What are the planet smoothie sizes?

Planet Smoothie offers smoothies in a variety of sizes to meet different customer needs. The sizes available are small, regular, large, and x-large. Understanding the size options at Planet Smoothie can help customers select the best smoothie size for their preferences and budget.

What is the small size?

The small size at Planet Smoothie is 12 ounces. This is the smallest size smoothie offered on the menu. The small smoothie is a great option for customers who want to sample a flavor or have a lighter smoothie. It’s also a smart choice for children or folks with smaller appetites. The small smoothie ranges from 100 to 150 calories, depending on the recipe.

What is the regular size?

The regular size at Planet Smoothie is 20 ounces. This is the standard size smoothie offered on the menu. The regular smoothie is the most popular choice for customers who want a filling smoothie as a snack or light meal. It typically ranges from 150 to 250 calories, depending on the ingredients selected. The regular size is sufficient for most smoothie drinkers.

What is the large size?

The large smoothie at Planet Smoothie is 24 ounces. This size contains about 1.5 times the amount of a regular smoothie. The large is a good option for customers who want a more indulgent smoothie or need extra fuel. With 200-350 calories, it’s quite filling and satisfying. The large is also great for sharing between two lighter smoothie drinkers.

What is the x-large size?

The x-large is the biggest size smoothie at Planet Smoothie, coming in at 32 ounces. It contains a full 2 times the amount of a regular size smoothie. The x-large is recommended for multiple smoothie drinkers to share or very hungry customers. With 250-450 calories, it packs a nutritional punch. The x-large smoothie serves 2-4 people comfortably in most cases.

How do the planet smoothie sizes compare?

Size Ounces Calories Best Uses
Small 12 oz 100-150 Sampling flavors, smaller appetites
Regular 20 oz 150-250 Standard size, single serving
Large 24 oz 200-350 Larger appetites, sharing between two
X-Large 32 oz 250-450 Sharing between several people

As shown in the table, the planet smoothie sizes range from 12 ounces for a small up to 32 ounces for an x-large. The calorie count also increases with size, from just 100-150 calories in a small up to 250-450 calories in an x-large. Customers can choose the size based on their personal appetite and nutritional needs.

What are the best uses for each planet smoothie size?

Here is an overview of the best uses for each planet smoothie size:


The small 12-ounce smoothie is best for sampling flavors, getting a lighter smoothie, or satisfying smaller appetites like kids. The small size is great for a quick smoothie snack.


The regular 20-ounce smoothie is designed for a single serving and will satisfy most smoothie drinkers. It’s the best size for enjoying a smoothie as a snack, light meal, or energy boost.


The 24-ounce large smoothie is ideal for larger appetites or splitting between two lighter drinkers. The large is satisfying as a meal replacement or shared snack.


The x-large 32-ounce smoothie is great for multiple people to share. With its higher calorie count, the x-large can serve as a meal for two light eaters or a snack for three or four. It’s the best group sharing size.

Tips for ordering the right planet smoothie size

Here are some useful tips for ordering the right planet smoothie size for your needs:

  • Order a small if you just want a taste or are watching calories.
  • Stick with a regular size for a light meal or snack for one.
  • Try a large when extra hungry or splitting with a friend.
  • Get an x-large to share among a group of 3-4 people.
  • Downsize to a small or regular if drinking as an add-on treat to a meal.
  • Upsize to a large or x-large if using as a meal replacement.
  • Ask for sample tastes of flavors if unsure what size to get.

Planet smoothie customizations that affect size

Planet Smoothie allows customers to customize smoothies in ways that impact the size and nutritional content. Some customizations to consider include:


Adding supplements like protein powder, vitamins, immunity boosts, or fiber will increase the thickness, calories, and nutritional value of any smoothie size. Supplements are a great way to up the nutrition in a smaller smoothie.


Extra sweeteners like honey or agave nectar add calories and thickness. Adding too many sweeteners to a larger smoothie can make it unpalatably thick.

Smoothie Boosts

Boosts like chia seeds, flax, avocado, coconut, or peanut butter will provide more calories, nutrition, and richness. Boosts work well in larger smoothies but can overwhelm smaller sizes.

Extra Ingredients

Adding extra ingredients like more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, or liquids makes a smoothie thicker and larger. Too many add-ins can make it hard to finish a bigger smoothie.

