Is Nicorette gum sugar free?

Nicorette gum is a type of nicotine replacement therapy designed to help people quit smoking. It provides a low level of nicotine to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms when someone stops smoking cigarettes. Nicorette gum comes in different flavors and strengths, but one common question is – is Nicorette gum sugar free?

What is Nicorette Gum?

Nicorette gum contains nicotine and is used to help people stop smoking. It works by replacing some of the nicotine that a person would usually get from cigarettes. When the urge to smoke strikes, chewing Nicorette gum provides nicotine directly into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth. This helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Nicorette gum is available over-the-counter in two strengths: 2mg and 4mg. The 4mg gum is recommended for smokers who smoke more than 25 cigarettes per day, while the 2mg gum is recommended for lighter smokers. Nicorette gum comes in different flavors like mint, fruit, and cinnamon.

Nicotine Content in Nicorette Gum

The amount of nicotine in Nicorette gum depends on the strength:

Nicorette Gum Nicotine Content
2mg gum 2mg nicotine per piece
4mg gum 4mg nicotine per piece

For reference, most cigarettes contain between 8mg to 20mg of nicotine per cigarette. So chewing nicotine gum provides less nicotine than smoking a cigarette.

The nicotine in the gum is absorbed through the lining of the mouth when chewed. Maximum absorption occurs after about 30 minutes of chewing. The gum should be chewed slowly until a peppery taste emerges and then rested between the cheek and gum until the taste fades.

Other Ingredients in Nicorette Gum

In addition to nicotine, Nicorette gum contains the following inactive ingredients depending on the flavor:

Ingredient Purpose
Xylitol Sweetener
Sodium carbonate Buffered salt
Sodium alginate Gelling agent
Sodium hydrogen carbonate pH buffer
Flavorings For taste
Calcium polycarbophil Gelling agent
Glycerol Humectant
Guar gum Thickening agent
Talc Glidant
Titanium dioxide Color
Carnuba wax Polishing agent

These inactive ingredients help provide the texture, flavor, and performance of the nicotine gum.

Is Nicorette Gum Sugar Free?

Yes, Nicorette gum is sugar free. It does not contain any added sugar.

Instead of sugar, Nicorette gum is sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that provides a sweet taste but with fewer calories than sugar.

Most varieties of Nicorette gum contain xylitol as the main sweetener and do not contain any added sugar. The use of xylitol instead of sugar allows Nicorette gum to be labeled as sugar free.

For people concerned about limiting their sugar intake or living with diabetes, the lack of added sugar makes Nicorette gum a better choice than other products containing sugar.

Benefits of Xylitol as a Sweetener

There are several advantages to using xylitol instead of regular sugar in Nicorette gum:

– Fewer calories – Xylitol only contains 2.4 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram in sugar. This leads to lower calorie intake.

– Does not raise blood sugar – Unlike regular sugar, xylitol does not cause spikes in blood glucose levels. This helps control blood sugar.

– Tooth friendly – Xylitol does not get metabolized by the bacteria in the mouth. So, it does not contribute to tooth decay and cavities.

– Prebiotic effects – Xylitol may help stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

So xylitol provides a sweet taste similar to sugar, but with fewer calories and less impact on dental health and blood sugar. This makes it a good sugar substitute in gum and other products.

Amount of Xylitol in Nicorette Gum

The amount of xylitol contained in Nicorette gum depends on the gum flavor:

Nicorette Gum Flavor Amount of Xylitol
White Ice Mint 650mg per piece
Fruit Chill 830mg per piece
Cinnamon Surge 950mg per piece
Spearmint 460mg per piece
Tropical Fruit 700mg per piece
Cherry 700mg per piece

Most pieces of Nicorette gum contain between 460mg to 950mg of xylitol as the main sweetener.

When chewing the gum, not all of the xylitol may be ingested, as some remains in the gum base. But this demonstrates the significant amount of xylitol used to sweeten the Nicorette gum products.

Is There Any Sugar in Nicorette Gum?

There is no added sugar or sucrose in the main ingredients of Nicorette gum. So in terms of added sweeteners, the gum is sugar free.

However, Nicorette gum contains natural flavorings to provide the mint, fruit, cinnamon, or other tastes. Some of these natural flavorings may contain trace amounts of sugars.

The nutrition facts label states that a piece of Nicorette gum contains less than 1g of total sugars. So there may be minuscule amounts of natural sugars present in the flavorings, but not enough to provide any significant source of sugars.

Therefore, while not completely sugar free, Nicorette gum can be considered essentially sugar free, as it does not contain any added sugar or significant amounts of natural sugars. The main sweetness comes from the non-sugar sweetener xylitol.

Comparison to Other Nicotine Gums

There are other nicotine gum products besides Nicorette available on the market. Some of the key competitors include:

– Generic store brand nicotine gums
– Quit2 nicotine gum
– Habitrol nicotine gum

Like Nicorette gum, these other nicotine gums also do not contain any added sugar. They are sweetened with xylitol or sorbitol rather than sugar.

This allows them to also be labeled as sugar free. So Nicorette is not unique in using non-sugar sweeteners amongst nicotine gums. The lack of added sugar is common across brands.

Nicorette Gum and the Keto Diet

The keto diet involves restricting carb intake to lower blood sugar and promote ketone production. On keto, sugar and starchy carbs are significantly limited.

Nicorette gum can fit into a keto diet as it does not contain added sugar or high carb ingredients. The main sweetener xylitol does not impact blood sugar like sugar does.

There are around 2-3g of net carbs in a piece of Nicorette gum. This is a minimal amount of carbs and should not disrupt ketosis for most people following a keto diet. The other ingredients in the gum base are low carb as well.

Therefore, Nicorette gum is a keto friendly option for nicotine replacement, as long as chewing the gum does not trigger sugar cravings. For most people, Nicorette gum can be consumed in moderation on a keto diet.

Tips for Using Nicorette Gum

Here are some tips for using Nicorette gum effectively and safely:

– Use the gum as a quit smoking aid rather than long-term reliance on nicotine

– Chew the gum slowly until a peppery taste emerges

– Rest the gum inside the cheek to allow nicotine absorption

– Limit chewing to about 15-30minutes and do not swallow the gum

– Rotate chewing sides to minimize mouth irritation

– Drink plenty of water while chewing to avoid throat irritation

– Avoid acidic drinks or coffee within 15 minutes of chewing

– Consult a doctor before use if you have any health conditions

– Taper gum use over time and discontinue once smoking urges subside

– Follow dosage guidelines carefully to avoid side effects

Used properly and temporarily, Nicorette gum can be an effective aid to stop cigarette smoking without the added sugar. But be sure to use it according to instructions and taper off use over time.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Nicorette gum does not contain any added sugar and is sweetened with the natural sweetener xylitol instead. While there may be trace amounts of sugars from natural flavors, there are no high amounts of added sugar in the ingredients. Nicorette gum can therefore be considered sugar free and a good option for those looking to avoid sugar as part of their diet or lifestyle. The lack of added sugar makes Nicorette gum appropriate for use on low sugar and low carb diets like keto as an alternative nicotine source to cigarettes. So if you’re looking to quit smoking but want to avoid extra sugar, Nicorette gum is a sugar free nicotine replacement option to consider.

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