Is there gluten in Bubly water?

Bubly is a flavored sparkling water brand that has become quite popular in recent years. With fun and quirky flavors like grapefruit, mango, cherry, orange, apple, lemon, lime, strawberry, and even watermelon and blackberry, Bubly offers a fizzy, flavorful alternative to plain water.

But for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, an important question arises: is Bubly gluten-free? Can those avoiding gluten safely drink Bubly sparkling water?

The short answer is yes, Bubly does not contain any gluten ingredients. Keep reading to learn more about Bubly’s ingredients, how it’s made, and why it’s considered gluten-free.

What is Bubly?

Bubly is a line of flavored sparkling water that is made by PepsiCo. It was launched in 2018 as a way for Pepsi to compete with other popular sparkling water brands like La Croix, Spindrift, and Waterloo.

Bubly is made by adding natural fruit flavors to carbonated water. The flavors are designed to be light, crisp, and subtle compared to traditional sodas. Bubly aims to provide the carbonation and refreshment of soda with far fewer calories and sweeteners.

Each 12 oz can of Bubly contains no calories, sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. The only ingredients are carbonated water, natural flavors, and citric acid.

Bubly comes in slim, colorful cans with playful names for each flavor like Mangomented or Cranberrydacious. It’s marketed as a fun, lighthearted brand.

Where is Bubly made?

Bubly is produced at PepsiCo manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. The primary production facility is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PepsiCo has rigorous quality control standards for all of its products. While production methods can vary between facilities, the Bubly formula itself is consistent across the brand’s manufacturing locations.

Bubly’s ingredients

As mentioned above, Bubly only contains a handful of ingredients:

– Carbonated water – This provides the bubbly, fizzy quality.

– Natural flavors – The type varies depending on the specific fruit flavor. These flavors are extracted from real foods.

– Citric acid – This adds some light, tangy acidity that balances out the sweetness. Citric acid is commonly found in citrus fruits.

– Sodium citrate – This helps stabilize the beverage.

That’s it – no gluten-containing ingredients like wheat, barley, rye, malt, or oats amongst Bubly’s short list of components.

Importantly, Bubly does not contain any hidden sources of gluten either. The natural flavors are proprietary blends, but PepsiCo has confirmed they do not contain any gluten.

Why Bubly is gluten-free

There are a few important reasons why Bubly can be considered definitively gluten-free:

– No direct gluten-containing ingredients: Bubly’s ingredients – carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavors, and sodium citrate – do not inherently contain gluten.

– No cross-contamination: PepsiCo has strict quality control measures to prevent cross-contamination. The facilities and equipment used to make Bubly do not handle wheat, barley, rye or other gluten grains.

– Third party certification: Bubly is certified gluten-free by independent third-party organizations including the Celiac Support Association and the Gluten Intolerance Group. These certifications require rigorous testing and auditing procedures.

– Explicit company information: PepsiCo directly states that Bubly is gluten-free across its website, packaging, and customer service information. The company is aware of the needs of gluten-sensitive consumers and has transparency around Bubly’s gluten-free status.

With these multiple layers of confirmation, people who must avoid gluten can confidently enjoy the flavors of Bubly without worry.

Is Bubly safe for celiacs and gluten sensitivities?

For those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Bubly is generally considered safe to drink.

As a naturally gluten-free product made without wheat, barley, rye or oats, Bubly should not directly provoke symptoms or intestinal damage in gluten-avoidant individuals.

Of course, it is always smart for those with celiac or gluten sensitivity to verify their individual tolerance. But the vast majority of people who cannot consume gluten are able to enjoy Bubly safely.

It is a good idea to check the packaging for any formula changes if you have not consumed Bubly in awhile. But barring alterations, Bubly is designed to be gluten-free and should not pose any issues for those avoiding gluten.

Bubly flavors

One of the most fun aspects of Bubly is the wide variety of available flavors. Here is a breakdown of Bubly’s flavor offerings:

Fruit Flavors
Citrus Flavors
Other Flavors

This wide variety ensures there is a flavor for everyone. All Bubly flavors are gluten-free, so you can feel free to choose your favorites.

Dietary labels on Bubly

In addition to being certified gluten-free, Bubly is labeled with several other relevant dietary labels:

– Gluten free
– Kosher
– Vegan
– Non-GMO
– Caffeine free

These callouts make Bubly’s status easy to spot for people with various dietary concerns or restrictions like going gluten-free, eating vegetarian/vegan, or avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Where to buy Bubly

Bubly can be purchased at most major grocery stores across the United States. Store locations carrying Bubly include:

– Kroger
– Safeway
– Whole Foods
– Target
– Walmart
– Costco
– Sam’s Club
– Publix
– Winn Dixie

Bubly is typically sold in the carbonated beverage aisle alongside other flavored sparkling waters. It is available in 12-packs of 12 oz cans as well as larger 18 and 24-packs.

Select flavors are also sold individually in 12 oz cans at convenience stores and gas stations.

