Is the Nike employee store only for employees?

Quick Answer

The Nike employee store is primarily for Nike employees and their families. However, there are some limited circumstances where non-employees can shop at the Nike employee store. These include Nike-sponsored athletes, endorsers, interns, and retirees who maintain their Nike employee perks. Friends of employees are not eligible to shop at the Nike employee store.

Can anyone shop at the Nike employee store?

No, the Nike employee store is not open to the general public. It is specifically designated for current Nike employees, retirees who maintain Nike employee perks, and some other limited groups that have a relationship with Nike. The main criteria to shop at the Nike employee store are:

Current Nike employees

All current, full-time corporate Nike employees are eligible to shop at the employee store. This includes employees at Nike headquarters, Nike retail stores, distribution centers, and other corporate offices and locations. Employees receive an employee ID card that grants them access to shop at the store.

Nike retirees

Some retirees who maintained certain benefits can continue shopping at the employee store after leaving Nike. They must have retired from Nike and formally maintained eligibility to use the store post-employment.

Nike-sponsored athletes and endorsers

Nike has many sponsored athletes and celebrity endorsers that promote Nike products. Many of these individuals are granted access to shop at the Nike employee store as part of their sponsorship perks.

Nike interns

Active Nike interns are also eligible to use the employee store during their internship. This serves as an added benefit to their internship experience.

Nike contract employees

Some contract employees working onsite at Nike locations may also be granted employee store access. This depends on the contract terms and length of assignment.

Who is not eligible for the Nike employee store?

The Nike employee store is reserved for the limited company-affiliated groups above. Other groups not eligible to shop at the Nike employee store include:

  • Friends and extended family of Nike employees
  • General public and Nike fans
  • Former employees who did not retain eligibility
  • Employees at Nike retailers, except corporate staff
  • Employees of other companies, even partners/vendors

Some key things to note:

  • Nike employees cannot purchase items on behalf of friends/family or resell employee store products.
  • Each transaction requires the authorized shopper to present their employee ID/credentials.
  • Shopping privileges are non-transferrable and only for individual employee use.

Why is the Nike employee store exclusive?

Nike limits access to its employee store for a few key reasons:

Employee benefits and perks

The employee store is considered a special benefit and discount program for Nike workers. It allows employees to purchase Nike products at significantly reduced prices. It serves as an added perk to working for Nike.

Control reselling and distribution channels

By only allowing employee access, Nike can control the distribution of its products sold at discount employee store pricing. This prevents large-scale reselling.

Protect exclusivity of product image

The Nike brand maintains an image of elite performance and aspirational appeal. Widely available deep discounts could hurt this image. Restricting distribution helps protect the brand’s premium reputation.

Promote internal employee culture

The employee store fosters company culture and morale. Employees can connect while enjoying the shared benefit of great product deals.

Company cost savings

It costs less for Nike to sell excess inventory or discontinued products internally rather than offering public discounts. The employee store helps liquidate products without diminishing the brand externally.

Nike employee store locations

Nike employee stores are located in areas with a high concentration of Nike corporate employees. The flagship employee store is near Nike’s corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Other notable locations include:

Memphis, TN Hong Kong
New York, NY Panama
Toronto, Canada Seoul, South Korea

Some additional facts about Nike employee store locations:

– There are over 50 employee store locations globally.
– Stores are found close to Nike offices, manufacturing, distribution centers.
– Size, selection, and exact locations are not publicly disclosed.
– Access is restricted to employees and authorized groups only.
– Verification of Nike employee status is required to enter.

What is sold at the Nike employee store?

Nike employee stores offer a wide range of Nike products and apparel at discounted prices. Some key product categories include:

– Footwear – athletic shoes,sandals, boots, etc.
– Apparel – shirts, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, jackets
– Equipment – balls, bags, gear for sports
– Accessories – socks, sunglasses, hats, wallets

The stores stock men’s, women’s and children’s products across Nike’s brand portfolio:

– Core Nike brand
– Jordan Brand
– Converse
– Hurley

Compared to normal retail, the employee stores have:

– Deeper discounts – typically 25-50% off retail prices
– Special promotional offers and coupons
– Larger inventory of limited edition/exclusive products
– Access to new product launches and collaborations
– Ability to order customized and hard-to-find items

Overall, the product selection provides employees access to a wider range of Nike gear at much lower costs than typical consumers can find.

