What is the selling smoothie?

Smoothies have become an increasingly popular health food and beverage in recent years. As more people become concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, they are turning to smoothies as a tasty way to increase their intake of fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients. This growing demand has led to a boom in the smoothie industry, with smoothie bars, juice shops, and cafes popping up in cities and towns across the country. With so many smoothie options available, the question becomes: what is the top-selling, most popular smoothie today?

The Search for the Top Smoothie

Determining the top-selling smoothie is not a simple task. Unlike products in grocery stores that have barcode sales data tracked by market research firms, the smoothie industry does not release definitive sales number rankings. Smoothie chains like Jamba Juice and Smoothie King closely guard their internal sales data. However, we can piece together an informed picture from various sources on which smoothies customers are choosing most frequently at smoothie restaurants and grocery stores today.

Market Research Surveys

Market research firms like Mintel regularly conduct surveys to track consumer preferences and trends. In its 2016 report on smoothies, Mintel found that fruit and green leafy vegetable smoothies were growing in popularity while yogurt-based smoothies were declining. Within the fruit smoothie segment, the report found strawberry banana to be the leader. About one-third of survey respondents named it their favorite fruit smoothie flavor.

Media Reports

Food industry publications also periodically report on top smoothie flavors. For example, a 2020 BevNET article on emerging beverage trends named strawberry banana as the top smoothie restaurant flavor. Meanwhile, a 2021 article in Specialty Food Magazine highlighted rising consumer interest in tropical fruit smoothies featuring pineapple, mango, and passionfruit. Media reports can provide snapshots of changing tastes and new flavor trends.

Smoothie Chain Menus

Analyzing the menus of major smoothie chains can provide clues on consumer preferences. For example, Jamba Juice, which has over 800 locations, currently lists strawberry banana as its number one bestselling smoothie. Smoothie King, with over 1,000 stores, highlights its Strawberry XXL smoothie containing strawberries and bananas as its most popular menu item. The prominence of strawberry banana smoothies on these major chains’ menus suggests it is a widespread consumer favorite.

Grocery Store Sales

As smoothies have become a popular grab-and-go convenience food item, grocery stores have expanded their packaged smoothie options. Nielsen data on top-selling smoothies in grocery stores show strawberry banana leading among flavored smoothies. Pure orange juice and apple juice lead among all smoothie types. This indicates customers also want simple, straightforward fruit smoothies.

Recipe Website Analytics

Websites like AllRecipes and Food Network that publish smoothie recipes collect user analytics on their most viewed and made recipes. These data provide additional confirmation that strawberry banana is the most popular smoothie recipe. Across multiple sites, it consistently ranks among the top flavors based on pageviews and user ratings.

Why Strawberry Banana is the Top Smoothie

In synthesizing data from these various sources, a clear picture emerges that strawberry banana is the overall top-selling and most popular smoothie flavor ordered today. But why has this combination emerged as number one? There are several key factors that explain its widespread appeal:

Taste Profile

The sweet, fruity taste profile of strawberries and bananas makes them a safe, appealing flavor combination for the broadest range of consumers. Strawberries provide sweetness along with a touch of tartness. Bananas add more sweetness and a creamy, smooth texture. Together they create an easily drinkable, fruit-forward flavor. The taste satisfies consumers’ desire for a sweet indulgence.

Ingredients Accessibility

Strawberries and bananas are two of the most commonly purchased fruits at grocery stores. Unlike more exotic fruits like guava or acai that some customers may be unfamiliar with, nearly everyone has tried bananas and strawberries before. Their familiarity makes them a safe choice. Additionally, they are available year-round at affordable price points, making them cost-effective smoothie ingredients.

Nutrition Profile

Strawberries and bananas provide a solid nutritional foundation for smoothies. Strawberries supply vitamin C, manganese, folate and antioxidants. Bananas offer potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber. The fruits’ many vitamins, minerals and fiber appeal to customers looking for a functional food to provide nutrients and sustain energy levels.

Kid Friendly Taste

Smoothies are a popular snack for children. Strawberry banana offers a kid-friendly flavor that picky young palates are likely to accept. The sweet fruits mask the taste of leafy greens or other veggies that parents can hide in smoothies for extra nutrition. Thus strawberry banana has family appeal as both a child pleasing and nutrition boosting choice.

Menu Diversity Potential

Strawberry banana serves as a strong base flavor for expanded smoothie creation. Customers looking for variety can customize their strawberry banana smoothies with mix-in ingredients like yogurt, protein powder, peanut butter and more. The versatility of strawberry banana for creating diverse permutations keeps customers coming back to try new versions.

Health Halo Effect

Smoothies built on fruits like strawberries and bananas feel like inherently healthy options to consumers. Even when laden with sugars from fruit juices or other sweeteners, a strawberry banana smoothie still benefits from a health halo effect. The fruits’ nutritional reputation makes the smoothie seem like a smart choice.

Smoothie Chains Rely on Strawberry Banana

Looking deeper, it becomes clear why major smoothie chains promote strawberry banana as their top seller. The flavor profile has incredibly broad demographic appeal. It attracts kids, college students, office workers and families. Strawberry banana???s great taste and nutrition also convert smoothie skeptics into regular customers. Chains can count on it as a consistently profitable menu item.