Of course, a variety of Bubly products can also be purchased online through grocery delivery services like Instacart and Amazon Fresh.

Bubly pricing

Bubly is positioned as an affordable flavored sparkling water option. Pricing will vary somewhat depending on location, but average prices are:

– 12-pack of 12oz cans: $5.99
– 18-pack of 12oz cans: $8.99
– 24-pack of 12oz cans: $10.99

These prices put Bubly as one of the cheaper flavored carbonated water choices on the market. It costs significantly less than most premium or artisanal sparkling water brands.

When purchased individually, 12 oz cans typically ring in around $1-1.50 at convenience stores – on par with pricing for mainstream sodas.

One of the benefits of Bubly is that enjoyable flavored fizzy water can be purchased very cost-effectively. The gluten-free status provides added value for the price.

Does Bubly contain sodium?

There is a small amount of sodium in Bubly coming from the sodium citrate ingredient used for stabilization.

Per 12 oz can, Bubly contains:

– 15mg sodium

This equates to less than 1% of the recommended daily sodium intake. For comparison, here are sodium levels of some other popular beverages (per 12 oz):

– Coke: 40mg
– La Croix: 5mg
– Perrier: 0mg
– Mountain Dew: 55mg

So at 15mg of sodium per can, Bubly sits right in the middle – more than La Croix but less than traditional soda. The sodium content is low enough that Bubly can be considered a low-sodium beverage.

For most people, the modest amount of sodium in Bubly is not a concern. But for those monitoring sodium intake closely for medical reasons, it is something to be aware of.

Bubly vs. La Croix

La Croix is arguably Bubly’s biggest competitor in the flavored carbonated water space. So how does Bubly compare against cult-favorite La Croix?

Here is a side-by-side overview:

Bubly La Croix
Owned by Pepsi Independent brand
More mainstream availability Cult following
Wide range of fruit flavors Mostly citrus focused
Slightly less expensive Slightly more expensive
15mg sodium per can 5mg sodium per can
Fruit flavors are stronger More subtle flavors

Both Bubly and La Croix offer delicious sparkling water with no calories, sugar, or artificial ingredients. Bubly tends to have bolder fruit flavors, while La Croix flavors are more delicate. But they share a commitment to naturally gluten-free recipes free of major allergens.

Does Bubly contain artificial sweeteners?

No, Bubly does not contain any artificial sweeteners. It has no added sugars or sweeteners whatsoever.

The sweetness in Bubly comes only from the natural fruit flavors used. But since no actual fruit juice is added, the sweetness levels are very low – especially compared to traditional soda.

Some flavored sparkling waters do contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, or stevia to make their flavors taste sweeter without adding sugar.

However, Bubly does not rely on these artificial sweeteners. The product is sweetened solely through the proprietary blend of natural fruit essences.

This makes Bubly a good sparkling water choice for people avoiding artificial sweeteners for health, dietary, or personal reasons.

Is Bubly keto friendly?

Yes, Bubly is generally considered a keto friendly drink choice. Since it contains zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar, it fits nicely into a ketogenic eating plan.

When following a keto diet, drinks like regular soda, juice, and sports drinks are off limits since they are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar.

But plain or flavored sparkling waters contain no carbs or sugar to count against your daily keto macros. The lack of calories also prevents Bubly from disrupting ketosis.

Bubly gives keto dieters a way to enjoy flavorful fizzy beverages without worrying about carbohydrate content. It provides an appealing alternative to plain water.

Just check the nutrition labels for latest details, as formulations can change. But Bubly has always fit the standards for keto friendliness.

Does Bubly have caffeine?

No, Bubly flavored sparkling waters are caffeine-free. They do not contain any energizing ingredients like caffeine or guarana.

Caffeine is sometimes present in certain flavors of sparkling water like lime or grapefruit. But PepsiCo has confirmed that none of the Bubly flavors contain any amount of caffeine.

This makes Bubly a good late-day or evening beverage choice without risk of impacting sleep. It can be enjoyed anytime without worrying about caffeine intake.

Some people specifically seek out caffeinated sparkling waters for an extra bubbly energy boost. But Bubly is for those who prefer their fizzy drinks without stimulants.


In summary, Bubly flavored sparkling waters are definitively gluten-free and safe to drink for those avoiding gluten. Bubly’s ingredient list contains no wheat, barley, rye or other gluten sources. And PepsiCo adheres to stringent standards to avoid cross-contamination.

With a wide variety of fun, quirky flavors to choose from, Bubly offers a refreshing gluten-free beverage. It provides the sensory experience of soda without artificial sweeteners or excess calories and carbs.

Bubly can be readily enjoyed by those on gluten-free, keto, and other special diets. The flavors provide flavor and fizz for people avoiding sugar, calories, and common allergens.

Next time you are seeking a flavorful sparkling pick-me-up without gluten, look no further than the colorful Bubly cans in the carbonated beverage aisle. Bubly’s ingredients make it a naturally gluten-free choice.

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