Is Abuelita Chocolate real chocolate?

What is Abuelita Chocolate?

Abuelita Chocolate is a brand of Mexican-style hot chocolate made by Nestlé. It comes in tablet form and is meant to be dissolved in hot milk or water to make a rich, thick chocolate drink. The name “Abuelita” means “little grandmother” in Spanish, evoking the comforting, homemade chocolate drinks that grandmothers traditionally make.

Abuelita Chocolate has been around since 1940 and is popular among Hispanic communities in the United States. It’s known for its familiar flavor, aroma, and ability to stir up nostalgia for many who grew up with it. The tablets contain cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, and other natural flavors.

Is Abuelita made with real chocolate?

Yes, Abuelita Chocolate does contain real chocolate made from cocoa. According to the ingredient list, the primary ingredients are:

  • Sugar
  • Whole milk powder
  • Cocoa processed with alkali
  • Whey
  • Natural vanilla flavor
  • Cinnamon

The key ingredient is the “cocoa processed with alkali,” which indicates real chocolate made from roasted cocoa beans. The alkalization process helps enhance the flavor and make the cocoa solvable in water or milk.

So while Abuelita Chocolate is made from real chocolate, it’s a specific formulation designed to create an instant comforting chocolate drink when dissolved. It has added sugar, dairy ingredients, and spices that differentiate it from a purer dark chocolate bar. But it does start from an authentic chocolate base.

How does Abuelita Chocolate compare to other real chocolate products?

Abuelita is distinct from a regular chocolate bar or chocolate chips in a few ways:


It contains additional ingredients like milk powder, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon to make it more of a sweet, spiced chocolate drink mix rather than a simple chocolate product.


The cocoa in Abuelita undergoes a process called alkalization to make the powder more water-soluble and neutralize cocoa’s natural acidity. This results in a richer, less harsh cocoa flavor.


Abuelita Chocolate is formed into tablets for easy dissolving into hot milk or water. This makes it more convenient than using chocolate bars or chips.

Flavor experience

When dissolved, Abuelita offers a thicker, creamier chocolate flavor than what you’d get melting chocolate bars into milk. It’s sweeter and spiced with cinnamon for a signature Mexican chocolate taste.

So in summary, while Abuelita Chocolate starts from real cocoa like other chocolate products, the formulation and production process makes it a distinct experience optimized for a comforting Latin-style drinking chocolate.

What are the ingredients in Abuelita Chocolate?

As a chocolate drink mix, Abuelita Chocolate contains the following primary ingredients:


Abuelita Chocolate contains sugar which adds sweetness and enhances the flavors. Sugar is also needed to help dissolve the cocoa powder properly when preparing the drink.

Whole milk powder

Powdered milk is added to give body, creaminess, and a milky undertone to the chocolate flavor once dissolved in hot milk or water.

Cocoa processed with alkali

As mentioned, this indicates real cocoa beans that have been alkalized to make the powder more soluble. The alkalization also gives Abuelita an intensity in chocolate taste.


Whey is a protein derived from milk. It contributes to a creamier, smoother mouthfeel.

Natural vanilla flavor

Vanilla enhances the sweetness and gives a subtle vanilla note in the background.


Cinnamon adds warmth and spice that give Abuelita an authentic Mexican chocolate flavor. Cinnamon balances out the sweetness as well.

In addition to these core ingredients, the chocolate also contains small amounts of emulsifiers like soy lecithin to create a smooth consistency and preservatives for freshness. But the main components are real chocolate and milk-based ingredients to create an indulgent drinking chocolate.

How does Abuelita compare to powders like Nestle Quik?

Abuelita Chocolate and Nestle Quik are both popular chocolate powder drinks, but they have some key differences:


Abuelita Nestle Quik
Cocoa processed with alkali Sugar, corn syrup
Cinnamon No cinnamon
Milk powder No milk powder

Abuelita contains real cocoa as the first ingredient while Nestle Quik starts with sugar. Abuelita also includes cinnamon for spice and milk powder for richness.


When prepared, Abuelita has a thicker, more viscous consistency closer to a real chocolate drink. Nestle Quik dissolves into a thinner, lighter chocolate milk.


Abuelita delivers a richer, more indulgent chocolate taste with spice notes. Nestle Quik offers a sweeter, milkier chocolate flavor.

