How many calories in a fried chicken sandwich from Kentucky Fried chicken?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, is a popular fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. One of KFC’s most popular menu items is their fried chicken sandwich. With its crispy fried chicken fillet, pickles, and mayonnaise on a toasted bun, the KFC fried chicken sandwich is a tasty yet indulgent treat.

Many consumers are becoming more health conscious and want to watch their calorie intake. When considering fast food options, calories are an important factor to pay attention to. So how many calories are actually in a KFC fried chicken sandwich? Let’s take a detailed look at the nutritional information to find out.

Calories in a KFC Fried Chicken Sandwich

The number of calories in a KFC fried chicken sandwich can vary slightly depending on the exact ingredients and preparation. However, according to the KFC website, the basic nutritional information for a classic KFC fried chicken sandwich is as follows:

Calories: 790
Total Fat: 48g
Saturated Fat: 14g
Trans Fat: 0.5g
Cholesterol: 140mg
Sodium: 1570mg
Total Carbohydrates: 41g
Dietary Fiber: 2g
Sugars: 3g
Protein: 29g

So a standard KFC fried chicken sandwich contains 790 calories. This is quite high, considering that the recommended daily calorie intake for an average adult is around 2000-2500 calories.

Calorie Breakdown

To understand where all these calories are coming from, let’s break down the sources:

Fried Chicken Patty

The fried chicken patty alone contains 360 calories, accounting for nearly half the calories in the sandwich. This is not surprising, since the chicken is breaded and deep fried in oil, which adds a significant amount of calories. The frying process adds extra fat and calories to the chicken.


The bun contributes 150 calories to the sandwich. The bun is likely made with refined white flour, which is quickly converted to sugar and can drive up the calorie count. Whole grain buns are a healthier option.


The mayonnaise slathered on the bun adds a whopping 220 calories and 24g of total fat. Mayonnaise is an emulsion of oil and eggs, making it extremely high in calories and fat. Opting for light mayo or removing it altogether would reduce the calorie count.


The fried pickles add a small amount, about 20 calories. Pickles are low in calories but the frying process increases the count.


Putting the sandwich together and frying it adds the remaining calories through small amounts of oil and ingredients. Overall, the fatty chicken, refined carbs in the bun, and high-calorie mayo make this a very calorie-dense sandwich.

How KFC Fried Chicken Sandwich Compares to Other Fast Food Sandwiches

The 790 calories in a KFC fried chicken sandwich is on the higher end compared to similar sandwiches from other major fast food chains. Here is how it compares:

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 470
– The McDonald’s version has about 300 fewer calories. This is likely because it uses a smaller chicken breast fillet and less mayo.

Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 670
– Burger King’s sandwich has 120 fewer calories than KFC’s. It also has less mayo than the KFC classic sandwich.

Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 530
– Wendy’s sandwich comes in at 260 fewer calories than KFC. It uses a fried chicken fillet, but less mayo and oil in preparation.

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 440
– The Chick-fil-A sandwich contains 350 fewer calories than KFC’s option. The chicken breast fillet is fried in refined peanut oil instead of soybean oil, reducing some fat.

So the KFC classic fried chicken sandwich is one of the most calorie-laden options compared to similar sandwiches at major chains. The amount of mayo and preparation of the crispy fried chicken seem to be the major calorie sources.

Health Impact of Consuming a KFC Fried Chicken Sandwich

The 790 calories in a KFC fried chicken sandwich is almost half the total daily recommended calorie intake for an average adult. Eating this high-calorie sandwich will use up a large part of your daily energy budget. It’s important to account for the rest of your meals and restrict other calorie intake to avoid consuming excess calories.

Some other health impacts to consider:

Weight Gain

At 790 calories, this sandwich packs nearly 40% of total daily calories for a 2000 calorie diet. Frequently eating these high-calorie sandwiches can easily lead to weight gain over time, especially if you don’t restrict calories elsewhere in your diet.

High Sodium

The KFC fried chicken sandwich also contains 1570mg of sodium, over half the daily 2300mg limit recommended by dietary guidelines. Too much sodium can increase risk of high blood pressure.