How much discount do employees get at the Nike store?

Employees receive sizeable discounts on Nike products at the employee store. Discounts range from 25% to 50%+ off the standard retail price:

– Typical discount is 25-40% off regular retail prices.
– Special clearance or discount events can offer 50-70% off.
– New product releases tend to offer smaller discounts initially.
– Higher discount on discontinued products to clear inventory.

Some additional notes on Nike employee pricing:

– Discount applies to both online and in-store employee store purchases.
– Percentage discounts vary by product categories and seasons.
– Employees receive discount coupons on top of existing prices.
– Longer-tenured employees may receive extra discount incentives.
– Friends and family of employees pay regular retail prices.

Compared to normal consumers, employees can save hundreds of dollars annually by shopping at the Nike employee store versus other retailers. The ability to buy Nike products at such steep discounts is a major workplace benefit.

How often can employees shop at the Nike store?

Employees can shop very frequently at the Nike employee store:

– Employees can visit and purchase items multiple times per week.
– No specific limits are placed on how often employees can shop.
– Special markdown events tend to draw larger employee crowds.
– Purchases are limited to reasonable personal use and giving.

Shopping frequency allowances:

– Employees can shop more often during the holiday season.
– Retirees may have limitations to monthly shopping trips.
– Interns have more finite access during their program term.
– Frequency is at manager discretion for unique situations .

While no strict limits exist, employees are trusted not to abuse the privilege of shopping very frequently at the discounted employee store.

Can Nike employees shop online?

Yes, Nike employees can utilize an online employee store in addition to shopping in-person.

– The online employee store has similar discounts.
– Online ordering allows employees in remote locations to access deals.
– In-store pick-up is also available from the online store.
– The selection online may differ somewhat from in-store inventory.

Nike provides employees with login credentials to access the exclusive online employee store:

– Must login with employee ID to view store and pricing.
– Virtual shopping cart features and shipping options.
– Ability to track order status and history.
– Returns can be done by mail or in-person.

The online employee store provides a convenient way for employees to shop the extensive product catalog from anywhere. Pricing and discounts are competitive or better than in-person.

What are the steps to shop at the Nike employee store?

Shopping at the Nike employee store involves the following general steps:

1. Verify eligibility to use the store as a Nike employee or authorized shopper.

2. Visit during open store hours or make an appointment for employee-only hours.

3. Check-in by swiping employee ID or store credentials to enter.

4. Browse available products and inventory across apparel and footwear categories.

5. Select items to purchase and determine discounts off original prices.

6. Proceed to checkout and present employee ID to obtain discounts.

7. Complete payment using normal methods – credit, debit, Nike gift cards, etc.

8. For online orders, login to employee store website and browse items online. Add to cart, enter payment, and submit order.

What is the process to get access to the Nike employee store?

The process to gain access to the Nike employee store involves:

For employees:

– Get hired and onboarded by Nike as a corporate employee.
– Receive your official Nike employee ID badge. This grants you entry and discounts.

For interns:

– Accept an offer as an authorized Nike intern.
– Register for an employee ID badge specifically for interns.

For contract employees:

– Have employee store access written into contract by Nike HR.
– Obtain a temporary ID card for store access if granted.

For retirees:

– Formally retire from Nike and elect to maintain employee store benefits.
– Get issued a retiree employee ID to continue accessing the store.

For sponsored athletes/celebrities:

– Sign a sponsorship deal with Nike that includes store access privileges.
– Be provided a special VIP pass for admittance and shopping.

Gaining access involves being in one of the eligible categories and going through proper registration steps. The Nike employee ID serves as the credential required to enter and shop at the employee stores.


In summary, the Nike employee store provides substantial discounts on Nike products as a major perk for company employees and select affiliated groups like sponsored athletes and retirees. While not open to the public, it enables employees to save significantly on Nike gear for personal use. Strict limits prevent abuse or resale of marked down employee store merchandise. Across its global locations and online store, the Nike employee store remains one of the best corporate employee benefits.

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