Is Kraken Black gluten-free?

Kraken Black is a popular spiced rum produced by Kraken Rum Company. Many people wonder if Kraken Black contains gluten, especially those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This article will provide a quick answer upfront – Yes, Kraken Black rum is gluten-free. We’ll explore this question in more detail throughout the article.

What is Kraken Black Rum?

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a 94 proof black rum produced in Trinidad and Tobago. It was introduced to the public in 2009 and is known for its distinctive black color and bottle design featuring a Kraken sea creature.

Some key facts about Kraken Black Rum:

  • Made from molasses and pure sugar cane juice
  • Blend of 11 spices including cinnamon, ginger, and clove
  • Aged for 12-24 months in American oak barrels
  • Has rich flavors of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and spice
  • Used in cocktails like the Kraken Cola and Black Stormy

Kraken Black stands out for its black color, strong 47% ABV (94 proof), and sweet, spicy taste profile. It’s become popular for cocktails and general consumption.

What Ingredients Are in Kraken Black Rum?

The main ingredients in Kraken Black Rum are:

  • Molasses – The base fermented ingredient made from sugarcane.
  • Sugarcane Juice – Also used in the fermentation process.
  • Water – Added before and after distillation.
  • Blend of 11 Spices – Exact blend is proprietary but contains cinnamon, cloves, ginger and other spices.

Some minor ingredients include caramel color and oak extracts from barrel aging. But there are no gluten-containing ingredients used in Kraken Black Rum production according to the company.

Why Is Kraken Black Rum Gluten-Free?

Kraken Black Rum is gluten-free because the ingredients used contain no detectable amounts of gluten. Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. Here’s why Kraken Rum contains no gluten:

  • Made from sugarcane products – Sugarcane and molasses provide the fermentable sugars to create rum, not grains.
  • Does not contain malt or wheat – Some dark spirits like whiskey use wheat or malted barley that contain gluten. Kraken uses no gluten grains.
  • No gluten additives – No gluten-containing additives are used in processing and aging Kraken Black Rum.
  • Produced at a gluten-free facility – The rum is distilled and bottled at a facility that does not process any gluten grains.

Distillation also serves to remove any traces of gluten that might be present from grain-based alcohols. The gluten protein cannot survive the distillation process according to research.

Testing Confirms Kraken Black Rum is Gluten-Free

Kraken Rum Company states that every batch of Kraken Black Rum is tested to contain less than 10 ppm of gluten. This very low level confirms the rum can be considered gluten-free:

  • Less than 10 ppm gluten is the recognized standard for a gluten-free food product.
  • Testing is conducted by independent laboratories using valid gluten assay methods.
  • Rigorous testing ensures each bottling run remains consistently gluten-free.

The Kraken Rum website states that their products are “distilled from molasses and are safe for people with celiac disease to drink”. The gluten-free status of Kraken Black Rum is regularly tested and confirmed.

Kraken Rum Company Validates Gluten-Free Status

Kraken Rum Company provides assurance that Kraken Black Rum is gluten-free:

  • Listed as gluten-free on the Kraken Rum website.
  • Customer service states Kraken Black Rum contains no gluten and is safe for those sensitive to gluten intake.
  • The company guarantees their rum is distilled and produced without any gluten-containing grains.
  • No consumer complaints have been reported regarding reactions to gluten in Kraken Black Rum.

The company stands behind the gluten-free status of their product. Kraken Black Rum is labeled as gluten-free when sold in grocery and liquor stores as well.

No Shared Equipment with Gluten Contamination

In addition to ingredients, shared equipment used in production can sometimes contaminate a product with traces of gluten. Regarding potential cross-contamination, Kraken Rum Company has stated:

  • Kraken rum is distilled, aged, and bottled at facilities that do not process any gluten-containing grains.
  • No equipment at their facilities have contact with sources of gluten prior to Kraken rum production.
  • This prevents any cross-contamination of gluten in the final rum product.

Proper sanitation and cleaning procedures between production runs also minimize any chances of gluten cross-contamination at their facilities.

Kraken Black Rum Meets Gluten-Free Standards

Based on an analysis of the ingredients, distillation process, testing procedures, and company information, Kraken Black Rum meets accepted standards to be considered gluten-free:

  • Made from gluten-free sugarcane products.
  • Contains less than 10 ppm of detectable gluten after rigorous testing.
  • Produced in facilities with no gluten grains or cross-contamination.
  • Company guarantees the rum is gluten-free and safe for those sensitive to gluten.

Kraken Black Rum satisfies the requirements to be classified as a gluten-free beverage product. Those avoiding gluten for medical reasons can feel confident consuming this brand of rum.

Reviews from Celiacs Who Have Consumed Kraken Black Rum

Many celiac disease patients and those with gluten sensitivity have consumed Kraken Black Rum without any issues. Here are some reviews from Celiac forums:

  • “Celiac for 10 years, and I’ve never had a problem drinking Kraken rum. It’s my go-to for a spiced rum and truly gluten free.”
  • “I have severe reactions to gluten and have drank Kraken multiple times with no problems at all. Definitely gluten-free.”
  • “I have Celiac and have done a lot of research on Kraken rum. It’s one of the few I feel very comfortable drinking as it’s made from molasses and thoroughly tested.”

These testimonials provide real-world confirmation from Celiacs that Kraken Black Rum appears safe for those adhering to a strict gluten-free diet. The lack of reactions provides confidence in the gluten-free claim.

Things to Note About Kraken Black Rum

While Kraken Black Rum contains no gluten in the finished product, here are some things those with Celiac disease should keep in mind:

  • Sensitivities can vary – A few Celiacs report mild reactions, so personal trial may be needed.
  • Look for gluten-free label – Purchase Kraken rum labeled “gluten-free” to get reliably tested product.
  • Avoid craft cocktails – Ask about ingredients if ordering Kraken cocktails at bars or restaurants.
  • Cross-contamination possible – Use dedicated gluten-free mixers and glasses at home.

Drinking Kraken Black Rum labeled gluten-free in its original bottle is the best way for Celiacs to consume it. Those highly sensitive should check for any reaction when first trying it.

Is Kraken Rum Completely Gluten-Free?

While this article focuses specifically on Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Kraken also produces several other rums:

  • Kraken Ghost White Rum
  • Kraken Cayman Island Coconut Rum
  • Kraken Aged Rum

According to Kraken Rum Company, all these rum products are produced in the same gluten-free facility using molasses and cane juice. None of their rums contain any gluten ingredients.

However, check labels to be sure any rum product you purchase from Kraken Rum Company states it is gluten-free. Some limited edition products may differ. Overall, Kraken rum company produces high quality gluten-free rums.

The Verdict on Kraken Black Rum

In conclusion, Kraken Black Spiced Rum is considered gluten-free based on its:

  • Ingredients – Made from sugar cane products, not grains.
  • Distillation process – Removes any traces of gluten proteins.
  • Rigorous testing – Every batch tested below 10 ppm gluten.
  • Production facilities – Dedicated equipment with no gluten used.
  • Company assurances – Guaranteed and labeled gluten-free.
  • Reviews – Celiacs report consuming it without reactions.

Kraken Black Rum meets all the criteria to be classified as a gluten-free spirit. Those avoiding gluten for medical reasons can safely enjoy Kraken Black Rum in cocktails or as a straight sipper. It provides a distinctive spiced rum option for the gluten-free community.

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