Is Monin dark chocolate vegan?

Monin dark chocolate syrup is a popular syrup used to add chocolate flavor to coffee drinks, desserts, and more. With the rise of veganism and plant-based diets, many people wonder if Monin’s dark chocolate syrup is vegan. In this in-depth article, we will examine the ingredients in Monin dark chocolate syrup to determine if it is truly vegan and animal product-free. We will also look at other factors like Monin’s stance on animal testing.

What Does “Vegan” Mean?

First, let’s clarify what it means for a product to be vegan. The vegan diet avoids all animal products and animal-derived ingredients. This includes:

  • Meat, poultry, fish
  • Eggs and dairy products
  • Honey
  • Gelatin
  • Wool, leather, fur
  • Certain food additives like lactose, casein, whey protein

So for Monin’s dark chocolate syrup to be vegan, it must not contain any ingredients animal-derived ingredients like milk, eggs, gelatin, or other animal products. We’ll have to look at the ingredient list closely.

Examining the Ingredients in Monin Dark Chocolate Syrup

Here is the ingredient list for Monin dark chocolate syrup, according to the product packaging:

Ingredients: Sugar, water, cocoa powder, natural flavour, salt, potassium sorbate.

At first glance, this appears to be a vegan ingredient list. Let’s go through each ingredient one by one:


The first ingredient is simply listed as “sugar”. Most sugar is vegan, unless specifically noted otherwise. Cane sugar and beet sugar are vegan. While bone char is sometimes used to filter and bleach sugar, Monin likely uses vegan sugar sources.


Water is always vegan.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is ground cacao beans. Cacao beans and cocoa powder are vegan ingredients.

Natural flavour

The “natural flavour” in Monin’s syrup is also likely vegan. However, it’s worth noting that natural flavours can sometimes contain hidden animal products. When a company labels a natural flavour as “natural”, it means the flavour comes from plant or animal sources. However, Monin’s natural flavour is almost certainly plant-derived given the vegan-friendly ingredients surrounding it.


Salt used in food products is vegan. Salt is mineral that comes from the earth or sea.

Potassium sorbate

Potassium sorbate is a vegan-friendly preservative used to extend shelf life. It does not come from animal sources.

So by thoroughly examining the ingredients, Monin’s dark chocolate syrup appears to be vegan. Each ingredient on the list is plant-derived. There are no milk, egg, or animal-derived products included.

How Monin Sources Their Cocoa

Monin states that they source their cocoa beans sustainably and ethically. The beans come from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The Rainforest Alliance seal means the cocoa is grown using sustainable practices that protect forests, soil, waterways, and wildlife. Workers are treated fairly and paid fair wages on these certified farms.

Ethically sourced cocoa beans are important for vegans who aim to avoid products tied to industries that exploit animals. With their cocoa certification, Monin shows commitment to sustainable, ethical growing practices.

Monin’s Stance on Animal Testing

Monin has clearly stated that they do not test any products on animals. The company ethos is strongly against cruelty to animals. Monin products are indicated as “not tested on animals” on their website and product packaging.

This is essential for vegans who boycott companies involved in animal testing. Although Monin’s syrups are food products not typically subject to animal testing, their strong stance shows vegan ethical values.

Is Monin Dark Chocolate Syrup Vegan: The Verdict

Based on a careful review of the ingredients list, sourcing information, and company policies, Monin dark chocolate syrup can be considered 100% vegan.

Here is a summary of the key facts:

  • The ingredients contain no animal-derived products
  • Monin uses Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa for sustainability and ethics
  • Monin has a strict no animal testing policy

Vegans aiming to avoid animal exploitation through their food choices can enjoy Monin dark chocolate syrup without compromise. The syrup makes a delicious vegan topping for plant-based milkshakes and mochas.

Other Vegan Options from Monin

In addition to the dark chocolate syrup, Monin offers many other vegan-friendly syrup flavors. All of their fruit syrups like raspberry, peach, and coconut are vegan. Some other vegan Monin syrups include:

  • Caramel
  • White chocolate
  • Hazelnut
  • Irish cream
  • Amaretto
  • Butterscotch
  • Toffee

Monin labels their vegan syrups with a “V” on the bottle to make them easy to identify. Check your local grocery store or coffee shop to find Monin’s vegan syrup range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some chocolate syrups contain milk ingredients?