Light Ice

Going light on ice concentrates a smoothie’s texture and ingredients. This works well for smaller smoothies but may make larger sizes too thick.

Price differences between planet smoothie sizes

Planet Smoothie prices their smoothies based on size, with larger sizes costing more. Here is an overview of their size pricing:

Size Typical Price
Small $3.50 – $4.50
Regular $4.50 – $6.50
Large $5.50 – $7.50
X-Large $6.50 – $8.50

As shown, the small smoothie is the least expensive option, while the x-large is the most expensive. In general, sizing up increases the price by $1-2 per size increment. Customers can decide if the higher price is worthwhile for them to get more smoothie.

Nutritional content by planet smoothie size

In addition to varying calorie counts, the nutritional content of smoothies changes based on size ordered. Here are some general nutrition ranges:

Size Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fiber Sugar
Small 100-150 5-10g 15-30g 0-3g 2-4g 10-20g
Regular 150-250 10-15g 25-50g 0-5g 3-6g 15-35g
Large 200-350 15-25g 40-65g 0-5g 4-8g 20-45g
X-Large 250-450 20-35g 50-85g 0-5g 6-10g 25-60g

As demonstrated in the nutrition table, larger smoothie sizes pack higher amounts of macronutrients. Protein, carbs, fat, and sugar increase with size. For customers watching their nutrition, sticking with smaller sizes or less caloric recipes may be preferential.

Comparing smoothie sizes at other chains

Planet Smoothie’s smoothie sizes are very comparable to other leading smoothie chains. Here’s how their sizes measure up:

Jamba Juice

  • Small: 16 oz
  • Regular: 24 oz
  • Large: 32 oz

Jamba Juice offers one smaller and one larger size versus Planet Smoothie. Their small is a bit bigger at 16 ounces.

Smoothie King

  • Small: 20 oz
  • Large: 32 oz
  • X-Large: 40 oz

Smoothie King skips the regular size and offers a massive 40-ounce x-large smoothie.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

  • Small: 14 oz
  • Regular: 24 oz
  • Large: 32 oz

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a smaller small size at 14 ounces, but otherwise matches up.

While sizes vary a bit, most smoothie chains offer four size options in the 12 to 40-ounce range. Planet Smoothie sticks with the standard size options that customers expect.

Factors that determine smoothie size needs

Every customer’s smoothie size needs are different depending on factors like:

  • Appetite – Smaller appetites may only require a small or regular size to feel satisfied.
  • Activity level – Active individuals often need larger sizes to fuel their lifestyle and higher calorie expenditure.
  • Dietary needs – Customers managing their weight or conditions like diabetes may prefer smaller smoothie portions.
  • Allergies/intolerances – Those avoiding certain ingredients get fuller faster and may need smaller sizes.
  • Time between meals – Larger smoothies help bridge longer gaps between meals versus just a snack.
  • Sharing – Ordering sizes to share with others requires calculating the group’s smoothie needs.
  • Value – Some customers prefer larger sizes to get more for their money.

Smoothie lovers should consider their individual situation and needs when picking a planet smoothie size. The chain’s range of sizes makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

Tips for getting your ideal planet smoothie size

Here are some final tips for customers to get their perfect planet smoothie size:

  • Start in the middle with a regular and adjust up or down next time if needed.
  • Read smoothie nutrition info online or in-store to estimate size nutrition.
  • Ask for tastes or samples of a flavor before committing to a full size.
  • Modify recipes to make them thicker or thinner as desired.
  • Split a larger smoothie into two smaller servings if it’s too much.
  • Talk to staff for guidance picking the best size for your needs.
  • Keep an open mind and don’t hesitate to order a different size next visit.

Planet Smoothie provides great size options to enjoy smoothies any way customers like. Following these tips can help smoothie lovers get the ideal smoothie size for health, preference, and value.


Planet Smoothie offers four smoothie sizes – small, regular, large, and x-large – ranging from 12 to 32 ounces. Key factors like calories, nutritional content, best uses, and pricing differ between the sizes. Customers can choose their size based on appetite, activity level, dietary needs, and more. Following tips like starting in the middle, sampling flavors, customizing recipes, and asking staff for guidance can help smoothie lovers find their perfect planet smoothie size match.

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