Is it worth it to have 2 strollers?

Having two strollers can seem excessive, but there are some good reasons why it may be worth it for families. In the opening paragraphs, we’ll provide a quick overview of the pros and cons of having two strollers, and then dive into more detail in the sections below.

Quick Take: The Pros of Having Two Strollers

  • Allows you to have a larger, full-sized stroller and a more portable, lightweight option
  • Lets each parent have their own stroller for outings
  • Provides a backup option if one stroller breaks or needs repairs
  • Allows you to have strollers optimized for different ages and stages of your child
  • Makes transporting and traveling easier

Quick Take: The Cons of Having Two Strollers

  • Takes up more storage space at home
  • Additional expense and cost of purchasing two strollers
  • May seem redundant to have two of a similar baby item
  • Can involve learning how to use two different stroller models
  • Requires more time and effort to transport two strollers for outings

Reason 1: Allows for a Full-Sized and a Lightweight Stroller

One of the biggest advantages of having two strollers is that it allows you to have the best of both worlds – a full-sized stroller for everyday use, and a more lightweight, portable stroller for on-the-go situations. Many parents find it useful to have:

  • A larger, full-featured stroller for daily walks, shopping trips, etc. These offer amenities like storage baskets, cup holders, adjustable handles, reclining seats, and suspension. But they tend to be bulkier.
  • A lightweight umbrella stroller for travel and quick trips. These fold up compactly and are easy to steer and transport, but don’t have as many features.

Trying to find one stroller that satisfies both situations can be difficult. Having two specialized strollers allows you to use the right tool for the job. You don’t have to compromise on features that are useful for neighborhood strolling when you only need a simple, portable option for a quick store run.

Full-Sized Stroller Benefits

  • More storage for diaper bags, groceries, etc.
  • Cup holders keep drinks and snacks handy
  • Reclining seats allow baby to nap comfortably
  • Suspension absorbs bumps for a smoother ride
  • Higher weight limits accommodate growing toddlers
  • Attachments like bassinets or ride-on boards are often available

Lightweight Stroller Benefits

  • Weigh 15-20 pounds vs. 25-45 pounds for full size
  • Fold up into a compact size
  • Easy to lift in and out of the car
  • Maneuverable for navigating crowds
  • Affordable at $50-$150
  • Ideal for travel since they fit in overhead bins

Reason 2: Each Parent Can Have Their Own

When both parents are out and about with baby, it’s handy if each has their own stroller. This prevents disagreements over preferences and lets each parent use the features they like.

Dads may prefer a sporty jogging stroller, while moms may like a model with lots of shopping basket space. Or parents may differ on brands based on wheel type, folding method, quality of ride, etc. Having two strollers eliminates compromises and lets each parent have their optimal pick.

Even if parents agree on a single stroller brand and model, having two of the same stroller can be useful. That way both dad and mom can get familiar with how to collapse, steer and maneuver the stroller they’ll be using regularly.

Reason 3: Provides a Backup

Strollers endure a lot of wear and tear. From braving bumpy sidewalks to getting jammed into car trunks, they take a beating. Parts like wheels and folding joints can break or malfunction after years of heavy use.

Having a second stroller provides peace of mind that you’ll have a backup option if your main stroller becomes unavailable. Maybe the brakes need repair or new wheels ordered from the manufacturer. Or perhaps it gets damaged in transit while traveling or checking on a flight.

A backup stroller ensures you won’t get stuck without a way to transport your child. It provides continuity so you can stick with your daily routine.

Stroller Repair Scenarios

  • Flat or bent wheel needs replacement
  • Torn fabric or ripped seat requires sewing/patching
  • Broken bracket, buckle or clip needs new part
  • Jammed folding mechanism needs realignment

Having a second stroller saves you from being confined home or disrupting your schedule during repairs.

Reason 4: Optimized for Different Ages

Babies and toddlers have changing needs as they grow. An infant stroller that reclines may not accommodate a 2 year old. And a simple umbrella stroller won’t provide enough support for a newborn.

Having two strollers allows you to choose models suited for different developmental stages. You can tailor features and functions to be age-appropriate.

Infant strollers (0-12 months) should recline fully flat for napping, have bassinets or infant car seat attachment options, and provide adequate neck/head support.

Toddler strollers (1-3 years) can sit upright, have room for growing legs, offer trays for snacks/toys, and accommodate taller/heavier kids. They allow more interactive and engaged strolling.

Rather than be limited to a single “convertible” stroller, having two lets you select the exact right stroller for your child’s current needs and abilities.

Infant Stroller Features

  • Full flat recline
  • Bassinet option
  • Infant car seat clicks in
  • Suspension for smooth ride
  • Large canopy for sun/wind protection
  • Parent-facing for bonding and interaction

Toddler Stroller Features

  • Upright seating
  • Removable tray
  • Open front lets toddler climb in themselves
  • Storage for toys, books, snacks
  • Child-facing for curious interaction and learning
  • Higher weight capacity – up to 50 pounds

Reason 5: Makes Traveling Easier

Traveling with babies and toddlers requires schlepping a lot of gear, so minimizing baggage is key. Having two strollers allows you to own both an full-size stroller for home use and an ultralight travel stroller.