Saturated Fat

With 14g saturated fat, this sandwich exceeds the American Heart Association’s recommendation to limit saturated fat to 13g or less daily. Too much saturated fat increases bad cholesterol levels and heart disease risk.

Low Protein

Despite being high in calories, the 29g of protein is lower compared to calories. To stay full, a balanced meal with higher protein is more optimal.

Overall, frequent consumption of high-calorie KFC fried chicken sandwiches can lead to weight gain and negatively impact heart health. It’s best consumed occasionally in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet.

Tips for Making Your KFC Fried Chicken Sandwich Healthier

If you want to enjoy a KFC fried chicken sandwich but reduce the calorie count, there are some simple tweaks you can make:

– Order the sandwich without mayo – eliminates 220 calories and 24g fat

– Ask for light mayo instead of regular – saves about 140 calories

– Choose grilled chicken instead of fried chicken – removes about 120 calories

– Opt for a whole grain bun if available – contains more fiber, vitamins than white flour bun

– Load up on toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions – adds nutrition without many calories

– Request extra pickles – provides crunchy texture and flavor for few calories

– Go for a side salad instead of fries – saves you an additional 320 calories from a medium fry order

– Split the sandwich in half and share it – cuts calories in half for a more reasonable 395 calorie meal

– Drink water or unsweetened tea rather than soda – eliminates 150+ empty calories from cola

Making some of these simple swaps allows you to enjoy the flavor while reducing the total calorie impact of your meal.

Healthier Chicken Sandwich Alternatives to KFC

If you want a lower calorie chicken sandwich meal altogether, here are some healthier fast food options under 400 calories:

Chick-fil-A Grilled Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 320
– Grilled chicken breast with lettuce and tomato on a whole grain bun

McDonald’s Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 350
– Grilled chicken with vegetables on a bakery style bun

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 280
– Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato on a toasted bun

Subway Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich

– Calories: 320
– Oven roasted chicken breast with your choice of fresh veggies

These lower calorie alternatives provide plenty of protein and nutrition without all the extra calories from frying. While not as crispy and indulgent as a KFC fried chicken sandwich, they make a healthier everyday option.

Making Your Own Healthy Fried Chicken Sandwich

For those who want the irresistible crunch of fried chicken in a sandwich but control the calories, making your own at home is a great idea. Here is a recipe and cooking method to create a fried chicken sandwich with around 500 calories:


– 1 boneless, skinless chicken breast (about 4oz)
– 1⁄4 cup whole grain flour
– 1⁄4 cup breadcrumbs
– 1 egg
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 2 whole grain hamburger buns
– Lettuce, tomato, onion
– 2 tbsp light mayo


1. Pound the chicken breast to an even 1⁄2 inch thickness.

2. Set up a breading station with flour and breadcrumbs in separate shallow dishes. Beat egg in a third dish.

3. Coat chicken breast in flour, dip in egg, then coat in breadcrumbs.

4. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat. Fry chicken 4 minutes per side until browned and 165F internal temperature.

5. Assemble sandwich on whole grain bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and light mayo.

This recipe uses lighter breading and just a teaspoon of oil to fry the chicken, slashing calories compared to deep frying. With fresh veggie toppings and light mayo, the total calories add up to around 500, for a satisfying fried chicken sandwich you can feel good about eating.


A classic KFC fried chicken sandwich packs a whopping 790 calories, nearly half the recommended daily calorie intake. This is double or more the calories of most other fast food chain chicken sandwiches. The combination of fried chicken, refined flour bun, and mayo drives up the calorie count.

Occasionally enjoying this popular indulgent sandwich in moderation is fine for most people. But limiting extras like mayo and pairing it with healthy low calorie sides can help reduce the impact to your daily diet. For a lighter take, opt for grilled chicken sandwiches under 400 calories, or try making a healthier version at home.

Being mindful of calories will allow you to keep enjoying the flavors you love while still staying on track with your nutrition and health goals. A little customization goes a long way towards creating a better-for-you fried chicken sandwich experience.

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