Is MOD Pizza dairy-free?

MOD Pizza offers some dairy-free options, but is not an entirely dairy-free restaurant. Here is a quick overview of MOD Pizza’s dairy-free offerings:

MOD Pizza Dairy-Free Cheese

MOD Pizza has a dairy-free cheese option made from cauliflower that can be added to pizzas or salads. This allows those avoiding dairy to still enjoy the melty, cheesy goodness of MOD Pizza.

MOD Pizza Dairy-Free Sauce

The classic red sauce and spicy red sauce at MOD are dairy-free. The white sauce contains dairy ingredients like parmesan and ricotta, so it’s not dairy-free.

MOD Pizza Dairy-Free Toppings

There are many dairy-free pizza topping options at MOD, including:

  • Meats like pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon
  • Veggies like mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach
  • Fruits like pineapple, jalapeños

Just avoid cheese and creamy sauces and the toppings are dairy-free.

Can You Order a Dairy-Free MOD Pizza?

Yes, with the dairy-free cheese, classic red sauce, spicy red sauce, and toppings, you can order a customized dairy-free MOD pizza. Some ideas for dairy-free pizzas include:

  • Pepperoni pizza with dairy-free cheese and classic red sauce
  • Veggie pizza with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and dairy-free cheese
  • Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, bacon, and dairy-free cheese

You can also build your own dairy-free pizza with your choice of sauce and toppings.

Other Dairy-Free Menu Items

In addition to customized dairy-free pizzas, MOD Pizza also offers these dairy-free menu items:

  • Salads with dairy-free dressing options
  • Garlic strips
  • Sodas, teas, and other drinks

Desserts like the cinnamon strips contain dairy and aren’t dairy-free.

Ordering Dairy-Free at MOD Pizza

When ordering dairy-free at MOD Pizza, follow these tips:

  • Choose the classic red or spicy red sauce, avoid the white sauce
  • Select the dairy-free cheese option
  • Build your pizza with meat and veggie toppings
  • For salads, pick a dairy-free dressing
  • Mention any dairy allergy to the staff
  • Check labels for ingredients if uncertain about an item

With the ability to customize your pizza or salad, it’s easy to find dairy-free choices at MOD Pizza.

Availability of Dairy-Free Options

MOD Pizza locations across the United States offer the dairy-free cheese and sauce options. However, availability can vary:

  • The dairy-free cheese is available at most but not all locations
  • Specific toppings may vary by restaurant
  • Dressings can differ across locations too

Your best bet is to check with your local MOD Pizza about their specific dairy-free offerings when ordering.

Nutrition Information for Dairy-Free Items

Going dairy-free doesn’t mean you have to compromise on nutrition. Here are some nutrition facts on MOD Pizza’s dairy-free options:

Item Serving Size Calories Protein (g) Carbs (g)
Dairy-free cheese 2 oz 90 2 3
Classic red sauce 2 oz 15 1 3
Spicy red sauce 2 oz 15 1 3

As you can see, the dairy-free options at MOD are low in calories but still pack nutrition like protein, carbs, and more.

Ingredients to Avoid

Those with dairy allergies or avoiding dairy for other reasons should steer clear of these ingredients at MOD Pizza:

  • Cheeses made with cow’s milk
  • White sauce
  • Pesto sauce
  • Ranch dressing
  • Blue cheese dressing
  • Cinnamon strips

Checking the ingredients listing for items is the best way to identify foods containing milk-based products.

Vegan Options

While MOD Pizza caters to dairy-free diets, the restaurant is not fully vegan. However, you can request vegan substitutions:

  • Substitute Daiya dairy-free cheese for the standard dairy-free cheese, which contains egg whites
  • Ask for vegan salad dressings
  • Avoid any meat toppings

With special requests, vegans can enjoy dairy-free and meatless pizzas, salads, and sides at MOD.


In summary, those avoiding dairy can enjoy pizza, salads, and more at MOD Pizza by customizing items to be dairy-free. While not every item is dairy-free, you have many possibilities to make menu items work with a dairy-free diet. Just opt for the dairy-free cheese, classic red sauces, lots of produce-based toppings, and ask questions to ensure your order doesn’t contain hidden dairy. With some simple modifications, you can still enjoy the MOD Pizza experience dairy-free.

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