So in summary, Abuelita uses more authentic ingredients for a traditional Mexican chocolate drink while Nestle Quik is formulated to make an everyday sweet chocolate milk.

What are some recipe ideas using Abuelita Chocolate?

Abuelita Chocolate is very versatile beyond just simple hot chocolate. Here are some recipe ideas to try:

Abuelita Hot Chocolate

The traditional preparation – dissolve 2-3 tablets in hot milk and top with whipped cream. For an extra decadent version, stir in a spoonful of melted dark chocolate chips.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

Make a rich bread pudding by mixing cubes of brioche with an egg mixture flavored with Abuelita tablets and cinnamon. Bake until set and top with vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Abuelita Pancakes

Add 1-2 crushed Abuelita tablets to your favorite pancake mix and batter. Cook pancakes as normal and top with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Chocolate Abuelita Fondue

Melt down Abuelita tablets with cream and dip fresh fruit or churros into the decadent chocolate fondue.

Abuelita French Toast

Whisk together eggs, milk, 1 Abuelita tablet, vanilla and cinnamon. Soak bread slices in mixture and cook until golden brown for an indulgent chocolate breakfast.

Chocolate Abuelita Brownies

Fold melted Abuelita tablets into brownie batter before baking for extra chocolatey brownies with a hint of spice.

The possibilities are endless for using this Mexican chocolate in drinks, desserts, and other treats!

What are some health benefits of Abuelita Chocolate?

Abuelita Chocolate contains some beneficial ingredients that can provide health advantages when consumed in moderation:


The cocoa in Abuelita contains flavonoids like epicatechin which act as antioxidants to reduce inflammation and potentially lower risk factors for certain diseases.

Milk Powder

The powdered milk provides protein, calcium, vitamin D and other important nutrients found in dairy products. This can help maintain strong bones and muscle function.


Cinnamon adds an anti-inflammatory spice that may help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce chronic disease risk.


Natural vanilla extract contains antioxidants called vanillins which may offer protection against cell damage from exposure to toxins and stress.

However, since Abuelita is high in sugar, it should be enjoyed as an occasional treat. But when used to make hot chocolate or other chocolatey recipes, it can provide a bit of nutrition along with its distinctive spiced chocolate flavor.

What are some common questions about Abuelita Chocolate?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this traditional Mexican drinking chocolate:

Is Abuelita made with fresh milk?

No, Abuelita uses powdered milk to more easily incorporate into a tablet form. But once dissolved in hot fresh milk or water, it takes on a richness and creaminess similar to made-from-scratch chocolate drinks.

Is Abuelita gluten free?

Yes, Abuelita Chocolate tablets are gluten free, making them suitable for anyone avoiding gluten.

Does Abuelita contain caffeine?

Abuelita Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine from the cocoa beans used. One tablet contains approximately 4mg caffeine compared to around 95mg in a cup of coffee.

Is Abuelita kosher?

Yes, Abuelita Chocolate is certified kosher pareve. It contains dairy ingredients but because the milk is powdered, it avoids kosher restrictions on mixing meat and dairy.

Where is Abuelita Chocolate made?

Abuelita is made in Mexico, maintaining an authenticity to its Mexican chocolate heritage. It’s imported into the United States for distribution around North America.

In summary, is Abuelita real chocolate?

Yes, Abuelita Chocolate can definitively be considered real chocolate:

– It contains cocoa beans that have been roasted and processed into chocolate liquor, meeting the technical definition of chocolate.

– The cocoa has gone through alkalization, which enhances its flavor while still preserving its status as real chocolate.

– The other ingredients like milk powder, sugar, spices are additions to make it a chocolate drink mix rather than a pure chocolate bar, but cocoa is still the core ingredient.

– When prepared according to the instructions, it dissolves into a thick, creamy, rich chocolate drink reminiscent of homemade Mexican chocolate.

So while Abuelita Chocolate has its own unique formulation optimized for drinking chocolate, it certainly starts with authentic chocolate and delivers the comforting chocolate experience so nostalgically associated with the brand. For those looking to make chocolate caliente or champurrado like their abuelita used to, Abuelita is the real chocolate tablet that makes enjoying this bit of Hispanic culture and tradition so easily accessible.

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