Full-sized strollers can be bulky and don’t usually fold compactly. Lightweight umbrella strollers are ideal for jet-setting because they fold up neatly and can be gate-checked or stowed in overhead bins.

Travel strollers also navigate cramped spaces like airplane aisles and security lines better. And they take up less precious trunk space on road trips when packing all your family’s luggage.

Having two strollers makes travel and transportation logistics much simpler compared to traveling with just a clunky full-size model.

Travel Stroller Benefits

  • Weigh under 10 pounds
  • Fold compactly
  • Fit in overhead bins
  • Easy to steer in tight spaces
  • Lightweight for wearing baby through airports
  • Inexpensive – use as disposable option

The Downsides of Owning Two Strollers

Despite the benefits, there are still a few drawbacks to buying and maintaining two strollers that should be considered.

Takes Up More Storage Space

Strollers are bulky items, so two take up more real estate in entryways, garages, closets and trunks of cars. This can be frustrating if space is limited at home or in your vehicle.

Before purchasing a second stroller, measure your storage areas to ensure there’s room to accommodate both units. Or consider choices like inflatable strollers that deflate and fold very compactly.

Added Expense

Quality strollers have a wide range of prices, but generally cost $150-$600 each. So doubling up adds a significant amount to your baby gear budget. Take into account your willingness to spend more before committing to two strollers.

To save money, consider less pricey options like basic umbrella strollers for your second choice. Or look for sales, coupons, or refurbished/used strollers to cut costs.

Can Seem Redundant

No parent wants to feel like their baby items are repetitive or unnecessary. Some may feel having two strollers crosses the line into excessive or indulgent.

But think of a second stroller as a utility that serves distinct purposes. Like having different shoes for running vs. hiking, the right stroller for each scenario will make your life easier. Don’t hesitate to embrace the benefits of having the perfect stroller for every situation.

Factors To Consider When Buying Two Strollers

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase two strollers, here are some factors to keep in mind while shopping.

Differing Features and Functions

As discussed above, choose strollers with complementary features that fulfill different needs. Get the best of all worlds by pairing:

  • A full-size with an umbrella stroller
  • A jogging with a non-jogging stroller
  • A travel system with a lightweight stroller
  • An infant stroller with a convertible stroller

Brand Consistency

Consider sticking with the same brand for both strollers so the style and functions are somewhat consistent between models. This makes it easier to fold, steer and use their features.

Interchangeable Parts

Some brands like Graco, Chicco, and UPPAbaby allow certain parts like car seats, bassinets and infant seats to be interchangeable between stroller frames. This adds even more flexibility.

Frame Quality and Durability

Pay attention to the materials and construction of stroller frames, like aluminum vs. steel. Heavier doesn’t always mean more durable. Ensure folding joints, brakes and wheels are high quality.

Warranty Coverage

Check what parts of the stroller are covered and for how long. Wheels and folding mechanisms are common problem areas. Look for at least a 1 year warranty.

Carrying Capacity

Make sure both strollers accommodate your child’s current and future weight – up to 50 lbs is ideal. Don’t skimp on capacity to allow room to grow.

Test Drives and Reviews

Try out strollers in person and read reviews to learn about real-world pros, cons and issues. This gives insight beyond the marketing claims.

Making the Most of Two Strollers

Follow these tips to really maximize the advantages of having two strollers.

Gate Check the Travel Stroller

When flying, use the small stroller up to the gate, then gate check it to avoid baggage claim. Fold up your full-size stroller and transport it on wheels through the airport.

Registration and ID Tags

Register your strollers and affix ID tags so they can be identified if lost or left behind while traveling.

Car Trunk Organizers

Invest in a trunk organizer or storage caddy to neatly arrange both strollers in your car and prevent them shifting around.

Stroller Hooks

Attach stroller hooks to your full-size and umbrella strollers so bags and purses can be hung, freeing up handle space.

Maintenance and Repairs

Stay on top of inflating tires, lubricating joints, and inspecting parts so strollers last longer before needing repair.


Clean stroller wheels, fabric and tray regularly so dirt and debris don’t quickly degrade quality and performance.

Proper Folding and Lifting

Learn the proper ways to open, close, fold and lift each stroller to prevent damage over time.


Add extras like parent consoles, wet/dry bags, sun shades and storage totes to enhance convenience.

Comparison Shop

Research prices online and look for sales, coupons and second hand strollers to save money on your double stroller purchase.


While it may seem extravagant, there are many good reasons to have two strollers. Unique features and functions allow you to have the right stroller for every situation. Key advantages include portability for travel, use optimized for different ages, and providing each parent their own stroller.

Factor in your budget, lifestyle needs, and storage constraints before deciding. And focus on choosing complementary strollers with minimal overlap. With smart selection, having two strollers can make life with your growing child much smoother as you master the art of strolling.

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