Some chocolate syrups include milk ingredients like milk powder, milk fats, or lactose. These dairy-based ingredients can add creaminess and a mellow chocolate flavor. However, Monin’s dark chocolate syrup achieves a rich taste and smooth texture with just cocoa powder and natural flavors.

Does Monin test on animals now or have they in the past?

Monin has never tested products on animals. The company has always maintained a strong ethical stance against animal cruelty and testing. Their products are indicated as “not tested on animals”.

Could Monin’s “natural flavors” contain hidden animal ingredients?

It’s highly unlikely Monin’s natural flavors in their dark chocolate syrup contain any animal derivatives. The flavors are certainly plant-based given the all vegan surrounding ingredients. Monin also indicates this syrup as “vegan” on their website.

Does Monin use sustainable palm oil?

Monin states that all their palm oil supply chains are RSPO-certified. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ensures no deforestation or habitat destruction in palm oil production. This consideration for the environment aligns with vegan ethics.

Are there any non-vegan Monin syrups?

Yes, Monin does produce a few non-vegan syrups that contain dairy ingredients. These include options like hazelnut cream, Irish cream, and caramel cream. Always check the ingredients and vegan symbols if you want to avoid milk-based products.

The Best Uses for Monin Dark Chocolate Syrup

Monin’s vegan dark chocolate syrup can add a delicious chocolate kick to all types of beverages and desserts. Here are some of the best ways to use it:

Chocolate Coffee Drinks

Add a pump or drizzle of chocolate syrup to your morning coffee, latte, or iced coffee for a mocha flavor. You can also use the syrup to make chocolate versions of coffees like:

  • Chocolate macchiato
  • Chocolate cortado
  • Iced chocolate mocha

Smoothies and Milkshakes

Blend some chocolate syrup into your dairy-free smoothies and milkshakes. It pairs especially well with banana, peanut butter, and vanilla.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Drizzle the chocolate syrup over non-dairy ice cream or fresh fruit to create a delicious vegan sundae.

Chocolate Fondue

Use the dark chocolate syrup to make an easy vegan chocolate fondue. Dip fruit like bananas and strawberries into melted chocolatey goodness.

Pancakes and Waffles

Take your vegan pancakes or waffles to the next level by topping them with dark chocolate syrup. Add some fresh fruit too for contrasting flavors.

Oatmeal and Porridge

Stir a tablespoon or two of chocolate syrup into your hot oatmeal or overnight oats. It tastes delicious and gives a vitamin, mineral and antioxidant boost from the cacao.

Cakes and Brownies

Fold some chocolate syrup into cake batters like chocolate cake or red velvet cake. You can also drizzle it over baked cakes and brownies for added chocolate decadence.

Nutrition Information

Monin’s dark chocolate syrup is high in sugar, but also provides some nutritional benefits from the cocoa powder. Here is the nutrition information per serving (1 tablespoon or 21g):

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Calories 80
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 15mg
Total Carbohydrate 20g
Sugar 19g
Protein 0g

As you can see, the syrup is high in sugar with 19g per serving. But it also provides 3g of dietary fiber from the cocoa powder. Cocoa is also packed with antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc. Enjoy Monin’s dark chocolate syrup as an occasional treat in moderation.

Trying Monin’s Vegan Dark Chocolate Syrup

Monin dark chocolate syrup makes for an easy way to add chocolate flavoring or sauces to drinks and recipes. With a quick check of the label, vegans can enjoy Monin syrups as a dairy-free alternative to milk-based chocolate sauces. The rich, high-quality dark chocolate taste beats store-bought syrups hands down.

Check the natural foods aisle of your grocery store or visit your local coffee shop to get your hands on a bottle. Monin syrups are sold individually or sometimes in variety packs. You can also order the dark chocolate syrup online direct from Monin if you can’t find it in stores near you.

Drizzle it over non-dairy ice cream, blend it into your oat milk latte, or use it to bake vegan chocolate treats. However you choose to use it, Monin dark chocolate syrup is sure to be your new secret ingredient for all things chocolate.

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