For chains ramping up store growth nationwide, strawberry banana provides a familiar flavor profile their brand can become known for. The smoothie trends recently toward more exotic ingredients like acerola cherry or starfruit. But chains adhere to strawberry banana as an anchor that pulls in steady business. Customers return reliably to their trusted classic flavor.

Strawberry banana???s popularity is also self-reinforcing for chains. They make it their signature smoothie for good reason. But by heavily promoting strawberry banana, chains also shape customers’ expectations and ordering habits. Consumers looking for a foolproof flavor default to the classic strawberry banana every chain advertises. They fulfill chains??? predictions by purchasing exactly the smoothie chains peg as most popular.

Other Top Contenders for Smoothie Dominance

While strawberry banana currently leads among smoothies ordered at restaurants and sold at grocery stores, other flavors continue mounting challenges for the top spot. Here are some rising smoothie varieties gaining ground based on recent data:

Tropical Blends

Tropical fruit smoothies combining pineapple, mango, passionfruit and banana are gaining consumer interest. Blends like Jamba Juice???s Island Green provide an exotic yet approachable flavor. The sweet and tangy taste profile appeals to consumers??? desire for more adventurous flavors. Tropical smoothies also bring variety for customers tiring of strawberry banana???s ubiquity.

Green Leafy Vegetable Smoothies

Smoothies built on leafy greens like spinach and kale have gone mainstream. Chains like Smoothie King report growing sales of green smoothies as customers embrace them for health benefits. Adding fruits like mango moderates greens??? bitter notes. Wellness bloggers and nutritionists also recommend greens as smoothie superfoods, propelling their popularity.

Oatmeal Smoothies

Savory smoothies incorporating oats, nut butters and proteins aim to offer a meal replacement. Stores promote them to health-conscious customers seeking convenient nutrition on-the-go. While strawberry banana skews toward snack, new oatmeal smoothies position as filling breakfast, lunch or post-workout recovery drinks as part of a fitness lifestyle. Their practicality for active consumers could drive increasing adoption.

Cold Brew Coffee Smoothies

For adults who enjoy both smoothies and coffee, cold brew coffee smoothies merge both breakfast beverages. The chocolate and vanilla flavor profiles also appeal to dessert cravings. Beans add antioxidant benefits. As consumers look for multifunctional, time-saving foods, coffee smoothies stand out as energizing snacks. Their novelty has captured media attention and consumer trial so far.

Forecast: Strawberry Banana Still Reigns Supreme Near Term

In the coming few years, the data still point to strawberry banana smoothies continuing to lead as America???s overall bestselling smoothie flavor. As a base flavor, it has remarkable versatility to appeal to diverse preferences. Customizable mixes and toppings keep customers engaged. Strawberry banana delivers on the core benefits of nutrition, convenience and great taste that consumers love about smoothies. For sustaining mass popularity, it???s a proven formula that???s hard for newer varieties to dethrone.

At the same time, strawberry banana faces risks of oversaturation. The flavor is unavoidable on smoothie shop menus. Some consumers inevitably tire of ubiquity. This could create market openings for trendy pineapple passionfruit smoothies or oatmeal smoothies. But for now, strawberry banana remains the smoothie flavor Americans buy most often. Chains will stick with this tested top seller as their headline smoothie. They can introduce new flavors for variety while ensuring strawberry banana remains available for devoted fans.

The Future of Smoothies

It???s possible emerging health, ingredient and flavor trends could
dethrone strawberry banana from its bestselling status further in the future. However, consumer data on the smoothie industry reveals truths beyond just flavor preferences. Customers are seeking functionality, convenience and customizability alongside taste. They want smoothies fitting their lifestyle needs whether it???s a quick breakfast, post-workout recovery drink or snack. Smoothies must also align with diets like plant-based, keto or paleo. The future top smoothie will win not just on flavor but on fulfilling these broader desires.

Technology could also disrupt the smoothie space. For example, 3D-printed customized smoothie capsules would allow consumers to instantly create their own flavored smoothie powder at home. Or a voice-activated smart blender could follow voice commands to make a personalized smoothie. Companies innovating both in smoothie ingredients and delivery methods could shake up what consumers expect from their smoothies.

It???s too early to say if another smoothie flavor will definitively unseat strawberry banana as America???s top choice. But strawberry banana has clearly captivated consumers??? tastes now through an ideal balance of familiarity, flexibility, health halo and great taste. For now, smoothie companies can confidently build their menus around this staple smoothie knowing it satisfies a broad range of smoothie cravings. But responsiveness to emerging trends, technology shifts and consumer needs will determine which smoothies ultimately win America???s hearts, taste buds and dollars in the future.


In the growing smoothie industry, determining a definitive top selling flavor is challenging without actual sales data from chains and stores. However, by synthesizing media reports, grocery store data, online recipe trends and menu analysis, strawberry banana emerges as America’s most widely purchased ready-to-drink smoothie today. Its taste, nutrition, cost profile and versatility make it a safe and customizable option appealing to the widest range of smoothie consumers. While new flavor trends constantly emerge in the dynamic smoothie space, strawberry banana currently leads other flavors in consumer preference. Smoothie restaurants and brands rely on it as a foundational menu item that pulls in consistent sales. Barring major technology or ingredient disruptions, strawberry banana smoothies will likely remain America’s number one smoothie choice in the near future thanks to their winning formula of great taste, nutrition, convenience and customizability.

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