowls

Plastic hangers can become whimsical dip bowls with just a clip. Simply clip one end to the edge of a plate or platter. Drape the hanger inside to hold chips, crackers, pretzels, etc.

Make guitar picks

Cut plastic hanger strips into small triangles to form guitar picks. Smooth any rough edges. Decorate picks with stickers, washi tape, paint pens, etc. to complete.

Repurposing Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers have their own potential for reuse beyond the closet. Consider these crafty ideas:

Home decor signs

Small wooden hangers are perfect for creating miniature signs. Paint an inspiring phrase or name on one for a desk or wall accent.

Jewelry rack

Mini wooden hangers can hold more than clothes – use them to organize necklaces, bracelets, and more. Group several together on the wall for a custom jewelry rack.

Fishing rod holder

Make fishing more organized. Mount a wooden hanger on the wall of your boat or shed to neatly store rods.

Spice rack

Group a few small wooden hangers together and mount them horizontally on the wall to store and display spices in the kitchen.

Pottery tools

Hang wooden hangers on the wall of your pottery studio to hold tools and brushes at the ready for your next project.

gifts and gift tags

Recycle wooden hangers into one-of-a-kind gifts. Craft hanger photo frames, cutting boards, or ornaments. They also make charming gift tags.

Wine glass rack

Screw two small wooden hangers together in an X shape. Mount on the wall to neatly show off wine, champagne, or cocktail glasses.

Desk organizers

Larger wooden hangers are perfect for keeping office supplies wrangled on a desk. Hang or stand them up to corral paper clips, pens, notes, etc. in one spot.

Holiday decorations

Paint or decorate wooden hanger shapes for seasonal crafts. Make snowflakes for winter, clover and rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day, hearts for Valentines, or stars for the Fourth of July.

Hanger Crafts for Kids

Hangers are a versatile craft supply for making all kinds of kids projects. The following are some creative ways to use them:

Superhero Cuffs

Have kids decorate the wide bottom portion of a plastic hanger with markers, stickers, washi tape, glitter, etc. to look like superhero wrist cuffs. Then attach ribbon, elastic, or velcro to fasten around wrists for pretend play.

Hanger Pets

Let kids create unique hanger pets like dogs, cats, giraffes, snakes, and more. Provide craft supplies like googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners, felt, glitter, glue, and ribbons to decorate plain wooden or plastic hangers cut to size.

Rainbow Mobile

Cut rainbow shapes from plastic hangers and punch holes near the top. String different colored rainbows together and hang up for a cute mobile.

Hanger Harmonica

Cut the bottom of a wooden hanger into strips to make a simple harmonica. Have kids paint it and let dry before playing some tunes.

Hanger Horseshoes

Bend wire hangers into horseshoe shapes. Make a game by seeing if kids can toss them onto blocks or plastic bottles. Spray paint them metallic colors for extra fun.

Wooden Lawn Darts

Cut and sand small wooden hangers into pointy dart shapes. Decorate the bases with stickers or markers for homemade lawn darts to toss. Supervise use for safety.

Mini Wreaths

Wind yarn or string around wired hanger pieces shaped into rings or hearts. Kids can customize wreaths for their doors with beads and other embellishments.

Hanger Hooks

Kids can create their own customized hooks for coats, towels, keys, and more from plastic and wooden hangers. Cut to size, add padding if needed, and decorate.

Hula Hoops

Straighten out wire hangers and bend into circular shapes for easy DIY hula hoops. Great for indoor or outdoor play and exercise.


As you can see, there are endless clever ways to reuse spare hangers around your home. Whether you want to organize, decorate, craft, play, or declutter, those old hangers can be transformed into something useful. With just a little creativity and DIY inspiration, you can give new life to extra hangers taking up space. Hopefully these ideas provide a good starting point for how to put your unused hangers to work in fun new ways. Get the whole family involved in coming up with more possibilities too!

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